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BlufVPN is one of the dozens of virtual private networks based in the Estonia. The tool was founded in 2020 and has hundreds of servers located in at least 70 locations in different countries (as of 2020), up its sleeve. Thus, BlufVPN provides a fast and secure connection to an unlimited number of customers across the world. It is known for its comprehensive online privacy and security protections, some of which most of its competitors still find difficult to provide.


This review covers BlufVPN services, revealing how well the provider performs when taken through several tests. Some of the questions that this piece seeks to answer include the following:

  • Does BlufVPN unblock Netflix and other popular streaming sites?
  • How effective is the tool when it comes to protecting your online privacy and security?
  • Does BlufVPN support torrenting?
  • What are the connections speeds like? Can the speeds support 4K and HD video streaming?
  • How many servers does the provider have and how are they spread?
  • How easy is it to use the tool?
  • How much does it cost? What are the available pricing plans to choose from?
  • What payment methods are supported by the tool?
  • What protocols does BlufVPN have?
  • Which devices is it compatible with?
  • How good is the customer support service?

On top of answering the above questions and many more, this review will give you an insight into BlufVPN special features and overall performance. But before that, let’s understand how a virtual private network works and what it is good for.

How a VPN Works

A VPN is a tool which, when switched on, creates an encrypted tunnel between its server and your computer device. This tunnel foils spies, hackers, internet service providers, and other prying eyes from monitoring your activities on the internet. Yes, your online traffic will enter the public internet unencrypted once it leaves the server (the case is otherwise when you connect through HTTPS though). Still, your real internet protocol address will remain hidden. As long as someone cannot access your actual IP address, they will not be able to track what you do on the web. By keeping your IP address hidden, a VPN also puts your actual physical location in disguise. This is why VPNs are so popular among people who carry out internet activities in jurisdictions with restrictive internet policies.

Why You Need a VPN

From the above section, you already have a clue of what a VPN can do. In fact, if you are using the internet without one, then you may be risking a lot. Yes, you are in danger because your online privacy can easily be compromised. To avoid the risk, you need a VPN. The following are some of the reasons why a VPN is important for your internet usage.

Ability to unblock geo-controlled content: Want to access Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, or the BBC iPlayer catalog from anywhere? No matter where you are, a VPN allows you easy access to any of these popular streaming portals, as well as others not mentioned here.

Protection while using public networks: With free Wi-Fi having become a big selling point for many businesses, it is no longer a new thing to find such a network in public places, such as hotels, cafes, and even public transport vehicles. While not all people using such a network have underhand motives, free Wi-Fi is a target for hackers and other people who are out to steal your information. You can keep such bad elements at bay by using a VPN.

Getting around censorship: Planning to visit a country such as China or North Korea? You will not be able to access your Facebook account or even YouTube. These are just but a few of the countries known to impose serious online censorship. With a reliable VPN service, however, that will not be the case.

Online privacy: A VPN will allow you to do your stuff online without revealing your true identity. This is what it means by surfing the internet anonymously.

Having looked at how a VPN works and why you need one, it is now time to embark on reviewing BlufVPN; the focus of this content.

User Experience

It doesn’t matter how good a VPN is, if it is not easy to use, then its good points will definitely be watered down. To begin with, BlufVPN website is easy to navigate. The website is also rich in the information you need to know about the tool, including guides on how to set it up and get started. The layout is fine, and everything seems to have been set where you expected. And you will not have a hard time subscribing to the service. You can access and install the software with ease. In a nutshell, the following are the pros of using BlufVPN:

  • Top-notch protection online
  • Ability to unblock Netflix and other streaming portals
  • Good customer support service
  • High connection speeds
  • Compatibility with many operating systems
  • Availability of a killswitch
  • Easy to set up and use

Servers and Server Locations

VPNs are all about bypassing geo-restrictions without being tracked down. That is why the number of servers and server locations are important. They determine which sites the tool can unblock. Thus, the more the servers and server locations the VPN provider comes with, the more geo-restricted sites and content it can unblock. And don’t forget that servers also add to the speed of any VPN.

