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VPN usage is becoming more and more common, mainly spurred on by an era of data hacking scandals which have made everyone overly cautious when it comes to privacy online. Our data is vulnerable, and the information we share online can be used against us by hackers, meaning the use of a VPN to maintain privacy has never been more popular. VPN usage is also perfect for region-switching, so that the entire catalogs of streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu can be accessed, no matter where you may be in the world. It’s because of this boom in popularity that more VPN providers are popping up, and here is a review of Perfect Privacy; one of the few VPN providers that have a proven record of maintaining a valid no-logs policy. Read on for more on this, as well as the other features that Perfect Privacy has to offer.

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Perfect Privacy Review


Perfect Privacy takes things pretty back to basics, with a very basic interface on their software, which makes connecting to and disconnecting from servers pretty simplistic, with no thrills. You won’t find a considerable amount of additional features here, with Perfect Privacy mostly doing just what it says on the tin; keeping your internet search sessions secure and private. You can connect an unlimited amount of devices to Perfect Privacy, which is a real selling point, as most providers will limit you to just a handful on one licence. However, the service is pretty slow, and the US servers become so slow it’s painful, meaning this service isn’t even close to recommendable if streaming videos is what you’re after. You’ll also find it pretty irritating trying to region-shift for social media. This Switzerland based company has the basics covered of keeping your data private, but that’s practically about it. They have a no-logging policy that is proven to be effective, as when Dutch police seized two servers in 2016, no logs were found at all. This is a pretty impressive track record for a VPN company, and not many companies can boast such credentials. With Perfect Privacy, you’ll also find that you’re able to ad-block and activate anti-malware features, further keeping you safe online and always handy features to have.

Security with Perfect Privacy

As mentioned already, Perfect Privacy has a strict no-logging policy, meaning they won’t keep any records of your searches or data. This no-logs policy has been proven, when Dutch police seized two of their servers and found no logs at all, meaning the policy works and is effective at keeping your data private. Who else can boast this? A kill switch is included with Perfect Privacy which is a useful bonus feature to ensure your data is always private and never vulnerable to being exposed. Advanced options allow you to choose your encryption and security protocols, and you’re even able to enter a “stealth mode”, which will conceal the fact you’re using a VPN. This is a handy feature for countries such as China where VPN usage is restricted by law. You can also “cascade” your connection which will route your traffic through multiple VPN endpoints providing you with even greater security online. You’re able to connect with OpenVPN or IPSec, and both allow high levels of encryption. Security-wise you can’t go very far wrong with Perfect Privacy, the clue is undoubtedly in the name here.

Is It Easy to Use?

The interface for Perfect Privacy is very much a back to basics affair. You are shown a list of available servers and options to connect or disconnect from them. However, Perfect Privacy can be incredibly slow, particularly when uploading. It’s this slow speed of the service which makes streaming videos near impossible and painfully difficult, although it is possible to stream content and the service can unblock content for you if you have the patience. It’s also pretty tricky to region-switch with Perfect Privacy, meaning unblocking all of the content available on the likes of Netflix will be confusing and irritating. Every feature has a question mark next to it, which when clicked will explain precisely what it is in the simplest of terms. They don’t have those annoying bandwidth caps, and they won’t limit your traffic. This is good to know and makes this a pretty fully-rounded service if you can forgive the speeds, that is. Overall it’s easy to use on most devices, though setting up on an Android device can be tedious. But it may be worth the tedious setup on Android if you’re sensitive about your online privacy and security. To access some of the advanced features and get everything working as it should, you may need to be a bit tech-savvy and know what you’re doing with this sort of stuff. Third-party firewalls can inhibit the security of this software, so read through the user guides and online advice, and if you know what you’re doing it should all go fine. They have intuitive user guides which will keep you up and running, and the Windows client is particularly good and feature-rich. However, you’re possibly going to end up with features you don’t need without being able to access Netflix, at a high price too. For this reason, it becomes pretty hard to recommend as the low speeds are hard to get past.

Plans Available with Perfect Privacy

Okay, so this is where things get a little annoying. Perfect Privacy is definitely one of the more expensive options on the market, and for what seems to be a basic service, this may be a sting in the tail. However, can you put a price on the advanced levels of protection which this service has to offer? Depending on your budget there are numerous plans available, with discounts coming in the longer you subscribe for (as you’d expect from a VPN provider). To pay monthly will set you back £11.91 or you can buy a year-long subscription for £109.98. A two-year subscription will cost you £197.01, which works out at £8.21 per month. The savings, as always, happen when you buy for longer. It’s just a case of whether you can afford to shell out hundreds of pounds upfront. The service is worth the cost in terms of security and the amount of control you get over your settings, as well as the unlimited number of devices feature, as long as you’re the only person using your account. However, the minimal service and slow speeds mean it can be impractical for probably most people, and it starts to become difficult to recommend. Bitcoin is accepted by Perfect Privacy, as are major credit cards and gift cards. No free trial is offered, which is a significant downside to this service, and the 7-day money-back offering has restrictions.

Setbacks of Perfect Privacy

We’ve already covered much of the setbacks of Perfect Privacy above, but for the sake of having it in one place and thoroughly explained, here they are. Perfect Privacy is a painfully slow service at times. The European servers work relatively smoothly, but the US servers are very slow. This is virtually unheard of in the VPN world, as US servers are typically amongst the fastest. Perfect Privacy VPN will not unblock the US version of Netflix and speeds can be too slow to stream other sites effectively, so this may be a deal-breaker for many. It’s also costly, especially if you want to pay monthly, for a service that is at times too slow to work properly and offers pretty basic services, despite the advanced features. No live chat support is provided which their cheaper rivals do offer, and do a pretty good job of, while also offering faster speeds. The user guides to help you set up could also be a lot better and more intuitive than what they are. You may need some technical know-how with this offering and downloading it on Android can be a bit of a hassle, due to them having no native app for Android. All in all, there are quite a few setbacks for this pretty expensive service.

One of only a handful of providers to genuinely demonstrate that they keep no logs, Perfect Privacy is an expensive option which gives you the ultimate protection in VPN privacy and security when you’re scrolling through the internet. The service can get very slow, making streaming pretty tricky and possibly impossible due to the buffering you may encounter. As the name suggests, your privacy is what this VPN focuses on, and the speeds come later. Maybe they’ll improve the service in time, but they’ve been around for several years now, so this is yet to be determined. It’s pretty rich of features that are entirely customisable to an extent that is unique amongst VPNs; this is a real selling point for the service. However, other competitors can offer you similar levels of protection while giving you much faster speeds, and likely being cheaper, so ultimately you’re probably best off going elsewhere for your VPN needs.

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