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  • One-click easy setup
  • Servers in USA and Europe
  • Encrypted BitTorrent traffic
  • Works on Windows and Mac OS X
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TorrentPrivacy is based in the UK and offers a VPN service. With their servers located in Sweden, Netherlands, and the United States, the company specializes in providing protocols and encryption, and Proxy and VPN to its clients. Just like many internet users, you may always worry about people accessing your data or your information leaking. TorrentPrivacy acknowledges this problem, and therefore created a tunnel that gets positioned between your computer and the remote server. Your data then gets delivered onto the internet. But you need not fret as no one gets to read or access it. Thanks to this VPN service provider which encrypts your data.

TorrentPrivacy info

The company does not keep any data on their servers as they dispose of any information about your connection’s location and the sites that you visit. All the logs get discarded. Once you install a VPN from TorrentPrivacy, you get to browse the internet with no fear. No one can record or monitor what you are doing on the internet. The program enables you to stream videos or carry out your business as usual on the internet with a peace of mind. The relaxation is as a result of the realization that all your data is safe because it gets encrypted. You only need to keep this program running.

Do you get irritated by low speed while browsing the internet? Then this VPN service from TorrentPrivacy may interest you. The company offers unlimited speed, enabling you to enjoy movie downloads or streaming. Though bandwidth can be limited with some VPN operators, you need not worry. It has never happened with this company. This VPN service provider sends notification emails to their clients who use over 15% of their total users on their servers. The users get reminded when they surpass their limit. Besides, being a thing that has never occurred in TorrentPrivacy before, the probability of a client experiencing limited speed is almost nil.

The company’s software is designed to work only on macOS and Microsoft Windows. You can, therefore, use it on any of your devices running on these operating systems. You also get to enjoy one connection of this software at a time on your preferred compatible device. To build trust with their customers, this VPN service provider offers a full-money return guarantee if the user doesn’t get satisfied with their service. More so, they go ahead and purchase a similar subscription service that you choose from BitTorrent Proxy. Because not many companies offer such a guarantee, it makes TorrentPrivacy stand out from its competitors.

When it comes to the security of private data, many people prefer competent professionals with experience. If you are one of them, you may need to list this company down on your list of preference. Are you wondering why? TorrentPrivacy has been in operation for more than seven years! You may get excited by finding out that they were among the pioneer companies that offered a VPN service. Their experience is therefore unquestionable, and it’s no doubt they understand their work.

Many companies offering a VPN service have complicated procedures for accessing their services. But TorrentPrivacy has made the process a straightforward task. You only need to register to enjoy their service. If you are wondering the amount involved for registration, this VPN service provider offers an easy and free listing on their website using your email only. After registration, you now get to choose the type and pay method to use. Luckily, TorrentPrivacy offers Credit Cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin as payment options. The company also allows you to cancel your registration within 30 days after signing up.


• Has eight servers
• The servers are in only three countries
• The VPN doesn’t keep logs
• The VPN does not have a kill switch
• You can only use this software on one device at a time
• A full-amount refund guarantee if not satisfied with their service
• Enjoy a similar subscription offered on another site if not pleased by their service
• Prides itself of over one million downloads
• No logging and top-notch encryption

What’s surprising about TorrentPrivacy is the fact that it gets endorsed by popular torrent giants like Torrent Reactor and TorrentFreak. As a result, this VPN service provider’s potential for being the best in offering this service gets boosted highly.


a) Assured Security
To secure your data, TorrentPrivacy discards all logs. Also, they get rid of the temporary cache found in their servers regularly to ensure the safety of their user information. Besides, users enjoy airtight protection and security while downloading with this program running. It contains PPTP protocols and OpenVPN. You may wonder if this company has other tunnelling protocols. The answer is ‘no’ because it is only a service of BitTorrent proxy.


TorrentPrivacy has succeeded in offering non-leaking IP, WebRTC, and DNS. If you run an IP or DNS or WebRTC leak, the program is very secure. You will also find no malware after running a virus test.

Wide compatibility

Users enjoy connection from eight servers based in three different countries. The servers get found only in these countries because they are P2P-friendly. Also, the program from this company is compatible with any device with Windows or MacOS operating systems.


TorrentPrivacy offers a 3-month, 1-year, and two years plan to choose. Depending on your needs, all plans are ideal and worth having. As an individual or upcoming business, you can go for the 3-months or 1-year plan. You may need to consider your budget and needs when choosing these plans. If you have the money, the 2-year plan is ideal and will save you a lot of your hard-earned dollars. It is also suitable for big businesses and corporations. The company makes it convenient to pay by allowing usage of three payment methods.

To get rid of any doubts from their clients, TorrentPrivacy offers a free 7-day trial. Within these seven days, you get to test the performance of this software on your device. If you don’t like what you see and experience, you get free to opt-out and ask for your refund. It’s even better with the premium plan. You enjoy the same advantage before 30 days are over. These plans offer value for your money, considering the benefits. Also, when users buy a BitTorrent proxy service, this VPN service gets provided to them for free.

Great Customer Support

You need not worry about engaging TorrentPrivacy in case of any problem or inquiry. The company offers Email, FAQs, Contact Us and Social Media as support platforms for their clients. AS a result, contacting them is no hustle. You can email them or go through their FAQs platform to grasp insight into their product.


The fact that this VPN service provider is located in the United Kingdom and belongs to the 5 Eyes Group can compromise the confidentiality of its users’ data. It means that they may share their clients’ data with the rest of the group members when requested to as it is mandatory by the group’s rules.
• Having their servers in three countries only may subject users from other countries to connection problems.
• Devices with other operating system other than Windows and MacOS cannot use this service.
• It does not unblock Netflix. If you love streaming on Netflix, you may need to consider another VPN option like NordVPN or ExpressVPN that offers such a feature.


Considering the benefits derived from this VPN service, TorrentPrivacy is worth recommending to new clients. With a price of approximately $5.6 per month, and with a cheaper package if you subscribe for the 2-year plan, TorrentPrivacy is advantaged on the market. Embracing Bitcoin as a payment method enhances security due to its user hiding ability. With this VPN service, you get permission to bypass all restrictions from your internet service provider. As a result, you get access to specific data you wouldn’t have accessed from another country or even yours.
Users enjoy top-notch data safety, and high speed as TorrentPrivacy uses SSL and L2TP together. While on the internet, users become anonymous. Besides, clients use VPN to download torrents from renowned international sources like Kickass and Pirate Bay. Due to its L2TP protocol, users enjoy stronger and reliable encryption.
Fraud and phishing is now a thing of the past when using this VPN service. Many major communications companies track down all clicks online and inform the government. It has become a significant concern with online users, but this service has got the answer. TorrentPrivacy doesn’t reveal the identity of its users and they delete all info after a week.
But there’s no limit to change and improvement, and if this company can embrace development, it can make its product better. For example, it could increase its servers to more countries and enable its software work on more operating systems other than just Windows and macOS. Also, it could allow users to use its VPN service on more than one device at the same time. Communication is crucial in attracting and maintaining clients. TorrentPrivacy may need to increase their customer support platforms and improve on their speed when responding.
In summary, if the torrent is your thing, you may consider TorrentPrivacy among the best VPN solutions available on the market today. But if your focus is not on the torrents, the market has other great options. But TorrentPrivacy is worth a try