As of 2020, BlufVPN has about 400 servers, scattered in more than 50 countries. While this is not the best distribution in the market, it is good enough for any VPN user. And because some of the provider’s competitors don’t measure up to what BlufVPN has, it is only fair to say that the provider has done a good job in this area. Private Internet Access, for instance, has its servers spread in only just more than 30 countries (as of 2020, that is).

BlufVPN Protocols

Now that VPNs are a manifestation of mature technology, most of these tools provide multiple ways of creating an encrypted tunnel. As for BlufVPN, it offers at least four protocols, which include IKEv1, IKEv2, IPsec, and OpenVPN. Ask anyone who knows how VPNs work and they will tell you that OpenVPN is the best of protocols. Known for its reliability and good speed, it is easy to tell why it is used by the majority of VPN providers. Another exciting feature about this protocol is the fact that it is open source. This makes it the most preferred when it comes to keeping security and privacy vulnerabilities at bay.

When it comes to device compatibility, BlufVPN supports OpenVPN, and IKEv2 for Windows, macOS, Linus, iOS, and Android. This is good news because Apple is known to force app developers to go through an array of hurdles to incorporate OpenVPN in applications.

BlufVPN Features

The tool boasts a wide range of both ordinary and unique features, which make it a good choice for millions of users. Discussed below are some of these features:

Killswitch: This is an exciting feature, given that there are many VPN tools which are still lacking in this area. When your VPN connection is suddenly compromised for whatever reason, it is this feature which keeps your actual IP address out of reach.

Personal static internet protocol: Have you ever wished to have a dedicated IP address for a geographical location of your choice? You can actualize your desire with this feature, which is a very rare thing among proxy services. A static IP eliminates the possibility of blocking IP addresses used by VPN service providers. BlufVPN offers personal static IP addresses in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, India, Germany, France, and Canada. You only need to pay a monthly subscription of $14.99 to have an IP address in any of these countries.

Ability to transfer files via Wi-Fi: With BlufVPN, it is possible to transfer your videos and photos between Mac and iOS gadgets via a Wi-Fi network.

Logging Policy

Any VPN provider is as good as its logging policy, and any such tool that keeps user logs defeat the very purpose of using VPNs, which is to keep your internet activities secure and private while gaining access to geo-restricted content. When it comes to its logging policy, BlufVPN does not log user traffic, and there is nothing unclear about the provider’s privacy policy. This is a testament to the fact that the provider takes your privacy so seriously that no third party stands a chance to gain access easily.

While BlufVPN keeps a record of total web traffic for every session you use the tool, this only applies to users who take advantages of personal servers and other extras. Thus, you can easily prevent BlufVPN from doing this by avoiding such extras. But even so, what is recorded is used only for purposes of enforcing some traffic limits associated with personal servers. And while the provider is obliged to giving away user information when required by law, this is not completely out of the ordinary, given that BlufVPN is based in the United States. What to smile about in this regard is the fact that the information is given out only when required by law, not just under any circumstances. Hence, this should not be something to make you overly nervous.

BlufVPN is GDPR Compliant

Like many other VPN tools, BlufVPN observes and upholds the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines, something the provider takes pride in. This is important as it ensures that the users’ right to privacy is not compromised.

Torrenting is Allowed

Yes, VPN Unlimited supports torrenting on some of its servers, which is actually something to be excited about. Some of the tool’s servers which support torrenting include those located in California, Luxembourg, and Ontario. Hence, be sure to connect to one of these servers if you want to torrent. Through torrenting, you will be able to safely download and watch any content you want.


With content streaming portals being created every day, video streaming seems to have taken root among internet users. Add to this increased broadband availability, and you have a form of full-fledged entertainment, whose popularity is fast increasing. When choosing a VPN, therefore, the ability to support streaming is something you will want to give some special consideration to.

