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When it comes to shopping around for a VPN, you’re likely looking for something that offers you an unrivalled experience when unlocking the whole of the internet and getting around geo-restrictions, with security likely being close to the top of your list too. VPNs aren’t just about bypassing geo-restrictions to watch the Netflix content of another country, people also use them to keep their online presence a safe experience. With VPN In Touch you’ll find that security and freedom of the internet are important for the developers, meaning a good experience can definitely be found here. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst aspects of the VPN offering from In Touch and help you decide whether it’s the best option for you.


With 15 servers in 8 different countries, VPN In Touch has a no logs policy which will keep you and your data secure online. 3 devices are permitted per licence, meaning you can safely secure the whole of the internet on whichever device you choose using the native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. A kill switch isn’t built into this offering however, which may be something you’re looking for to give you that added peace of mind when you’re on the internet. VPN In Touch will not limit your speed or bandwidth, allows for unlimited region switching to let you access anything you could want and has several security protocols available – including OpenVPN which is known for its high levels of security. For 30 days from purchase you’ll be covered by the money back guarantee, allowing you to rest easy knowing that if it doesn’t work out you can claim your full money back.

Reasons To Choose VPN In Touch

As you can see from the features listed above, In Touch is a general all-round VPN offering that can help keep you secure on the internet whilst also opening up more of what’s to offer on the web; allowing you to jump around different regions as you wish. They offer a high quality service and have support available too should you run into any difficulties. Worrying about speed or bandwidth limitations will be a thing of the past with VPN In Touch which will ensure your video streaming goes without a hitch. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your device and the several security protocols being implemented will help further your data security – worrying about hackers won’t be on your agenda here. You can connect 3 devices at a time with your licence and the numerous plan options mean some serious savings can be made. In Touch supports all major operating systems and has native apps, meaning it’ll be easy to set up and get going.

What Support Is Available?

VPN In Touch has numerous support options that will be available to you whilst you use the service. To get you up and running you’ll find many support guides on their website, guiding you through each step and ensuring that setup is as easy as can be. A FAQ page is available to answer any of your questions that they may get a lot and you can submit support requests to the company which they’ll get back to and assist you further. One concern people have with VPNs is that there may not be support available if things do go wrong in an unlikely event – but with In Touch that isn’t going to be an issue. The only flaw that can be pointed out is the lack of a live chat support option and the preference for a request message option. Many of the major players will support you with live chat, which appears to be something that In Touch lacks. If you submit a request for further support this means you’ll be waiting for a response and won’t be speaking to someone live. When you do email however you’ll find that the support staff are friendly and more than willing to help with your issue.

Is It Easy To Use?

VPN In Touch has an easy to use interface that won’t leave you wondering what to do. The native apps provide for an enjoyable experience and at the tap of a couple of buttons you can be good to go. A 7 day free trial is included too which will allow you to give the software a road test before you commit to any of their plans – which in the world of VPNs are pretty competitive, but more on that later. The online guides and email request support allow for an easy experience with little to worry about when it comes to downtime. With In Touch you won’t be left wondering what it is you need to do to get connected or to fix an issue that may pop up.

How Much Is It?

Well as we mentioned above, you can get started with VPN In Touch pretty quickly with a free 7 day trial. The offering of a trial allows you to test the software before you commit to anything monetary wise. Then you’ll find some different plans to choose from – each with its own perks. If you just want to pay as you go then a monthly plan at $9.99 is the most expensive option. As with most subscriptions in life, you’re going to find that the longer you subscribe means the more money you’ll save. A 6 month plan will give you a bigger bargain, only costing $17.99 and 1 year is only going to set you back $29.99. At those prices you can’t go far wrong with VPN In Touch, and the 30 day money back guarantee means you can claim your cash back should you encounter issues with the software and don’t want to use it anymore.

What Are The Drawbacks?

We’ve covered most of the setbacks already, but here is a comprehensive detailing of what the setbacks are with VPN In Touch.

With this service you’ll only have access to 15 servers in 8 countries, a stark difference to the thousands of servers across hundreds of countries that many of the big names have on offer. In general this wouldn’t be a huge issue as In Touch has servers where they’re most wanted and offer a reliable service, however if a server goes down or doesn’t work for you then, unlike the big names, you’ll have less option to choose from for other servers and you may find that some geo-restricted content you want still can’t be accessed. Whilst In Touch does offer support, live chat isn’t supported and they only allow you to submit support requests via email. They’re friendly and helpful but you may find that support from In Touch is a little slower than with the major players in the VPN market who often offer a live chat support option and have entire teams dedicated to different issues – such as getting around the censorship of countries such as China and helping their users to do so. In Touch doesn’t have the same number of plans as the bigger players and doesn’t offer quite as much, with no kill switch and fewer servers available – meaning it may be considered a high price to pay when the big names can give you greater savings over longer periods of time.

All in all, In Touch is a solid option for your VPN needs and will allow you to navigate much of the internet at a low price whilst keeping your online presence safe and secure. You’ll find numerous features to keep your experience an enjoyable one and you’ll find that this software can run along with the best of them at the top without much issue. The service has many good reviews and with the native apps for all major operating systems you won’t have a difficulty with getting started. VPNs are becoming an increasingly sought after service in this age of data hacking scandals and geo-restrictions from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer. If keeping yourself safe online and unlocking the internet is what you’re looking for then In Touch isn’t a bad choice by any means and I feel you would get on quite well with it. The interface is easy to use and they have just enough servers to keep you up and running. The drawbacks are there in the form of fewer servers and countries than major rivals and a somewhat lacking support option – but with anything in life you take the bad with the good.

Overall, VPN In Touch is a recommended provider and gets a good rating. It scores pretty reasonably all round and the price is low which is always a bonus. The money back guarantee after a 7 day free trial will also give you added peace of mind that if you don’t like the service you aren’t going to be stuck with it or lose your money. VPNs are becoming an important part of everyone’s online activity so if that’s what you’re looking for then look no further than here.