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If you are looking for a reliable, and user-friendly VPN, here’s VPN4All, a robust and trusted VPN service provider. As far as usability and performance are concerned, it is indeed a VPN for all. Unfortunately, the pricing and plans don’t seem to replicate the same. VPN4All is one of the most overpriced VPNs around.

But as we always say, don’t focus solely on budget when buying VPNs – remember the mantra of cheap is expensive. Maybe VPN4All justifies the expensive subscriptions with unrivaled security and privacy. This VPN4All review goes into detail about this and much more.

To start, let’s remind ourselves what VPNs, are how they work and their essence.

What is a VPN?

As the name suggests, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a private network that encrypts the data your client machine sends and receives.

To understand how VPNs work, take this example. If you don’t have a VPN, the data you send and receive is exchanged directly from your device to the internet resource. Now, the direct connection to internet resources puts your data at risk. Your service provider and other interested parties can steal your data or even snoop on your online activity.

Now, a VPN will act as a bridge between your machine and the internet. Once you send data, it is encrypted at the point of the VPN before it is sent to the internet. Once the resource responds, the data is again encrypted before coming back to your client machine.

VPNs have so many applications. Below are just some of them:

  • Unblocking censored and geo-restricted websites
  • Hiding IP addresses and anonymous browsing
  • P2P downloading and streaming
  • Accessing home/work networks remotely
  • Kodi and Popcorn Time

About VPN4All

Since its establishment in 2009 by online banking security software experts, VPN4All has climbed the ranks to become one of the most trusted VPN companies in the world. The combination of the latest encryption technologies plus the strategic jurisdiction guarantees both security and privacy; two fundamentals most VPN companies have failed to strike.

VPN4All is based in Seychelles and has servers all over the world. The company boasts over 37000 customers in 160 countries and the numbers keep rising. While it has been endorsed by so many influencers, including CNET and InfoWars, it does have some shortcomings. Listed below are the things we liked about VPN4All, and also where it dropped points.


  • Military-grade security
  • Over 10000+ IP addresses
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Best for streaming & downloading
  • Excellent customer support
  • No simultaneous connection limits
  • 30-days money-back guarantee



  • Quite expensive
  • No free trial account

Having looked at the essence of VPNs, and the background of VPN4All, it’s time we get to the finer details; analyzing the features that this VPN offers.

Getting Started with VPN4All

VPN4All is a versatile service that supports all devices. While most providers offer protection for select devices, this one is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Mobile (Android and iOS), select Windows, and BlackBerry phones.

The installation and setup process is pretty straightforward. You only need to download the client software and install it courtesy of the easy to use installation wizard. Hoping you have a plan, the next thing will be logging in, select a location, and connect – it’s that simple!

Overall, VPN4All is an easy to use VPN that doesn’t require any technical skills. You can easily connect or disconnect the server. It also offers one-click IP change and easy server selection.

Security and Privacy

You are buying a VPN primarily for your security and privacy. That said, this is a really interesting discussion that extends to the tunneling methods used by VPN4All, the encryption technology, as well as the jurisdiction of the provider.

Regarding encryption, VPN4All employs military-grade AES-256 RSA 2048bit Encryption over OpenVPN tunneling, which is the most popular method. This VPN also supports L2TP and PPTP for manual configuration. One advantage of VPN4All is the over 10,000 plus IP addresses and also the one fixed IP all accounts are granted for easy and secure online shopping.

When it comes to privacy, this is one area VPN4All excels. The company executes a strict no-log policy, so no data from users is kept. Only the connection logs are stored but, definitely, for a short period.

In addition, its jurisdiction is strategic in that Seychelles is not in any of the three surveillance alliances (5, 9 and 14-Eyes). Any strict data retention laws do not sanction the archipelago of 115 islands so the company can guarantee you 100% confidentiality.

VPN4All servers and locations

While security and privacy are of great interest when selecting a VPN, servers are a fundamental part of the infrastructure. The best VPN should have a wide network of servers – and not just any other servers, the latest state-of-the-art tier 3 models.

VPN4All doesn’t have the largest server network, but with 80 VPN server locations in over 50 countries, it is quite commendable. The servers are located in the US, Switzerland, the UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Belgium, among others.

The company is also keen on expanding their server reach with new locations with Iceland, Brazil, Egypt, Ukraine, Turkey, and Hungary among the new countries added recently.

Speed, Performance and Leak Tests

There is a common lie that many VPN companies tell regarding connection speeds and leaks. It is important to ascertain the speed loss that a VPN comes with and also if it has passed data leak tests.

If you are into P2P downloading, streaming, and gaming, you really need to look into some of the speed loss tests and results conducted. We are glad VPN4All servers have been optimized to ensure there is minimal speed loss. This is normal as there are no VPNs that don’t drop speeds. The speed drops varied from one server to another. The nearby servers lose an average of 15 – 25% while the furthest servers lose around 40%.

When it comes to leak tests, we are also glad VPN4All passed all the tests. IP, DNS, and WebRTC leak tests have been thoroughly conducted, and no leaks were registered. But still, we wish the company would have included a Kill Switch.

P2P downloading and streaming

There is a bunch of fellows who are interested in VPNs only for P2P downloading, Torrenting and streaming. Let’s find out what VPN4All has in store for this segment of users.

This VPN offers reliable P2P courtesy of P2P-friendly VPN Servers. While the company doesn’t prohibit P2P downloading, there are specific servers marked in yellow designed for legal P2P and file sharing. These are secure and anonymous VPN servers. The service is available in almost all the regions, but it is not supported in the US region. The country doesn’t have P2P servers as of yet.

When it comes to streaming, the biggest question is, does VPN4All unblock Netflix? This VPN is very efficient and unblocks Netflix among other US media content libraries that are geo-restricted.

VPN4All plans and pricing

As mentioned earlier, VPN4All is one expensive VPN provider. There are three packages and several plans.

  • Regular User – $11.95 and caps bandwidth to 50GB but if billed annually, the monthly subscription cost comes down to $7.
  • Unlimited Movie Junky – This package costs $24.95 a month, but when paid annually, it goes for just $11.83 a month.
  • Mobile on the go – This is for mobile users and will set you back $4.08 a month if you buy the annual subscription.

There is no free trial account, unfortunately, but the company offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you haven’t exceeded 100MB. Several payment platforms are supported, including PayPal, credit cards, and even Bitcoin.

Customer support

This is another area where the Seychelles based VPN provider has excelled in. The company has a steadfast customer support team that works round the clock to ensure all clients are comfortable with the service. Reach out to the team via a 24/7 live chat platform for instant feedback, email, or remote assistance.

Besides, VPN4All has an expansive FAQ and Knowledge Base where you can get tons of info regarding the services.


In line with its name, everyone needs a VPN, and to motivate users, there is a reward system. Refer a friend and they will get a 20% bonus, and for you, you get the equivalent plan they subscribe to.

Summary; is VPN4All Overpriced?

Now that we have come to the end of the VPN4All review, the biggest question now is regarding price and value for money.

When it comes to the features, we are glad VPN4All offers exceptional value. It boasts the latest encryption and guarantees 100% confidentiality now that Seychelles owes no allegiance to any of the surveillance alliances. The speed and performance for P2P downloads and streaming are also above the mark, and so is customer support.

Now coming back to price, we think it is a little expensive considering its peers offer just the same protection and privacy, but at lower rates. Unless you are buying a long term plan, which comes with huge discounts, we don’t recommend VPN4All for starters and casual browsers. But for the advanced users looking for the ultimate privacy, this one is a deal!