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SecurityKISS virtual private network is a service provider that has its headquarters based in Ireland. The provider is rated at 4.7 stars and this is due to its top-notch services offered to the users. Customer satisfaction is their main goal; the reason why they have a huge customer base in all areas of the world.
Their users are spoilt for choice because of their wide range of plans, though some are quite expensive. Be sure you will find a plan that suits your pocket. The users of this network have an easy time on the internet due to a large number of servers that are located in leading countries. Just like any other network, there are advantages and disadvantages of this Ireland-based network. This article consists of well-analyzed features and services that will be of much help to netizens in making a judgment on whether to use it or not. Some of the points discussed are prices, security and privacy, compatibility, speeds among others.

Package Prices

At SecurityKISS, there is something for everyone. Those who want to seek privacy for a short period and those of long-term periods are all catered for. Also, the offers here are pocket-friendly though you will find some that are quite high. Giving users a platform where they can choose from a variety of pacts is quite good. Some of the plans at SecurityKISS virtual private network consist of Green, Malachite, Olivine, Emerald and Jadeite.

Casual VPN users who usually use free networks, here is something for you. This is recommended for you because you get to access a variety of services at no cost. This is the green plan and you are only required to download the network’s application and you are good to go. There is no registration needed here so no creating an account. This means that you do not require any username or password o login. Users of this plan are limited to daily 300 MB data which is reasonable bearing in mind that you did not pay any fee. Another feature you get from the free package is that you will get to switch to up to 10 L2TP and 10 OpenVPN servers that are situated in France, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. With this offer, you will be able to undertake your daily activities with the only deterrent being slow speeds.

The other offer users get to enjoy at SecurityKISS is the Olivine Plan. For this plan, you get to pay $2.99 on a monthly basis. The plan is interesting since you will access a total of 39 L2TP servers and also 40 OpenVPN servers in eleven states. The offer is accompanied by a 20 GB data limit each month. If you choose to pay for this offer for a year, then you will pay money amounting to €23.90 and €14.95 for half a year. This plan does not accommodate the connection of several devices simultaneously. The speeds here are attractive and hence you have a good streaming session without experiencing any buffers. The plan can also be used for online gaming.

The more money you pay, the better the services get. That is the rule with VPN models, and this is no exemption. The Malachite plan is a bit expensive compared to the ones above, but it means that there is an increase in the number of servers and other features. This deal will make you part with a total of €3.99 monthly. It will be the user’s choice on the length of time he is going to subscribe to this package. For an annual period, €35.90 has to be paid and €19.95 is for the six-month period. Users who have subscribed to this plan get to use servers in 13 different countries. There are 43 L2TP and 45 OpenVPN servers. The data given on a monthly basis also increases to 30 GB. The speeds are good, but you can only get the protection of one device at a time.

Jadeite is another plan which a SecurityKISS private network user can opt for. With this plan, you pay a monthly fee of €5.99. If you use it for a six-month period, the amount is €29.95 and €53.90 for 12 months. This plan enables you to access 58 L2TP servers and 63 OpenVPN servers. These accessible servers are found in 16 countries. There is a monthly data limit of 50 GB which enables you to do all your online activities smoothly. This offer gets even better because the user can connect to multiple devices at a go. It allows a maximum of 15 different connections provided that each device is connected to a unique server. This offer is a reliable one to users who want to secure their online doings with many devices at the same time.

The final and most expensive plan at SecurityKISS VPN is Emerald. It has the best services and features and hence customers can get value for their hard-earned cash. It goes for €9.99 monthly and you will pay €89.99 if you subscribe for a one-year period. Those willing to pay for half a year, then it will be worth €49.95. The good thing with this plan is that subscribers have a lot of freedom because there is no limitation of data use. You can connect up to 15 devices at a go hence it is suitable for group use. They can connect with 90 L2TP servers and 64 OpenVPN servers in 16 countries.

Payment Methods

There is a wide range of payment platforms accepted here. Some of which include Credit Cards, Bitcoin, CashU, PayPal and you can also make a wire transfer. The refund policy at SecurityKISS is one of its kind. You are given a chance to cancel a plan at any time. This works by getting a refund of the remaining time in your subscription period. In case you are unsatisfied with the services, you can opt-out without delay.


This private network is compatible with most popular operating systems. Any model that supports the OpenVPN can work with SecurityKISS. Some of the compatible operating systems include Windows, iOS, Linux, Android and also Mac. Windows users get an easy time using this network. The main screen in windows displays your monthly data, your IP status, amount of data consumed and also the option to connect, disconnect or pause the virtual private network. There is also a button which shows you available servers for you to connect to depending on the plan subscribed to.

Customer Support

Customer support at this network is average. Users get help from a range of platforms including FAQs, sending emails and also reading the troubleshooting guide. There is also the live chat feature that is available for limited hours in a day. Users get to communicate their issues directly to the help team and get immediate solutions. Emails also get replies within no time. This makes the user experience an interesting one with readily available assistance. In case of challenges, you can also read reviews and other relevant resources about the network which can provide you with solutions.

Speed Tests

The speeds here are not that bad. From the tests, there was a slight drop in the browsing speed when the SecurityKISS private network was connected. At the beginning before connection, the download speed was at 3.01 Mbps and the upload speed was at 0.11Mbps. Ping was also recorded at 20ms. When connected to the United States server, the VPN’s download speed was 1.17 Mbps and the upload speed was 0.05 Mbps. Ping was 122ms. Another speed test was also done in the United Kingdom. Their servers upon connection resulted in an upload speed of 0.11 Mbps and a download speed of 1.24 Mbps. The ping was at 182ms.

Leak Test

From the leakage test conducted, there was no sign of leakage of user information by the Ireland based network. This means that your security and privacy is best here. The leakage tests done were the DNS test, WebRTC, and the IPv6 leak tests. There were zero leaks making SecurityKISS VPN reliable. They do not keep logs of user browsing data. The company has used the OpenVPN supported by 1024-bit RSA certificates and the 128-bit Blowfish algorithm to ensure the privacy of user’s information is at the top.

Streaming and Torrenting

This private network works efficiently with the P2P torrenting feature provided it is using the OpenVPN protocol. The torrent feature works well for those who subscribe to the Emerald plan. Downloading content is made easier with this network. When it comes to streaming, SecurityKISS VPN does not work well with Netflix. The only streaming channels you can stream comfortably with this network are Kodi and the BBC iPlayer. In these channels, you can watch anything you like without experiencing buffers and lagging.

Server Locations

The SecurityKISS servers are not located in many countries but the choice of distribution is good since they are situated in top countries. They are in eight countries which include Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and also the United States.


SecurityKISS VPN tick virtually all the boxes a security-seeking internet use would want to be filled. From cost to security and abundance of servers, it does not disappoint. This is definitely a VPN of choice; highly recommended.