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Internet evolution has made connections easier than ever. As you keep abreast with the development, you will realize the need for online security. Perhaps your job entails sending of sensitive data when purchasing stuff or networking on social media. The last thing you want is to leave your details vulnerable to cybercriminals. Hackers are very opportunistic and so you must find a way to protect your internet activities. Today, a virtual private network is not a luxury but a necessity. It gives you the security and privacy you deserve while working online.

One of the most straightforward Virtual Private Networks in the market is 12VPN. It may not have the most sophisticated features or allow torrenting but it can help you make infinite connections. We gladly share this review to walk you through all you need to know about 12VPN. After spending several months testing out 12VPN, we now have a concrete perspective on the service. We want to show you how it differs from other VPNs and what is missing.

The Impartial Review of 12VPN

12VPN is a Hong Kong-based service managed by Anuson Limited. It has been on the market since 2007, serving the Chinese with lots of expertise. The strategic position of the company gives it a competitive edge in the Chinese VPN market. 12VPN boasts over 300 servers in 25 countries and can be used anywhere there’s the internet. None of the servers support Netflix or torrenting and this could explain why it is not popular among American expats. Let’s see what’s on the table.

Is 12VPN Expensive?

We have reviewed numerous VPNs and can tell that a monthly cost of $5.99 is a bit expensive. Yes, this is what you pay when you subscribe to the 12-month plan of 12VPN. It becomes costlier when you choose a monthly plan that goes for $10.99/month. Then there’s a 6-month package that costs $8.99/month. The most secure way to pay is through Bitcoin. But there are other methods including PayPal, Alipay, Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, and American Express.

When you subscribe to the basic package, you receive unlimited data (up to 8Mbps), SmartDNS, and the VPN. The other higher-tier plan (12Unlimited) gives you all the basic features plus 1000Mbps hence faster connections. What you see on the website is what you pay for as there are no hidden fees. In case you are not satisfied with the service, use the refund policy (14-day money-back guarantee). Note that there’s no refund if you pay with Bitcoin.

Performance and Speed

The speed test is one of the most sought-after aspects of VPN comparisons. But the results of a speed test are subject to the network situation at the moment of testing. Take our results as a guide and not anything permanent. In terms of speed, 12VPN does not shirk. The developer claims that can reach 1000Mbps, which is not realistic. We, however, found good connection speeds on the network even after connecting to multiple devices. Our speed test was based on a 50Mbps connection. After choosing a Switzerland server, the results showed a decline in speed by 24%. We were able to enjoy a speed of 38Mbps when using 12VPN.

Even though 12VPN is most useful in China, we noted that there are not many servers in the country. But our test runs showed no problems at all when connecting to the few servers. We got decent speeds and the connection is okay unless the servers are overloaded by surfers.

Server Gateways

12VPN offers more than 300 servers distributed across the world. So you can connect to a number of countries including Germany, the UK, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, France, Israel, and the Netherlands among others. Switch to any server whenever you want.


Data security is probably the most important facet of a VPN. One of the questions you want to be answered is ‘Does 12VPN offer a no-logging policy?’ The privately-owned company- Anuson Limited- promises 12VPN users privacy protection. The service doesn’t keep logs. What’s more, Hong Kong doesn’t follow data retention rules so your private information is safe. As you enjoy the service, know that neither a third party nor your ISP can unveil your online activities. If you are in China, the Hybrid Mode is the best option to use. This mode activates 12VPN whenever you log on to social sites including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. As stated, the provider does not log user activity that may match a specific account. Even though you have to take their word, you can increase your anonymity by paying with Bitcoin.

Streaming and Torrenting

Many internet users today subscribe to VPN to stream geo-blocked content on major streaming platforms. There is also a category of users who want to download torrents. Unlike most VPNs, 12VPN doesn’t facilitate bit torrents and there’s a reason for this. Torrenting could reduce the availability of data centers to host the VPN service.

