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Unlocator is a SmartDNS provider. This means that it contains a public database of IP addresses, and their hostnames and translates them when requested. It also means that Unlocator runs on specialized software which allows its servers to communicate using standard protocols.

Unlocator is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a company called Linkwork ApS and was established in 2013.

Is it a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

No, but it does offer a SmartVPN back up option. This means that whenever your DNS (Domain Name System) has been hijacked by an ISP (Internet Service Provider), the SmartVPN goes into immediate action by partnering with the PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) to unblock the tool in question for streaming. That is, as opposed to tightening its security around it.

Aside from stopping hijacks, the SmartVPN also allows you to browse using a hotel, library, or restaurant WiFi. Or, if you’re someplace which uses mobile or satellite internet, it’ll back up for that, too.

Pricing Plans

Unlocator starts with a week-long free trial to give customers a chance to try them out. No payment details are required. They do have some of the cheapest and most flexible price sets. It is only $4.75 every month, $27.50 on a biannual plan, and only $49.95 on an annual basis. All paid plans come with a two-week money-back guarantee. If you decide that you’re not satisfied, and end your services during that time, you’ll be refunded for the unused period. You can pay by credit card, Sofort, PayPal, or Bitcoin.


Most clients say that Unlocator reminds them of Microsoft Word, because of its bold blue and gray colors. It is overall quite easy to navigate, so you don’t have to worry about going on a wild goose chase while setting it up. An API Key is needed for it to start working.

After you copy and paste your API, choose a website you want to access, your region, and how often you wish to have your IP address changed.

Unlocator is available for every device, from desktop computers to smart televisions. It takes some manual manipulation with a reboot, but this only needs to be done once for it to set up fully. One potential downside is that you have to disable the custom DNS’s to maximize your browsing, so switching you DNS’s on and off with Unlocator can be a real hassle.

Germany, Denmark, and the UK are the regions which are offered, while everyone else has the Region Packages. If you are planning to travel out of the country, switching your region is easy. All you need to do is clear your cookies and cache. Some of the standalone region packages have device app stores for accessing the US version of Amazon or Amazon Prime.

If you’re planning to use a router, you can easily use it to connect all of your devices through it.

On an Android device, it requires that the VPN be set up by the PPTP. However, it is not overly complicated, as the manual explains it thoroughly. The only thing which may be a little confusing is that your VPN login and password has to be different from your main Unlocator account.

If you do run into trouble, Unlocator does come with its own troubleshooting guides which are easy to follow. It covers the most typical problems, so you should not have to use a support person. If you are still having trouble, or if the guide does not cover your issue, there’s a ticketing system available. Since it is a ticketing system, there will likely be some delay in the response, so just be aware of that.
The good majority of DNS providers seem to prefer to keep their total amount of servers under wraps and Unlocator is one of them. They do, however, claim an extensive network in the US, UK, Canada, much of Europe and the Middle-East, as well as New Zealand.

The PPTP on the mobile and the SmartDNS on the desktop do not offer advanced settings.

What About the Tests?

Unlocator does not have encryption. Hence, there’s no reason to assume that it will slow the browsing down. However, there have been some reports of the speed tests flaking out if you try to browse the SmartDNS on a desktop computer. Same results with the method of measuring speeds on Android devices. The default speed is around four Mbps while the download is about two Mbps. There have been some challenges with the upload speed test. So it may be that Unlocator does have a few performance issues.

It won’t detect any leaks from iPv6 if the iPv6 is disabled. Be advised that the WebRTC is likely to reveal your real location.

There have been a few issues with the ability to stream BBC iPlayer, but not Netflix or the UK-based version of Al-Jazeera. Due to its unblocking capabilities, Unlocator does allow its users to stream and download most music, sports, and television on demand.

There have been some complaints that Amazon Prime does not always work well with it.

How Good are the Privacy and Security?

PPTP and Unlocator’s other main portal, L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) are not considered to be top-notch for security. However, you don’t need to worry about leaking corporate or military secrets with it. Its main thing is fast streaming, so you don’t have to worry about it slowing you down or hassling you too much.

Since Unlocator is based in Denmark, the European Retention Law applies. It does store email, IP addresses, and credit card information, however. It is designed to be accessed by Unlocator staff only for detecting unusual activity or any violations of their Terms of Service, such as hacking or copyright breaches. They claim that they don’t disclose or sell the information to third parties; however, these are probably not some of the best privacy practices. Also, there’s the risk that some of the staff with sinister intent, or who may be working for the black market, may steal some of that information for their own use. Even if they don’t disclose to third parties as a company, there’s also the chance that someone with fraudulent intent could hack into their system just to collect it.

They claim that they don’t store any traces of their clients’ browsing activity.

What are the Advantages of Unlocator Multi-Platform?

Since it’s known for unblocking, it bypasses the geo-blocks to restricted websites. This is an advantage in many ways. However, this means that it’s not a friendly DNS for anyone under the age of 18, and why it doesn’t claim to target anyone under 18. Not only could they access the material made for an audience way above their ages, but it could also make for an easy outlet for paedophiles and other predators.

However, it’s ideal if you want a way to crack open blocks not only to censored television shows but also to gain access to websites that are blocked everywhere else. The VPN is there to protect your privacy while you’re doing so.

You can use it on as many devices as you please, as long as they’re within the same location. It also allows for torrenting. Torrenting is a Protocol that authorizes and points to a server containing the locations of different hosts to share and download files.

Technically, torrenting is illegal because it involves things such as downloading copyrighted or patented material for free. If you do get caught, depending on the severity, the client won’t necessarily have to serve a jail sentence, but he or she could get sued and very heavily fined.

Clients have less of a chance of getting caught with a VPN. This is because the VPN works by re-routing all internet traffic to a location of the client’s choice. When it does, it changes the IP address to a mainstream one. This is because most VPN’s use shared IP addresses. Then, the VPN encrypts the traffic before it leaves the device, which means that the questionable activity goes straight through the VPN. This prevents the action from being detected or traced by the ISP’s or anyone else.

If in doubt, it’s just best to save money and a lot of potential grief by not torrenting at all.

Is Unlocator Legal?

Yes. Because Linkwork is a licensed and legal company. It claims no liability for deliberate violations of intellectual property rights on their clients’ behalfs. These include any breaching of trade secrets, copyrights, or patents. It is only fair that they do so because that’s a matter that solely between the client and another business.


Unlocator is a great provider for unlimited access to more information. It is a legal DNS with a SmartVPN; however, it does not provide top-notch protection for privacy. As a result, it is not recommended for clients who have children under 18 living in the household. However, it is one of the best for those who want unlimited access to media entertainment.