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Blockless VPN, a Canadian registered company, has created quite a fuss and offers a SmartDNS service which is designed to unblock the full streaming catalogs of online platforms such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. The service is designed to provide high speed in the process of unblocking the internet, and the site promises to maintain your privacy and safety online, although this is difficult to back up, certainly in terms of reviewing. The privacy and safety of Blockless are announced with the statement “bank-level protection”, though they do not disclose the security protocols they use, and it’s hard to test whether there is any data leakage. There are reports over the internet of people having some difficulty downloading Blockless and not being able to remain connected for long enough to perform any tests on the security levels, making for a pretty damning report for this company. Read on for more of our review of Blockless.


Blockless was designed with one aim in mind; unblocking streaming services and allowing you to stream the entire catalogs of the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. For this purpose, Blockless actually works pretty well and does unblock streaming services without much issue. However, the company doesn’t allow torrenting, and if it believes you’re attempting to torrent while using the service, it will block the access. It’s even been reported by users that Blockless works for unblocking the geo-restrictions of Netflix in China; a place notorious for making VPN usage pretty tricky. However, substantial aspects of the site don’t work as they should, particularly when it comes to user support. FAQ and guide pages aren’t always accessible, making it sometimes difficult to get any help from the company should you run into any issues. In general, Blockless is designed for the one thing of unblocking streaming sites, and it generally serves that purpose pretty well. If it’s tight security, you’re after, or you’ll need much support, then this may not be the best service offering for you to use. Please note that Blockless also prohibits pornography on its service, meaning it basically is just for unblocking the likes of Netflix and not really much else. In terms of surfing the web freely with a VPN, Blockless wouldn’t be your go-to.

Security with Blockless

As we discussed above, Blockless doesn’t make it easily clear what security protocols it implements to keep you safe. They say they use bank-level protection, but without listing what the protections are, like other VPN providers typically would, its kind of sketchy, to say the least. The online reviews seem to confirm that this company doesn’t leak any DNS, WebRTC or IPv6 information however, so that may put your mind at rest. If security is your top aim with a VPN service, you’ll definitely be wanting to use the free trial which Blockless offers and testing it all out for yourself to ensure it meets the requirements you have. Please also consider that Blockless is legally based in Canada and under Canadian laws, they will gather specific details such as your IP address, name and contact information. Canada is also part of the “five eyes” intelligence sharing scheme, meaning the use of Blockless for shady means isn’t advisable, but know that unblocking Netflix with a VPN is more or less legal, unless your country prohibits VPN usage (such as China or Saudi Arabia). A kill switch is not provided by Blockless.

So in terms of your online security, it appears that Blockless wouldn’t be anyone’s go-to VPN client and the more prominent names would be a much surer bet. It’s generally presumed to be perfectly safe, but with the lack of detail about what security procedures and protocols they use, and the collection of information in Canada, it’s advised you look elsewhere if security is your top concern, and you’re not merely looking to unblock Hulu.

Ease of Use

Blockless, in general, is pretty straight forward once you’re up and running. Reports have been made across the internet of download links being broken, and it is difficult to get set up, but once you’re there, it’s simple enough. Blockless offers apps for major operating systems such as iOS and Android and has desktop clients too, even a Chrome extension. This means that using Blockless across all of your devices isn’t going to be a difficult task and the service claims to have high speeds too. If you’re wanting to unblock streaming sites, then Blockless could well be the right match for you, and it does what it says on the tin. It can unblock Netflix and the other major sites and allow you to stream regional content to your heart’s content. The VPN service also includes an ad blocker, which is quite handy when you’re scrolling the internet.

User Support with Blockless

The support offered by Blockless has been gathering some buzz online, with FAQs and setup guides all readily available and the customer support team being reachable by email. The customer support offered is robust, and the team are friendly and competent and always willing to help. If you encounter any difficulties with Blockless, then you may want to give them a shout and get their help with getting back up and running. One thing to note, however, is the lack of live chat support. Major players offer this, particularly when they’re allowing Chinese users and getting past the Great Firewall, so the lack of this feature is a little disappointing. The layout of the website for support is very straightforward, meaning you won’t have difficulty finding what it is you need help with. The user guides are pretty good, and they do what you’d expect; they help you get set up and assist you with some common problems that you may encounter while using the service. In general, this is a pretty average support offering, they could do better by implementing a live chat function, but they could do a lot worse (which, naturally, they wouldn’t want to).

Does Blockless Work in China?

Reviews online have confirmed that Blockless does do an excellent job of unblocking Netflix in China, meaning their SmartDNS can get around that annoying firewall and the heavy censorship imposed by the Chinese state. It’s said that registering an account from China and getting started is pretty easy, so Blockless isn’t actively prohibiting Chinese users from registering and using the service. Data is heavily monitored in China, so it’s quite impressive that this company can get around the controls being imposed in China from the state. If you’re worried about your security in China however, then you may want to pay a little more for a more well known and reputable brand, as Blockless doesn’t make clear what encryption or security protocols they use, and it’s relatively unknown as to how safe they indeed are. With a free-for-life plan on offer, they’ll have to make cutbacks somewhere, and that area being cut back may be security. This would explain why they don’t openly say what protocols are being used by them. Also, consider that Blockless does store some information about you, and Canada shares intelligence with other major countries, so this may be worrying for some Chinese users. Blockless also won’t unblock all of the internet for you, so if you’re based in China, I’d recommend trying a different provider.

Pricing and Plans

Blockless does offer a free-for-life plan which is definitely handy if you’re only looking to try the service out to check it works. The free plan offers unlimited bandwidth and anonymous browsing, meaning you can get set up and on your way without having to pay a penny. However, if you’re looking to access all of the local servers and faster speeds, then you may want to consider paying the $7.50 a month, which will also allow you access to the SmartDNS to get you into the entire catalogs that Netflix and other streaming sites have to show for themselves. With the free plan, you can get a seven day free trial of the premium services. This structure is pretty foolproof with only the two options available, and both offer pretty different things. $7.50 per month is pretty cheap when you compare it to some of the other players in this market, but the lack of features and questionable security may be an issue for you that makes a higher price elsewhere worth the cost.

Overall I’d suggest checking Blockless out for yourself and seeing if it meets your needs. It does a good job of unblocking Netflix through the SmartDNS and has the speeds required to do this successfully and enjoyably. Security is a little sketchy at best, but user reviews online are raving about Blockless and confirming that they haven’t experienced any data leakage, so it could be worth a shot. If you’re wishing to access pornographic material or torrent files however, then Blockless isn’t for you, as both of these are banned by the service.