Unfortunately, 12VPN is not a reliable tool to unblock Netflix. During our first month of trial, 12VPN allowed streaming of Netflix with two servers. We also managed to unblock Hulu with a few servers. To our disappointment, these servers suddenly stopped working with the streaming services. Note that a VPN works in a very sensitive manner. And so you might find one server working today but tomorrow things might turn out differently. For streaming platforms such as Netflix, they are constantly monitoring the users to detect new IP addresses. From our analysis, it is clear that Netflix and Hulu blocked our 12VPN IPs after suspecting unusual activity. So if you want to watch popular movies and programs on Netflix, we suggest you try another VPN provider. Example NordVPN or Surfshark.

Encryption and Tunneling Protocols

How is 12VPN encrypted? In exchange for fast speed, the service provides low encryption. 12VPN supports OpenWEB, SSPT, IPSec, OpenConnect, and WireGuard. These protocols provide varied options for privacy with different types of encryptions. It does not guarantee OpenVPN which by default operates under256-bit encryption. That is why it is not a good option for streaming geo-restricted content. We noted that their encryption level is questionable as they do not state anything specific regarding this.

Notably, the software is a specially designed app for smart devices so you are assured of online safety while on the go. Whether you download the app on a tablet, Mac, smartphone, or PC, 12VPN gives you a secure connection and increases your anonymity as you choose any location across the world. You can still use the VPN through a hotspot connection. Interestingly, this service cannot leak your DNS, IP, or WebRTC.

Multiple Devices and OS Platforms

There is no limit on how many devices you can connect on 12VPN at a go. But you have to choose a different server for each device to avoid a network clash. Keep in mind that the available plans provide NAT firewall but a kill switch is missing. Lack of a kill switch makes this VPN a perfect choice for beginners especially those residing in China.

You can install the 12VPN app on a number of operating systems. Install it on Android, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, and Open-WRT or DD-WRT router. Unfortunately, the provider does not offer any tutorials on setting up routers. But you can learn their applications on Google. The best browser to use is Chrome and there’s an extension for this VPN. We love how 12VPN works with mobile devices, unlike similar services. You simply download the app and the settings are automatically configured without the need to manually set them up. It is a very fast VPN solution.

How to Set Up 12VPN

Start by choosing your subscription strategy. We recommend the longest plan as it saves you 40% in a year. Create an account and provide the necessary details e.g. payment method and email address. The installation is very simple and not as complicated as generic OpenVPN clients. When you open the official site (https://12vpn.net/), you’ll see a big button that asks you to download the software. Choose an app that matches your device’s operating system and start the installation. Wait for it to download in a matter of minutes. When it is done, click ‘Finish’ and you are good to go.

The software has no ad-blocker or multi-hop features which are common with most VPNs. The dashboard is one of the most convenient with a clean user interface; you’ll be delighted to use. You can clearly see the country selector in a drop-down menu. Choose a server location, VPN protocol, and encryption and then connect to unblock content. The provider recommends Chrome browser extension and the VPN GUI for Mac and PC computers. For Linux and Android devices, pick the OpenConnect protocol.

Customer Service

The only drawback in customer service is the lack of a live chat. But everything else is great. Customers like to communicate on a real-time basis but this is not possible on the platform. We used the ticket option and they gladly responded in less than an hour. In case you want some troubleshooting insights, head to the FAQ section and read some basic guides.


  • Speed-optimized servers
  • Easy to install and apply
  • 14-day return policy
  • Reliable customer support



  • Ordinary features and functions
  • Absence of a kill switch
  • Weak control
  • No torrenting and Netflix support

The open-source program 12VPN is a small app that’s easy to use. While it is neither a complex tool nor flashy software, it sure can get your job done. All we can say is that it is a simple VPN that actually works. We wish the app had a few upgraded features and settings and not merely the ability to switch from one server to the next. Furthermore, we don’t like that it doesn’t have a kill switch and live chat. This means it is not meant for people who are serious about online privacy.

Clearly, 12VPN is engineered for people living in china or those new to the VPN world. We don’t find it to be excellent and neither is it terrible. It simply delivers a specific purpose the best way possible (amazing performance in China). There is no unlocking of Netflix, but the no-logging policy guarantees that your information never leaks to the ISP and your online traffic remains untraceable.