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The internet is a key element in our day to day activities. Its uses range from educating, communicating, gaming, social media, research, downloading files among other uses. In contemporary society, it is virtually impossible to do without the internet.

The need for internet connectivity has created a loophole where hackers have started engaging in criminal activities on the internet. Cyber-crime today is an increasingly alarming issue and it has several negative impacts on the victims. One of the outcomes of cybercrime is losses in businesses.
To curb all this, there has been an invention of virtual private networks. People have adopted the use of these networks and this has made use of the internet secure.
Also, you get to enjoy a variety of features and services from these private networks. Some of them include improved speed, accessing censored content and many more. The following is a review of Hide All IP virtual private network that is going to help users compare it with other private networks and make a decision on which one to use.

Hide All IP VPN

This Virtual private network provider is based in Hong Kong and it offers its users a wide range of services. The platform joined the VPN market in 2014. It has several servers distributed in many countries so as to ensure they hold their customers to the network. The 2.5-star private network model is quite affordable, and users get to stream and download content from online channels at fast speeds. They have a website which is Hideallip.com that helps users get all detailed information about the network and it could also be found in online reviews. Reviews are the best source of credible information since there are tests and also they give unbiased information.
Hide all IP Packages and Prices


Surprisingly, Hide All IP offers only one plan. From reviews, most of the private networks offer a variety of packages that are broadly categorized into long term plans and short term plans. For this one, you only get an annual plan. This is a long term plan and hence users who want to use private networks cannot choose this one. The one year plan is worth $29. This means that each month, you will pay $2.41 less. The Hong Kong network gives its customers several payment options. There are about 45 paying platforms including Bitcoin and PayPal.

They have a free trial that lasts 24 hours. This will enable you to make a decision on whether to buy the annual plan or not depending on your level of satisfaction. If the services you get are top quality, then you are likely going to take the plan. Also, you might learn that there are challenges with the network as you use it. This should not worry you since there is a money-back guarantee. The refund is valid for 30 days after subscription. Once the period is over, you can forget about the refund. With this network, you can’t log in with multiple devices simultaneously. You are only entitled to the protection of only one device.


Top operating systems are compatible with this network. Users with Windows, Android and iOS devices do not have to worry about compatibility. There are a few operating systems that cannot operate with Linux and Mac. There is no substantial information on its compatibility with routers. This can be proven through testing so that we can give accurate information. The virtual private network is not as competitive in the market when compared with others and hence they have to work on its compatibility so as to increase the number of users.

Customer Support

Humans are not that perfect, which is the reason why we face challenges in some of the things we do. This is the same case with VPNs. People who are using private network platforms for the​ first time are likely to face a lot of challenges. Even those that are well conversant with these models may face challenges though for them it is rare. In case you come across any challenge, you can reach them through various platforms such as emails. Their email address is support@hideallip.com. There are also FAQs. These provide you with the most popular solutions from popular queries and you can get a solution without contacting them. The FAQs can be found on their website. There is also a contact form that is meant to help you reach their help team. Once you contact them, expect to get assistance in a short while.

Logging Policy

Internet users at all time look for a trustworthy VPN service provider. A trustworthy virtual private network means that it does not keep any user information. Keeping logs may endanger the security of customers. Hide All IP VPN is good at this since they do not keep any logs of information concerning users. This means that you are always secure with this network. This has not been proven yet though they have clearly stated it on their official website.

Speed Test

The speeds that users get here are not that attractive. Test results showed that there was a decline in the speeds after the private network was installed. The VPN model slows down the speed by about 94%. This is not a good impression since you will not have a good experience online. Slow speeds will result in buffering and lagging. Most VPNs slow down your connectivity speed but this one has recorded extreme decline in the speed. The main reason behind slow speeds is the long distances from the servers.

Tests were done on servers in two locations, one in the European Union and the other in the United States. Before the private network was connected, the download speed was 97 Mbps and the upload speed was at 53 Mbps. The results on the European Union servers were as follows: an upload speed of 3.16 Mbps and a download speed of 5.1 Mbps. Compared to the initials speeds, the decline by percentage was 94% and 94.5% respectively. The ping recorded was 74 ms. This did not get any better for the United States server. The download speed was 2.58 Mbps and an upload speed of 1.07 Mbps. The download speed was 97% slower whereas the upload speed was slow by 98% compared to the original speeds.
These speeds are annoying and can only be used by users with a lot of patience. The speeds cannot even reach the minimum required download speed for Netflix which is 5 Mbps. Out of about 78 reviews conducted, this network was ranked at position 73. They need to do something on the speed if they are to attract and maintain customer loyalty.

Streaming and Torrenting

When analyzing the streaming ability of a VPN, we usually use Netflix as the standard of measure. This is the most popular streaming channel with a lot of content, but it has some restrictions. These restrictions can be bypassed by most virtual private networks around the world. Hide All IP VPN worked from the test conducted. Five different servers were tested and only three worked. Other streaming channels that have been blocked but can be unblocked by this private network include BBC Player, Hulu and also the iPlayer.

Hide All IP enables users to torrent. This means that users can download files of any size because the network offers unlimited torrenting services. To be able to use this torrenting feature, you definitely have to pay something. Using VPN also provides you with a secure torrenting hence no one can track you even if the download is illegal. To get the maximum out this torrenting service, they encourage users to use the Bit Torrent and uTorrent so as to improve the performance. All servers allow torrenting.

Leakage Test

If there are any leakages detected on a virtual private network, then it is not a good idea to use it since your main purpose of getting online security will not be achieved. Most leakages that occur happen through the extensions on your browser. The main types of leakages a VPN model can have are the DNS and WebRTC. WebRTC leaks the users IP address even if they are a private network. Six tests were carried out on Hide All IP VPN and none of them showed any signs of leakage. This means that this network values your privacy and online security hence making it reliable.

Protocols and Encryption

To secure your online activity with this private network, you can only connect to one tunnelling protocol known as HTTP. Users are not given the option of using the OpenVPN protocol which automatically uses the 256-bit military-grade encryption. The platform encrypts user data using RSA and the DES encryption systems.

Server Locations

Users of this network do not have information about the specific countries where the servers are located. The only information given is that the servers are located in popular countries. There are more than 150 servers and users are required to connect to the one nearest to them so that it can work efficiently.


The Hide All VPN performs exemplarily well in one area- hiding all browsing info. However, its performance in other major areas, especially speed, is woeful. In a world where there is a sea of VPN’s to choose from, the dismal performance in some areas makes this VPN unsuitable for most users.