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  • Military level encryption
  • Untraceable browsing is enabled
  • Over 5000 servers that work in 60 countries
  • Offers its customers a money-back guarantee for 30 days
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NordVPN is a good choice for you, who wants to surf safely online under all conditions exactly when you want and exactly where you want. NordVPN helps to protect your internet traffic by using modern high technology that represents the best in the market. When reading user experiences, you quickly notice that NordVPN respects safe networks, privacy and openness and that the engineers behind it have done their best to make the NordVPN experience truly the best on the market. Its development took six whole years of work. When it comes to its design and development, no corners have been cut; the encryption can be regarded as military-level quality.

Pluses and Minuses

+ Experiences show that users can enjoy military level encryption and it makes internet traffic especially safe
+ The encryption between the device and the VPN server is reliable and based on comprehensive experience
+ Untraceable browsing is enabled, meaning that no one gets to know what kind of websites you visit. NordVPN experiences indicate that the service is particularly private, which is an especially pleasant feature for people raised in an individualistic society.
+ Enables virtual tourism, meaning, you get ultra-fast connections through VPN servers located all over the world, which makes it possible for you to change your IP address and protect your online browsing.
+ Over 5000 servers that work in 60 countries; it has more servers than normal, which decreases the stress on the server and makes the connection faster than usual.
+ It is possible to protect all your devices, regardless if you use Windows, macOS or Linux. Thanks to this, you can protect your work devices as well as your private devices. User experiences are particularly positive also for the reason that one NordVPN account lets you protect up to six of your precious devices.
+ Using it is effortless, and the user interface is intuitive and very clear. Because of this, it is very easy to start using NordVPN and choosing the subscription is made simple.
+ After installation and sign up you can access safe browsing with one click.
+ Blocks censorship and bandwidth restrictions that some countries have, due to which you can keep enjoying your favourite content even abroad.
+ Offers competent daily support around the clock, so in case any issues or difficulties should arise, it is easy to get help.
+ Offers its customers a money-back guarantee for 30 days, making it risk-free to try the service.
+ Affordable solution; the cheapest plan lets you use the service for three euros a month if you make a three-year contract.

– There could be more package options; right now, they offer a one-month contract, a one-year contract and a three-year contract.

Pricing and Different Products

Right now, NordVPN can be acquired through three different length subscriptions that are priced differently. The most affordable package is 2,62 euros a month. You get the service for this price if you subscribe for three years. By choosing the three-year package, the customer saves 75% compared to the normal price. The three-year contract is billed once every three years, in total 94,54 euros.

If the customer chooses to get NordVPN for one year, he or she pays 6,14 euros per month, which is significantly more than the three-year subscription. A customer choosing the one-month plan will have to pay even more. In this case, the price of NordVPN is 10,50 euros per month. If you know for sure that you will need NordVPN for at least three years, it is worth it to directly choose the three-year-long contract because you will save a significant amount of money.

The Safety and Privacy of NordVPN

To ensure premium safety, NordVPN is an excellent and cost-effective option. It is quite unbelievable that for just less than three euros, you get the possibility to acquire the protection of this quality. When you read real user reviews of NordVPN, you become even more convinced that the service does what it promises, that is, protects your internet browsing.

How does NordVPN achieve this? Is there something shady about this? NordVPN has invested in the development of its safety and privacy tool, and this becomes obvious when reading user experiences. NordVPN strives for its vision of a better internet, which would be even safer, more private and more open, and NordVPN itself is one step closer to reaching this vision.

NordVPN’s Website

When it comes to the website, NordVPN remains matter-of-fact and competent. Can one even except less than this from a company this professional and high quality? The overall look of the website is stylish and modern. Also, it is easy to use and works smoothly and fast. On the website, you can find different categories, making it easy to find needed information. Different categories include servers, features and pricing. Thanks to these categories, the user finds the information they are looking for very easily, which assists in creating trust towards the service.

A footnote on the website presents links to the company’s social media channels, where you can find the most recent information. The channels are updated weekly and are upheld with the same professionalism as the whole NordVPN service. One of the top features of the website is that it is all in all offered in 13 languages. Moreover, there is an expert blog on the website, which familiarizes the reader with the VPN brand in an easy-to-understand way. If you are looking for good tips when it comes to using a VPN, you should start by checking the NordVPN blog.

NordVPN’s Customer Service

There is a section dedicated to frequently asked questions on the NordVPN website. In this category, one can find solutions and instructions for different kinds of situations. Moreover, in this section, you can find instructions for installation of the service.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions, or if you would for some reason want personal service, you should not hesitate to contact the competent customer service. Usually, you can get an answer within a couple of minutes since a live chat service with customer service agents is offered. Moreover, customer service can be contacted through email.

How to start the NordVPN service?

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the first-rate website of NordVPN, which we already talked about above. Read carefully, what the NordVPN service is all about, and if it could solve the questions related to your internet safety.

If you want to start using the service after exploring the website, you have to sign up as a NordVPN customer, which is quick and easy. You can pay with a credit card, Bitcoin or PayPal. On the installation page, you install the service through simple instructions. If you are nervous about the installation or doubt your abilities, you will be delighted to hear that the instructions are illustrated and very simple. You can install NordVPN on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Linux as well as Android.

NordVPN’s Performance

You must have heard that when using strong safety and encryption technologies, the connection speed will slow down no matter what. The same thing can be detected to some extent, even when using NordVPN. When it comes to this aspect NordVPN is, however, one of the best on the market because even though its safety and encryption methods are very strong and secure, the connection speed is not significantly affected when using the NordVPN service.


In conclusion, it can be stated that NordVPN is a top product on the market, which strives for even more reliable and efficient encryption. Setting up and using the service is easy, and even if some issues were to arise, the NordVPN Customer Support serves 24/7. The service is so great that it is hard to come up with minuses, but if something could be changed, more subscription plans could be offered. A three-year binding contract can feel, at least for a new customer, like a very long time even though the affordable monthly fee could be tempting.

NordVPN’s performance is clearly one of the best on the market. It makes it possible to watch US Netflix, for instance. Even though NordVPN cannot overcome the fact that by using the service, the connection speed is compromised, the slowing down is not as significant as with many other similar services.

One could say, that by choosing NordVPN, the customer gets value for one’s money – especially when choosing the three-year-long NordVPN subscription. In this case, using NordVPN costs less than three euros a month which a ridiculously low price for such a high-quality product!