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  • Torrent and P2P Allowed
  • 4096-bit Key Encryption
  • 5 Devices Simultaneously
  • 25 VPN Servers in 15 Locations
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Human beings tend to differ in opinions. It is okay to have different perspectives when viewing the same thing. When it comes to virtual private networks, however, the variance in opinion will be minimal since all users want a good network. How good should a VPN be? A good virtual private network is one that observes the user’s interests such as encryption, decent speed, good customer support, being user-friendly and also offers reasonable prices. A network should also be compatible with most operating systems.
The main reason behind the rise of VPN networks is due to an increase in the level of cybercrime. A lot of cybercrime instances are caused by hackers who have been increasing in numbers as days go by. Most of these hackers are computer literate and instead of being ethical in their work, they choose the line of online crime. They operate by trying to access private user information such as the IP addresses which is risky.
Now, this might soon be a thing of the past following the emergence of virtual private networks which hinder unauthorized persons from accessing your account information. Getting the right VPN is, however, of great essence. The following is a review of a VPN provider known as ShadeYou to help you determine whether it is what you need.

ShadeYou VPN Review

ShadeYou is a decent online privacy services provider that has given users a reliable source of private browsing. The company has bragging rights for a remarkably huge customer base. Its good speed is one thing that attracts customers since it enables you to have fast connectivity online. The high-quality encryption here guarantees you of top security hence no worries while using the internet. There are also a variety of packages for the users which will be explained in detail in this article.

ShadeYou Safety and Features

The private network has a variety of top-notch features that are meant to ensure user safety when browsing content online. L2TP, OpenVPN, and PPTP are protocols available here and they work in conjunction with 2048 bit RSA encryption and 256 bit AES encryption. There is another protocol you get to access with this network known as the 4096 bit RSA encryption which is only available to the premium subscriber. Presence of the kill switch feature is a plus for the network because it prevents your data from being publicly exposed. The Scotland based private network does not have a logging policy.

Downloading and Installing ShadeYou VPN

First, you need to sign up for an account on their website so that you can be able to purchase a subscription. With this done, you will be able to log in. You will find a window on the top section which will give you access to the download and installation of the ShadeYou virtual private network application. Once you get the app, you are good to go on with your online activities.

Speed Test

Some VPN models tend to slow down your speed which makes the user experience a boring one. When downloading or uploading content of any size from the internet, the speed should be a reasonable one. In case of slow speeds, you may end up cancelling the downloads and thus you will not have achieved your target. ShadeYou VPN has the best speeds you will find around. From some tests that were taken, the upload speed was 50Mbps and a download speed of about 100 Mbps. With these speeds, you can be assured that there will be no lagging or buffering when downloading or uploading. Streaming is also good with these speeds and you can watch any shows you feel like without experiencing any challenges.

The connectivity speed will, however, depend on the distance between the nearest server and your device. The greater the distance, the slower the speed and hence you should try and connect to a server near you. The ping was tested in two different locations. One on the Asian servers and the other on the ​United States servers. The speed was 300 ms and 236 ms respectively.

ShadeYou VPN Compatibility

This network only works with the Windows operating system. This is quite unfortunate for users with devices that have other operating systems. It is not that bad since there are a variety of networks and you can opt for one that is compatible with your operating system. Despite this, you can still use this network in another model in non-windows devices. When you use the direct VPN instead of the application, it can work with Linux, iOS, Android and also Mac. For ShadeYou VPN network application, you will only be limited to Windows, so the best is direct VPN which works with a variety of operating systems.

Streaming and Torrenting

Netflix lovers, this is one of the best networks that will enable you to watch all your favorite shows on the platform. ShadeYou VPN allows users to access the American version of Netflix. Other channels you can stream with this network include CBS and NBC. The British version of Netflix cannot be accessed with this network. The BBC iPlayer does not work with ShadeYou VPN.

Torrenting can be done using this network by the help of servers that are located in Sweden, Netherlands, Canada and also in Hong Kong. There are two servers in the United States that allow P2P torrenting. This means that those who prefer to download content for later use can get to do it with ShadeYou virtual private network.

ShadeYou VPN Package Prices

This network offers two affordable packages for its users. The affordability of the plans makes it possible for the VPN Company to compete well with others in the market. Users definitely get value for their money since you get good speeds, 2048 bit key encryption, P2P torrenting and you also get to connect with a maximum of five devices.

One plan is the standard plan. In this package, there are three broad categories which are the monthly offer, half-a-year offer, and the annual offer. The monthly deal is mainly for those who want to try out the network before making a long term decision. The deal is worth $3.95 in a month. The other plan is the 6-month plan. To get their services for a period of six months, you pay a total of $16.90. At the end of the period, this plan saves you about 35% of the monthly costs. The annual plan is the cheapest among the three. You are required to pay $25.90 and you will get their VPN services for 12 months.

There is also a premium plan. For this option, there are no constant rates. The price varies from $2.33 to $7.95 each month. It depends on the period the user is going to use their network. On ShadeYou VPN, you will enjoy a variety of payment platforms. You can pay for the packages using American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, PayPal and also using a Credit Card. There is room for a refund for customers who are not satisfied with their services. The refund must be done within seven days from the date of purchase.

Server Locations

This private network has situated its servers in 12 countries. The countries include the United States of America, Germany, Romania, France, Russia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Spain, Canada, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. They have not specified the number of servers in these countries though they have a good connectivity speed.

Customer Support System

Users of ShadeYou virtual private network get adequate assistance from the company. They have a technical team that has enough knowledge to help solve any problems that may arise. Their level of competency is quite high and therefore people with any issues get solutions within a short period of time after inquiry.
On their website, there is a support feature known as FAQs. Here, you will find the most frequently asked queries and their solutions. If you do not get help from here, then you can submit your issue through their email support system, and you can be sure to get assistance in less than 24 hours. Those who are not well conversed with the functionality of VPNs will surely have an easy time with this network.


ShadeYou VPN is one of the best options on the market. Some of the things you get to enjoy include:

  • User-friendly software that enables you to change servers easily and does not affect your connection stability.
  • Compatible software. The direct VPN is better compared to the app because it can work with most popular operating systems. You can also connect five devices simultaneously.
  • Regardless of the server you are using, you get to enjoy unlimited traffic and bandwidth. This means you can transfer any kind of data and files with this network.
  • You get to bypass all restrictions available on the net and especially those of Netflix. You can even access blocked websites without being known.
  • You save data and also you are safe using the internet because all ads are blocked.

From the VPN’s name, users are shaded from any hazardous activity on the internet thus making it reliable.