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VPN99 is one of the cheapest VPNs on the web. If you’re looking for security and privacy at a competitive price, this service gives its customers a few rich features and some robust encryption. It’s also got some pitfalls, exposing user data and posting a confusing privacy policy. Still, for $.99, the service provides a decent value for the price. Here are a few reasons internet surfers should consider VPN99 when choosing a private network to mask internet activity.

Privacy and Security

The privacy policy is clear. VPN99 doesn’t hold on to any user activity. It’s a good thing too, because the business is in the UK and may receive requests for user information. Most developed countries participate in an alliance which tracks citizens’ private information. If the government requests user information, the business will have to comply.

Unfortunately, the VPN99 service still must comply with regulations governing data retention, because it’s located in a Five Eyes country which has strict data retention requirements. That’s why a no-logging policy is a plus for users who want to keep surfing activity private. According to the network’s privacy policy, the homepage does not log data. What about the rest of the website and the mobile app? VPN99 may share your information with third parties, because it collects your IP address, connection time stamps, sites you exit, and other private information on the mobile app, according to its privacy policy.

Its minimalist server network has rock-solid, military-grade encryption, supporting the most common security protocols, including L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP, and IKEv2. Plus, the firewall has additional security features. By sending your internet connection through its servers, VPN99 protects your surfing activity and user data by preventing third-party access to your internet activity. These security measures prevent anyone from monitoring, hacking, or controlling your internet connection. Unfortunately, there’s no kill switch. If the VPN service disconnects, your data won’t automatically stop streaming, leaving your user data vulnerable. So, the service is secure, but it’s not secure enough for banking data or other sensitive information that you want to keep safe, because VPN99 also uses a third-party DNS server.

VPN99 users can access a dedicated IP. With 72 servers in more than 5 countries, the service offers limited location options. However, it does have more than 500 IP addresses. Unfortunately, it does not work in China, because China blocks virtual private networks. Some, VPNs bypass China’s firewall; VPN99 doesn’t.

User Experience

If you’re only streaming and browsing, VPN99 may work out just fine for you, especially if you’re located near one of the network’s servers. However, if you’re looking for more robust features and better security, you may want to consider another virtual private network.

On its face, VPN99 gives users a great deal. For only $.99, anyone can surf the internet with a secure connection which masks their IP address and protects internet activity by routing it through secure servers. Uploads are pretty fast, and downloads aren’t bad either. Local connection speeds are competitive, buts international connections that are slower than other VPN services which offer a wider network of servers.

A dedicated app gives Windows users a leg up when accessing the VPN99 network. Others will have to take time to manually setup the service which can take time. It’s not a simple, one-click solution like other, more user-friendly networks. However, the network has detailed tutorials which give customers step-by-step instructions on how to connect to its VPN service, if you’re using another platform. Mobile setup is fast; simply tap and install from the app store for iOS or Android.

Either way, registering is a simple process which includes setting up an account and paying for the service. It’s as simple as one, two, three. Download the software from the VPN99 website, install, and configure it with the software’s wizard. It will automatically choose protocols, once you input your requirements, but you can still adjust your preferences at any time.

Customer support is available 24/7, and it includes a live chat feature which makes it easy to resolve any technical issues, such as changing your security options, accessing servers, or connection questions. Email support is lagging and not always helpful. The convenient, easy-to-use network gives users good service for reasonable pricing.

VPN99 operating systems

However, there are a few drawbacks. VPN99 is prone to leak, compromising user activity and DNS data. Minimal servers may also affect connectivity. Connectivity is especially important, considering the service does not offer the kill switch option, a security feature which automatically stops data flow when the VPN disconnects.

Unfortunately, the VPN99 service does not have good user feedback with a low, 2.5 customer rating.


The old adage, you get what you pay for is applicable for the VPN99 service. At only $.99, VPN99 beats most competitors with ultra-low pricing. Even the quarterly payment options offer some of the cheapest pricing on the market. At only $2.97 a quarter or $11.88 per year, customers may access services, including two simultaneous connections.

Users can pay with credit cards or cryptocurrency. Ethereum and Bitcoin are two payment methods which support anonymous access to the platform.

There’s a 3-day free trial which allows users ample time to evaluate if the service meets their online security and privacy needs. After paying for a plan, users must contact support within 7 days to receive a full refund, if the service is not satisfactory.


vpn99 pricing


VPN99 offers server locations for its price with access in more than 5 countries, located in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. If you’re not located in these areas, VPN99 service is lacklustre to say the least. There are several VPN services which offer a more expansive network for only a few extra bucks per month.

VPN99 features

It’s compatible with multiple platforms, including Android, Linux, iOS, and Mac. The NAT firewall provides optional added protection.

The service is not good with unblocking online content restricted by location for Netflix and other streaming platforms. When using VPN99 most content platforms will restrict access, blocking streaming content.

Connection speeds are decent, but not lighting fast. The VPN can reduce your speed by more than half in some cases. There is also no P2P file sharing support and attempts at torrenting will trigger an account shutdown.

This is a decent service for the price. Who can beat $.99 per month for private internet browsing? The problem is the connection is not always private due to leaking, and the service must share private information with the government, if required.

In addition, limited servers don’t provide optimal streaming or connectivity for a seamless and secure browsing experience. With a 3-day free trial, it’s easy for consumers to judge whether the service will meet their needs. The 7-day money back guarantee time frame also allows a customer a risk-free trial with enough time to ensure satisfaction. For $.99 per month, users can’t complain too much, if the service does not meet expectations.

Pros and Cons

The network’s cons outweigh the pros. Most people use a VPN to access the internet for privacy and security. VPN99 just falls short, because it does not fully protect users from leaks. It also gives user information to third parties, because the business is in an area where the government requires some data sharing.

The most beneficial aspect to VPN99’s service is its price. The pricing beats most competitors’ hands down about value. By most accounts the service is reliable, but it just doesn’t have the rich features which some top-tier VPN providers offer. However, the military-grade encryption is top-notch, ensuring safe access to the internet for general browsing. VPN99 offers browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, but they are proxies which offer light-weight security; it does not measure up to VPN-level privacy.

In addition, VPN99 service is missing some key features which make paying for a VPN worthwhile, such as torrenting. Video streaming platforms, like Netflix will block you from accessing its online content. This is one of the main reason’s users pay for a VPN network to bypass geolocation restrictions. If you want access to streaming content, regardless of your location, VPN99 may not work for you.

VPN99 offers a reliable virtual private network to consumers worldwide at a reasonable price. For general browsing, you’ll get what you’d expect from a $.99 per month plan, including some security and features which protect your internet browsing activity. However, the service is not the best one on the market. There are some serious issues to consider, including the fact that the network is in the UK, a Fives Eye country which has strict data retention protocols. VPN99 is also working on improving leaks which expose user DNS data. However, for the price, you’re still getting a great deal. The speeds are decent, supporting private and secure uploads and downloads. You may find a better deal with more robust features on the internet, but you won’t find a cheaper price. Value is the primary reason to choose VPN99 for light internet browsing and global server access.