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How do you get to understand a VPN? The best way to understand how these networks operate is by reading reviews. Reviews contain all the crucial information you may need to know about virtual private networks. Most of the popular VPN service providers have reviews about them and they are aimed at educating users. The reviews are like a form of evaluation and once the user is done with it, he will have made a decision on what step to take next. You, however, must be able to distinguish genuine reviews from fake sponsored ones.

VPN usage does not require you to have any complex knowledge. Virtual private networks guarantee your privacy and security when surfing online. Safety and privacy are not the only advantage of using VPNs, but good speed is also a factor. Streaming and downloading any type of content has been made easy by the existence of private networks. Use of public WI-FI networks is not as risky when using the network to enhance your privacy. Using these public networks made your private information prone to landing in the wrong hands and hence VPNs came to curb this.


Lime virtual private network has established itself very well in the market since it was launched. The service provider is not so old in the market, but it already has a huge customer base. The large number of customers is as a result of its reliability when it comes to their quality services. The model has installed a number of features that are maintained to ensure efficiency while browsing and accessing various content on the internet. It is very cost-effective with some good offers. There are quite a good number of servers in various countries and it is also very user-friendly. Talk of their customer support; one of the best you are going to find among private networks.

Prices of Lime VPN Packages

Any amount of finances that you have, Lime has got something for everyone. There are two plans here and each plan is divided into two. One is the Basic Plan which is a cheaper option and the other is the Pro Plan which fairly expensive. There is a monthly plan, though they have not provided us with adequate information on their official site. There is also the one-year plan and the plan valid for two years.

The one-year deal has two sections. The first is the cheap basic category that usually goes for $1.49 every month. This amount is payable for 12 months. Once you pay this amount, you will have gotten a discount of about 70% since the usual price is at $4.99. For the Pro category, you are required to pay a fee of $14.99 each month for you to get Lime’s privacy services for one year. This category also has a 63% discount. The standard price is at $39.99 each month.

For you to secure your online activity for a period of two years, then there are two options here. For the basic, you pay an amount equal to $1 each month for 24 months. This means that at the end of the period you will have to part ways with $24 for this service. This amount is discounted and hence you get to save about 80%. The normal price is $4.99 per month. The two-year basic plan needs you to pay $11 on a monthly basis for 24 months. This standard amount is at $39.99 per month which means there is a 73% discount.

Personally, I would advise anyone to go for the Pro Plan since it has better features. With the Lime Pro offer, you will be able to secure the activities of more than twenty devices since it allows 20+ multi logins whereas the Basic does not have a multi-login feature. Other features that come with the expensive Pro Plan include Dedicated IP and also Torrenting. All these features that make the user experience better lack in the Basic plan.


When it comes to payment options, Lime gives you a variety. Some of the accepted methods include Bitcoin, Discover, MasterCard, Amazon, American Express, PayPal and also Visa. With any of these accounts, you can purchase the plans with ease. Lime VPN is a generous company when it comes to the money-back guarantee. They have a 30 days money-back guarantee. Once you make a refund request, Lime will take a maximum of three days to fulfill your wish. This refund policy is meant to help those who are not satisfied with their services in general.

LimeVPN Servers

This private network platform has more than 20 servers that are in different locations. At any geographical location, users will be able to connect to any of their servers. There are about 6000 IPs that are usually distributed among the users. There are a few countries where Lime does not have servers and they include Russia, China, and the Middle East. This means that users in these locations cannot be able to bypass any restrictions that have been put in place in their countries.

Speed Test

Everyone wants a VPN provider with a reasonable speed. This Hong Kong-based network has relatively good speed. It may not be the best but be sure that you will not experience any big delays when loading anything. The VPN model has set up three servers in Chicago, San Francisco and also in Amsterdam that are specifically meant for streaming. According to the test conducted, the speed for normal servers was similar to that of dedicated servers. The device used to do the Lime VPN test had a speed of 31 Mbps before the connection with the private network. Once it was connected to the server situated in Amsterdam, the speed displayed a decline to 13.45 Mbps. The upload speed was 5.65 Mbps and the download speed was 13.45 Mbps. Ping was at 78ms.

Torrenting and Streaming

For you to get the best streaming services, you need to acquire the Pro Plan. The Lime VPN Pro Plan is able to unblock Netflix in the United States. This network is reliable for streaming since you can be sure that you will not miss out on any movies available on Netflix. The Pro Plan gives users a dedicated IP that has not been used by other users a reason why it bypasses Netflix without any problem. Other streaming channels that you be able to stream with this young network are HBO and Hulu among others.
Kodi is another channel that enables you to stream videos and movies. With this channel, you also get to watch live TV. Having Lime installed in your device will enable you to stream content and also watch live television shows anonymously.
Lime users find it easy to download content. This is because they have a server in Amsterdam that works with torrenting. Files of any type and size can be downloaded easily with the help of this network. For this to be possible, you first have to connect with the server in Amsterdam.

Leakages on LimeVPN 

For the tests that were conducted on this virtual private network, there were no leaks that were noted. This makes the platform a reliable one when it comes to privacy. The DNS test also showed zero leakage. None of your private information or your IP address is going to land in unauthorized hands. There was also no virus found on the network from the tests conducted.

Logging Policy

Lime virtual private network is a good partner to use since it does not keep records of any information they get. This VPN service is a safe option since they cannot give any information concerning users. This will definitely attract users to opt for this network since their privacy is key. To prove their logging policy to the users, they have a statement which states that ‘each time you connect to Lime VPN your connection gets dynamic IP which is one of 6000+ anonymous IPs in our pool. Therefore, your real IP becomes masked.’ This will make it difficult for anyone to decode your dynamic IP despite the fact that they can track the original IP. This has given clarity to all users who doubt their logging policy. There is also a specially designed technology that enables all your data to remain private.

Customer Support

Lime VPN has a very reliable customer support system. Users who face challenges with the use of this network will always get help when the need arises. You can reach them by creating a ticket that will connect you to their support staff. There is also the Troubleshooting and the FAQs Page that is meant to help users in their activities. Live chat was a customer care feature that was previously offered but it is currently unavailable.
The network is generally a good service provider and it is compatible with most operating systems. Its app is available on Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS and also windows.


Lime VPN literally passes the litmus test for a private network user. From aesthetics to functionality and safety, it ticks all the right boxes. Users can browse without the fear of getting compromised or tracked. Netflix lovers can chill without any worries or interruptions. The customer care service is top-notch even without the live chat. LIME is one of the best VPN’s you will find in the market today regardless of your needs.