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Using the internet nowadays has undoubtedly become a risky thing, since there has been an increase in incidences of cybercrime. To curb this evident lack of security, people have adopted the use of the VPN. Several notable VPN service providers around the world can offer you excellent products. The VPN services are quite affordable and definitely worth installing. Today, VPNs are found in almost every part of the world. Some recommended VPN providers include ZoogVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ULTRAVPN and NordVPN, among others.

Before proceeding to the comprehensive ZoogVPN review, we need to understand what a VPN is, some of its functionalities and how it may be of help to you. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, and it is meant to provide a safe and secure connection while using the internet. People using any networks such as public Wi-Fi are prone to online lack of security, and thus, the virtual private network has come to their aid. A VPN not only provides protection online, but it also helps you access some blocked content. It does this by bypassing geographical restrictions.


  • It has a Free plan
  • Quite Low price tags
  • VPN speed is fast
  • Works well with Netflix


  • Customer support is average
  • Missing browser extensions
  • Lack of large server network

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ZoogVPN Review


The Zoog virtual private network is relatively cheap to use, and it is usually available on not only Windows, but also Android, Mac, and iOS. Some of its features include torrenting, Netflix, live chat and a money-back guarantee. Based in Greece, ZoogVPN has made history in the implementation of data retention directives. In the beginning, ZoogVPN had the name ZoogTV. Its initial aim was to unblock content using SmartDNS.

In recent years, ZoogVPN has grown tremendously. One of the notable growths is that it has seen its services expand to become a complete VPN service provider. Using this virtual private network has become even better because of its improved speed. The speed is quite fast, which makes the VPN reliable when you want to stream anything online. Zoog has a firm zero-logs policy, and it also provides several protocols which include the OpenVPN.

Stats and pricing

This Greece based network has some good stats. It can host five simultaneous connections. It also has an average speed of 55.11 Mbps. Despite it being based in Greece, it provides its services in about 25 countries. It has some pocket-friendly prices which are set to meet the needs of all kinds of people. You can opt to go for the 24-month plan, 12 months or even the 1-month plan. One can choose the offer, which favors him the most. The 24-month plan requires you to part with $1.87 every month for two years. To use the 12-month plan, you need to pay $2.99 each month for 12 months, and the 1-month plan goes for $9.99.

It gets even better because they offer two different plans. One is the free plan, and the other is the paid choice. The free plan is not so good to take, but it can also be an option. The free plan lacks several features, and another disadvantage is that it has weak encryption. The paid plan is a better option since it is a fully-featured premium VPN.

To acquire the paid Zoog virtual private network, you can purchase it in different periods of subscription, namely monthly, every six months, after one year or after two years. The two-year deal is better since it has some good discounts. As discussed previously, it is worth $1.87 a month, which means the total cost in the two years is $44.99. Considering the length of service this offer is going to give, it is quite cheap.

Surprisingly, the one year deal is a bit expensive compared to the two-year contract; a reason why it is better to go for the two-year offer. Do the maths; if you pay $2.99 every month for twelve months, in the end, you will have parted with a total of $35.99. This amount is more than that of two years by $5.89, which could be used for other purposes.
Talking of the amounts you will pay for the ZoogVPN offers, you need to know the means you can use to pay.

Payment Methods

You can pay using MasterCard, Bitcoin, PayPal, Paymentwall and also by Visa. After paying for the service you need, you might find that you are not satisfied with the plan. Zoog caters for that since they allow a money-back guarantee on one condition. This is that you will get the money back within seven days. Once the seven days are over, you can rest assured that you will not get any money back.


This reliable VPN has a number of features which include more than 40 servers in about 25 countries, P2P support, unlimited bandwidth and usage, user friendly apps, Obfuscation on Android, 24-hour customer support, three servers, a 2 GB download limit for the free plan and a killswitch on Mac OS X and Windows. The VPN allows router support and also torrenting. All these features are meant to make the user’s experience with the VPN a great one.

As said earlier, among its services is the streaming option. Zoog virtual private network enables its users to access the US Netflix, ITV Hub, and BBC iPlayer at reasonable prices. For streaming services, Zoog is not the fastest when compared to other VPNs, but its speed is good enough, and one can stream comfortably without experiencing any buffering. This Greece based VPN has also made streaming easier since it has dramatically increased the pool of IP addresses. This enables people using it to avoid congestion while streaming, and it also makes the speed better. The virtual private network has even gone further by unblocking the Netflix libraries in India, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


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Its performance and speed are quite good and reliable. Its decent speed has been proved scientifically. The servers which are usually tested are in Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This VPN service offers a fast download speed and no buffers even when streaming high-quality videos. It has an average download speed of about 43 Mbits per second and also a ‘burst’ speed of about 259 Mbits each second. Downloading files has been made easier by ZoogVPN.


There have also been tests on the security of this VPN conducted using IPLeak.net, and there are no big leakages which may be of much concern. The tests conducted show that there are zero DNS or IP leaks both in Windows and Mac. There were minor leaks of the WebRTC on Windows although they can be controlled. To curb the leakages on WebRTC, users are required to have a WebRTC blocking extension in their browser. You can also control it by disabling the WebRTC.

The Zoog virtual private network does not keep any logs. This means that there are neither connection nor usage logs. This is an advantage, because even if any authorities approach Zoog, then they have no information to hand to them. For both control and data channels, ZoogVPN offers a good OpenVPN encryption that has a paid plan through an AES 256-bit cipher. Another feature that makes Zoog good when it comes to privacy is that it uses a DHE-2048 PFS and an RSA-2048 handshake. The VPN also uses the Perfect Forward Secrecy. The free OpenVPN is also protected but has a weak cipher of 128-bit.

Ease of Use

This VPN is also considerate of those who do not have much knowledge of technology since it is straightforward to install in one’s device and use. People who have never tried a VPN network before can use this one without any problems. The VPN also provides some of the best features available. Users can toggle through different encryption protocols. There is also the SOCKS5 proxy which places the premium users at an advantage.

There is also a feature which is meant to help users bypass some VPN firewalls in countries such as Qatar, Russia, Turkey, China and also the United Arab Emirates. The feature is known as the Manual API Resolution. It allows you to log in to the ZoogVPN, even when its domain has been blacklisted by their internet service provider.

The Bottom Line

Almost all individuals who use the ZoogVPN on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices have had a good experience with this network. The 24-hour customer care services even make it better since stranded users can get help at any time. When it comes to speed and security, you get the best from Zoog virtual private network. Buffering when streaming videos in HD has become a thing of the past. Not forgetting the download speed is also good. There are more than a few reasons to make you opt to use ZoogVPN.

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