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IronSocket is one of the smaller VPN service providers, with a little over 90 servers in 38 different countries at the time of writing. However, they offer a fully-featured VPN service, supporting many levels of encryption over fast, stable connections, making them worthy of consideration if you are currently looking for a secure VPN which offers excellent performance and has servers all over the world. In common with other VPNs, IronSocket provides discounts to customers who commit to longer-term subscriptions and a money-back guarantee as well. At seven days, the period of time during which you are free to cancel and request a full refund is shorter than you will find with some other VPNs, but it should be long enough for you to test the connection speeds to various servers in different locations, and to see if the service is stable enough for your needs.

Based in Hong Kong, they used to operate under the name HideMyNet, but rebranded their VPN offering several years ago, and have since focused on providing what they say is one of the most secure VPN services currently available.

IronSocket VPN: Main Features and Performance

As we mentioned above, although IronSocket’s growing network of servers is still on the small side when compared to the more prominent players in the VPN market, they do provide a full range of features which should keep even the most demanding of users happy.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: If you have never used a VPN before, or you simply prefer to know that there is always someone there to help if you run into difficulties online, you will be happy to learn that IronSocket provides around-the-clock technical assistance to their customers, via a support ticket system. All you need to do, should you experience any issues with the VPN service, is submit a support ticket, and one of their engineers will respond as soon as possible. Judging by customer reviews, problems with the IronSocket VPN network are few and far between, but it is nice to know that help is always at hand, should you ever need it. There is no live chat feature, which may put some people off, but in our experience, you usually get a better level of service from qualified engineers responding to support tickets, than you do from unqualified live chat assistants sitting in a remote call centre.


  • Support for a Wide Variety of Devices: Whatever type of device you habitually use to access the Internet, IronSocket almost certainly has a VPN app which you can download and install on it in a matter of minutes. With apps that run on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android, as well as the operating systems used by popular gaming consoles, streaming media boxes, smart TVs and routers, it is difficult to think of an internet-ready device that IronSocket does not have an app for. All apps can be downloaded and installed directly from their website.


  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections Allowed: When you subscribe to an IronSocket VPN plan, you can use 3+ devices to connect to their servers simultaneously, which is handy if you and your family all want to use the VPN service at the same time. If you would like to use more than three devices at the same time, and you are all at home together, you can simply install the app they provide which is designed for routers, and then every device that is connected to your home Wi-Fi network will be accessing the internet through IronSocket’s VPN.


  • No Activity Logs: VPNs allow people to access the internet without revealing their identity or location to the sites they visit or the online apps which they use. To ensure that your anonymity is guaranteed when using IronSocket, no activity logs are kept by them either (according to their website). This means that nothing you do while connected to the internet through their VPN will be logged or recorded in any way.


  • Smart DNS Proxy: IronSocket’s VPN plans include a smart DNS proxy which uses servers across the globe to help you access geo-restricted content service providers such as Hulu and other streaming media networks. The smart proxy supports region switching, which means that you can appear to be accessing the internet from different locations at the same time, at least as far as the DNS requests your device is making are concerned. This feature allows you to get around different types of geo-restrictions, without constantly switching between different servers on the VPN network. For example, when using this feature, you can access a website that only allows USA-based visitors at the same time as streaming content from a service that only accepts connections from users in Europe.


  • Fast, Stable Connections: The exact speeds you will be able to achieve when connected to IronSocket will depend on your location and the location of the server which you choose to connect to, but in general, tests performed by various industry commentators have shown this VPN to offer very respectable speeds and stable connections. A fast, stable connection is, of course, vital for streaming high-resolution video files, so IronSocket is an excellent choice for users who often watch movies and TV shows online.


  • No Data Limits and Unlimited Bandwidth: There are no restrictions on the amount of data which you can download or upload when using IronSocket VPN and you can use as much bandwidth as their servers can provide at any given time. In other words, they do not operate any traffic-shaping policies or place data caps on their VPN plans. The available bandwidth may vary from location to location, and depend on the time of the day you are accessing the network, but this goes for all VPNs and indeed, all types of internet connections. The critical takeaway is that IronSocket will allow you to use their network to its full capacity without restricting your access in any way.


  • Torrent Support: Many people have encountered problems when trying to use file-sharing apps with VPNs, but independent tests appear to demonstrate that IronSocket is a torrent-friendly VPN, and does not attempt to restrict your bandwidth when you are connected to multiple peers. This is good news for anybody who likes to download music, movies and TV shows via torrent sites, and is one of the many reasons why IronSocket have a growing customer base spread across the globe. However, it should be noted that unrestricted torrenting is only available through some of the VPN servers on their network, so you will need to make sure that you are connected to one of these whenever you are downloading or seeding files via your BitTorrent client.


  • Selection of Protocols with Strong Data Encryption: IronSocket offers three different VPN protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP, all of which come with secure data encryption to protect the information you send and receive via their network. OpenVPN uses 1024-bit encryption, PPTP uses 128-bit encryption, and L2TP uses 256-bit AES encryption, all of which are highly regarded by data security experts. The most suitable protocol for you will depend on the applications you are using online, how you are connecting to the network and your personal security requirements/preferences. If you have any questions about the data encryption technology used by IronSocket, you can contact them directly by email, or by submitting a support ticket, once you have subscribed to one of their plans.


  • Easy Setup with Simple Guides: Once you sign up with IronSocket, all you need to do to get started is to download the appropriate app from their website and install it on your device. If, for example, you are using a PC running Windows 10, you can download the OpenVPN app, start the installation package once it has downloaded, and then connect to IronSocket using either the L2TP or PPTP protocol. Whichever protocol you choose, you will find full setup instructions on the download page for the app, detailing everything which you need to do.


  • Competitive Pricing: IronSocket’s plans are competitively priced and offer generous discounts if you are happy to commit to an annual plan, rather than a monthly one. In either case, you have seven days to test all the features you are likely to use, during which time you may cancel your plan, and receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with the performance or features that this VPN has to offer. A free trial would be an excellent option, but the 7-day money-back guarantee amounts to much the same thing.

If you are in the market for a secure, reliable and fast VPN service, IronSocket is definitely worth considering. With military-grade data encryption, decent connection speeds, no bandwidth or data caps and 24/7 support, it is a robust offering which should meet a wide variety of needs with ease. In common with most smaller VPNs, IronSocket is continually adding new servers to its network, so the very decent global coverage they currently offer can only be expected to improve in the future.