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We are undoubtedly living in an era of data leaks and hacks, meaning the services which VPNs can provide are becoming more and more talked about. VPNs can allow us to search all of the internet and also protect our privacy while we are online. Not only are VPNs perfectly legal in most countries, and increasingly used to unblock all of the content on Netflix, but they keep us safe by encrypting our online data and hiding our IP address from everyone who may wish to use it against us. We are getting to a point where not having a VPN looks almost foolish with all of the recent data hacking scandals. Here is a review of the VPN provider, OneVPN, that will hopefully help you decide if this service provider is the one to meet your needs.


Based in Hong Kong, OneVPN is a relative newcomer and allows for three simultaneous connections with servers across 59 countries. It’s fast enough for streaming and has live chat support which is available 24/7. OneVPN boasts an offering of malware protection and an ad-blocking feature. However, this service is relatively lacking when it comes to the features it offers and is a little pricey, considering the few options available. It may be better in the future, however, with a solid base to build from, even offering two “Netflix Servers” that are based in the US, and claim to be perfect for streaming with fast speeds and unblocking the geo-restrictions of streaming sites. However, in user testing, it’s been found that Netflix has blocked the servers of OneVPN, so Netflix appears to be one step ahead, and this service may not work on their servers. It’s worth a try, but don’t hold your breath too much. OneVPN boasts a vast array of servers all around the world; however, reports have been coming in of IP addresses being in different places to where the server is supposed to be, leading us to believe that OneVPN are lying about where their servers are based, which could mean they have a lot less than they say they do. For instance, one user connected to a server reportedly in Frankfurt, but their IP address showed as being in France. For a company that’s had issues before, particularly security-wise, they’re going down a bad path by the looks of things.

Security with OneVPN

OneVPN claims to be secure and offers different security protocols and has a no-logs policy. However, in some user reviews, it’s claimed that the service suffers from DNS leaks, ruling it out if your top concern is privacy. There are user guides which should help you avoid any leakage and fix any problems, but security is usually at the top of everyone’s list, and OneVPN is getting the most critical aspect of a VPN pretty wrong it seems. Being based in Hong Kong is good for privacy, as there are no mandatory data retention laws in place, allowing for the strict no-logs policy they have at OneVPN. It’s challenging to find out whether OneVPN implements Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), meaning it’s hard to recommend to the security conscious. If PFS isn’t used, then it’s much easier for your connection to be hacked due to the same keys being used each time you connect to the VPN server.

All in all, they have a way to go with security and to win the backing of those who care a lot about the security and privacy of their VPN. Viruses weren’t found from the platform, and they only log the most minimal of data, activation and logout time, which is standard for VPN providers to monitor, as it helps improve performance. As long as they’re not tracking anything between your activation and log off, then your privacy will be maintained. They have a good policy for privacy and security, it’s just whether you can genuinely trust them that presents somewhat of an issue. They seem to be moving forward quickly, however, so they’re definitely a company to look out for. OneVPN may be outside of the “five eyes” alliance of security intelligence, but they’re technically under the approval and jurisdiction of China, so whether that is any better in terms of your security and privacy is for you to decide.


OneVPN performs pretty well as a whole and offers a generally reliable service. No difficulties are to be found with connecting the server, and the service works at unblocking Hulu and other streaming sites. Netflix doesn’t seem to work with OneVPN however, which is a significant downside. If you’re looking to browse the web and get past geo-restrictions, then this basic offering from OneVPN should work for you. However, there are alternatives which you may find are more suited, and secure, to your needs. The lack of features is a bit of a turn off with this service and, as with the security angle, it has a way to go before it would be anyone’s firm favourite offering for VPN services. OneVPN will also allow you to torrent to your heart’s content. This is often blocked by service providers due to the shady name torrenting has earned itself, particularly for illegal downloads of copyrighted material. They have the basics covered and offer multiple security protocols as they begin to develop. The user support is pretty slow, with some waiting several hours for a “live” chat response and getting pretty simple answers in return. Hopefully, you wouldn’t need to contact their support team for anything, but if you do, you could be waiting a while before they’ll get back to you.

On the whole, it’s reported that the user experience isn’t all that great. The system seems straightforward enough, but difficulties logging in and getting connected to a server have been published widely. There are also multiple reports of slow speeds, really slow speeds. So this is something to look out for if you’re considering OneVPN as your service provider of choice.

Plans Available with OneVPN

OneVPN’s subscriptions start at $7.95 for a 1-month plan, which is pretty expensive considering everything covered above. As you’d expect, the cost goes down substantially if you take out a plan for a more extended period. If you take out a 4-year plan, the price goes down to just $1 per month, which almost appears to be too cheap. They’re clearly trying to drag people in for the longer term by tempting customers with ultra-low prices for access to everything the service offers. They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee; however, when you read the fine print, you’ll find that a reason must be given for leaving, and if you’ve used more than 3GB of data you won’t be entitled to a refund. You can pay for OneVPN with all major payment providers, including with bitcoin using BitPay, which is pretty handy if you’re in the cryptocurrency market. All in all, this seems a pretty pricey option if you choose to pay monthly, especially for the service you’ll be getting, but if you wish to see the company grow and get better, then sticking around for the long term can get you some huge discounts.

Overall I’d say this is a pretty basic VPN offering which seems to be overselling itself with the marketing. Possibly having fewer servers than it claims is a huge downside, and the reported DNS leakages is a concern. In terms of security, this company does seem to be moving forward, but for the time being, I wouldn’t recommend them. You also won’t be able to access Netflix with this offering which can be a big con to many people who want a VPN for that purpose. Being based in Hong Kong is a somewhat selling point for OneVPN, and allows them to have a total no-logs policy and be kept away from the “Five Eyes” alliance of intelligence sharing between much of the developed world. If you’re looking for a no-thrills basic offering, then OneVPN may be for you, but I’d generally recommend waiting until the company has grown a bit further and has a better service offering. The customer support available is slow and shaky at best, though they do offer live chat which can be quite the plus as many smaller providers don’t have this function available. However, the slow customer support means if you run into an issue, you’ll be waiting quite some time before you’re reconnected to the system and on your way again. Reports of slow speeds are also a bit of a concern as nobody wants their internet browsing to be massively slowed down by a VPN, especially if you’re used to ultra-fast internet. Consider, however, that they are re-routing all of your traffic through servers across the world, meaning a bit of slow down is expected. The user experience is pretty straightforward, though issues logging in and connecting to a server have been reported, so it’s yet to be seen how genuinely reliable this service is.