With this, the ability to unblock geo-controlled content is one of the primary reasons why people invoke the use of VPNs. With this software, you will be able to stream and enjoy geo-controlled files on Netflix, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, HBO, and many other platforms of this nature. So, a VPN tool which does not unblock popular streaming sites such as these cannot survive in the competitive market of VPNs.

Remember, there was a time when unblocking these sites using a VPN was a breeze. It is no longer the case nowadays as it did not take long for controls to become tighter. With time, streaming service providers began to detect viewers who were accessing their content via VPNs. The next move was to put measures in place to block VPNs. With the popular portals such as those mentioned above having invested heavily in detecting and blocking VPN users, it is difficult for any VPN service provider to counter this blockage, and that is why only a handful of VPNs can unblock content on these sites. So, for BlufVPN to be one of the few is something that earns the provider some deserved credit. The tool can successfully unblock Netflix, HBO, Sony Crackle, BBC iPlayer, Popcornflix, Hulu, and ESPN+, without any annoying buffering.

Speed and Performance

Speed is a vital factor when it comes to VPNs, and while there are faster VPN services than BlufVPN, the latter does not perform badly in this area. On average, the tool’s download speed stands at 22.5 Mbits/sec. While there are times when this speed is lower (depending on factors such as location and server choice), the tool is generally excellent for HD video streaming. To speak fairly, there are not many complaints when it comes to BlufVPN speed. With a seven-day trial period in place, you are well in a position to test the tool’s speed just to be sure you don’t experience any serious speed problems during your patronage.

Apps and Device Compatibility

Once you start using BlufVPN, one fascinating thing you will notice about the tool is its compatibility with multiple platforms. Have a Windows, Linux, Apple TV, iOS, Android, or Mac device? You can use the software on any of these. Also available are extensions for browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which you can easily take advantage of. The extensions make it possible for users to configure the tool on many other devices, such as FireStick and Kodi, even though there are no available apps compatible with these platforms.

App for Android

BlufVPN for Android is available for free download from Google Play Store. The app is beautiful and lightweight, and it comes with appropriate background color and font size. As a matter of fact, only a few VPNs offer apps as beautiful as BlufVPN. Initially, the app was characterized by some annoying ads aimed at promoting the brand. Still, after noticing that users were not happy with these pop-up ads, the provider moved with speed to remove the feature, allowing users to enjoy an advert-free experience.

App for Windows

BlufVPN Windows software is easy to use and features a sleek design. The navigation has been made easy thanks to the software’s simple layout, with every action being only a click away. Also, it is possible to register with BlufVPN from the provider’s Windows app. If you don’t want to go that route, however, you can sign up via your Facebook or Google account. This makes the process a lot more easy as you will not need to fill in your details. Want to know whether the server you want to connect to is overloaded? It is possible to do that with this client.

App for iOS

While the number of people with iOS devices is nowhere near the number of, say, Android device users, the former commands a sizable market share. Thus, it would be stupid for any VPN service provider not to offer a client for iOS users. It is no wonder BlufVPN offers an app for iOS users. The app has a lot in common with the Android client, in terms of aesthetics, while its features are unprecedented. It features a top-notch design quality, and it is easy to use. Ask anyone who has used this app, and they will tell you that it is one of the best VPN apps for iOS devices.

App for Mac

Like the Windows app, the app for Mac boasts all the BlufVPN features on top of its great interface. The design is neat, which means even newbies can use the software with ease. Featuring in-built DNS leak protection, which masks your actual IP address and preserves your privacy on the internet, this app has everything you need for your online protection.

Pricing Features

Pricing can have far-reaching consequences on any provider. In fact, the majority of customers put pricing before anything else (even though this should not be necessarily the case), and it determines whether they will buy the service/product or not. For businesses, it takes center stage when it comes to marketing wars, and it is what dictates the success or failure of any business. BlufVPN provider knows what it means to overcharge users. As such, the service offers one of the most pocket-friendly prices in the market. On top of that, the provider’s pricing model is based on various different subscription plans, just to ensure every user finds what works best for them.

The plans differ in various aspects, including the number of device connections and duration. You can spend $11, $60, or $108 per month, yearly, or every three years respectively, to enjoy the same service. As you can see, the longer the plan duration, the cheaper it is.

As you can see, BlufVPN $11 monthly plan is within the margins of the industry’s average, which is $12 or thereabouts. In fact, you will find a host of VPNs which charge higher than BlufVPN, yet their offerings may not be any better. So, if you are looking for value for your money, this BlufVPN product is one of the best ways to go.

As you may have noticed, one thing that sticks out is that BlufVPN allows you to double your simultaneous device connections from five to 10. With the industry average standing at about five connections, this is another area where the provider has done really well. Thus, if you have lots of devices to use or you have a big family, then you will find BlufVPN to be a good option. And while there are VPN service providers with higher or even unlimited device connections, 10 connections is a very decent number. If you’ve connected 10 devices to your account and you want to reduce the number, you can do that right from the provider’s website.

Payment Methods

The days when services offered only a single payment method are long gone, with dozens of convenient payment methods now available for use. For BlufVPN, it is all about diversification when it comes to paying for the service. You can choose to pay via PayPal, gift cards, or Amazon. What about Bitcoin? Yes, there is no way BlufVPN would ignore such a popular cryptocurrency, which has already threatened to send all other payment methods packing, given that it is a super-secure banking method.

Refund Policy

While there are lots of people in this world to whom money is not a problem, BlufVPN knows very well that not everyone is Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Slim, or the like. And even so, even the richest people are not that careless as to risk their money on services whose value they do not know. This is where a money-back guarantee comes in. With BlufVPN, you have up to a full week to claim back your money after you have paid for the service. While the service cannot boast (at least for now) to offer the best refund policy in the world of VPNs, the fact remains that there is a free trial which offsets every undoing of the refund policy offered.

Customer Support

Customer support is the face of any service provider; it is what gives you an overall idea of how efficient or effective a service provider is. If the support is good, then you can easily conclude that the service provider is worthwhile, even without having to do such thorough scrutiny.

BlufVPN disseminates its customer support service through a knowledge base, frequently asked questions section, and email ticketing system. But most importantly, there is an extremely efficient live chat with agents available 24/7, to make sure that your matter is dealt with and disposed of promptly. To assess the effectiveness of BlufVPN, simply visit the site and launch the live chat. Everything seems to be typical of a premium service provider.

Speaking of the knowledge base, it is as dense as you could imagine. Here, you will come across numerous guides and articles on various different subjects. It pays to read this content. Plus, you will find dozens of manuals to walk you through the processes of configuring the tool on several operating systems. If you want to configure BlufVPN for your Apple TV or router but don’t know how to complete the process, the guides for the same are also available.

Bottom Line

BlufVPN is a solid service. If you are looking for a VPN with excellent encryption and good value for money, then this tool is not far from what you are searching for. As stated in its privacy policy, BlufVPN does not log your IP address, which means it is secure when it comes to online privacy. As far as the pricing is concerned, the provider offers a flexible plan, allowing users on a budget to comfortably take advantage of the tool. Have you seen the lifetime subscription plans? It is really interesting to note how cheap BlufVPN can get. Yes, you may not want to commit to a long duration, but even four or five years would just be enough to save you a lot of money. And you are allowed to upgrade to a higher subscription plan if you want to unlock more features of the tool.

Whether you want to access content on Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, or Spotify, you will have no problem doing that with BlufVPN. And you also gain access to a comprehensive knowledge base, full of tutorials, guides, and other types of content just to make sure you get started with the tool smoothly. BlufVPN is an excellent choice, to say the least.