The Best Kickass Proxy to Get Kickass Unblocked


by Mike Jones

The Best Kickass Proxy to Get Kickass Unblocked

Accessing popular torrent tracking websites has become much more difficult in recent years as governments around the world have implemented policies that require ISPs in their countries to block access to torrent trackers. At the same time, more and more Internet users have faced prosecution or warnings from their ISPs for using torrent websites. This means if you do plan to use a torrent tracking website, it’s a great idea to use a VPN to protect your identity online and ensure that you have access to the sites that you want to browse.

Kickass torrents were one of the most popular torrent tracking websites but IP address tracking eventually led to the demise of its original incarnation. This happened in part because US authorities were able to track the IP address of the website’s founder when he logged into iTunes. While this type of tracking is probably not a concern for the vast majority of Internet users, it does give an example of the problems that can occur when your IP address is publicly visible. If you do plan to use torrent websites, it is a good idea to protect yourself by using a VPN. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best VPN services for using torrent trackers such as the new version of Kickass Torrents.

The best Kickass proxy to get Kickass torrents unblocked

How do VPN services work?

When you connect to a VPN server, you create a secure tunnel between your computer and that server. This means that none of your browsing data is visible to your ISP or anyone else who might try to look at it. If you’re using torrent trackers or other websites that may be subject to harsh restrictions in your country, this can be very helpful and offer an extra layer of protection.

Things to consider when choosing a VPN service

All the VPN services that we list on this page offer you the 256-bit encryption that you will require to get around any blocks on torrent sites that have been put in place by your ISP or government. Apart from that, we have also taken a detailed look at the speed that is available. Generally, when you connect to a VPN service, you will lose at least a little of your normal internet speed. If you choose a good service with fast and reliable servers, this loss will hardly be noticeable. We would recommend that you choose a service that specifically says that it supports peer to peer service users and, if possible, which offers specific servers for these uses. We will flag these services in our reviews later on.

Peer to peer services generally use a lot more bandwidth than other internet activity. This is because you have to upload data as well as download it in order to use them. This means that many free and lower-powered VPN services are not suitable for peer-to-peer use and you will generally have to choose a more expensive and better quality service than you would if your only concern was accessing content from other countries that would usually be geo-blocked. You should keep this in mind before you choose a lower-cost service. In any case, make sure that you have read a number of reviews from people who have used the service for peer-to-peer sharing before you decide to commit your money.

If there are other reasons that you are considering a torrent service, you will also want to make sure that the VPN service that you are considering is suitable. For example, if you want to stream content that comes from a particular country then make sure that the VPN network that you are considering has a server in that country.


This is our top choice of VPN proxy services that will allow you to unblock Kickass torrents. SurfShark tops our list for a number of reasons. The first is that it is incredibly easy to set up and start using. Once you have signed up for an account on the website, you could be using the software within as little as two minutes depending on how fast your download speed is.

Secondly, it operates a number of servers are specifically designed for peer to peer use. This means that you can be sure that you will get great download speeds and that none of the ports that you require will be blocked when you are using a torrent service on the network. Finally, the pricing is among the best we have seen among major VPN services particularly if you are willing to commit to and pay for a substantially long period of service from the very beginning of your engagement.

SurfShark’s software is easy to set up and use and is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. There is also software for Linux, although you will have to be comfortable operating in the command line in order to use it. Once you have downloaded the software and logged in, select the P2P option and choose a server that has a low level of demand and is located close to you physically. All of the servers in this tab are specifically designed for peer-to-peer traffic and you can be sure that you will have no problem downloading torrents when you’re using them. The software also offers a feature known as a kill switch. This works by constantly monitoring the state of the connection between your computer and the VPN server. If it detects that the connection has dropped at any point, it will shut off your Internet connection until the connection to the server is restored. This means that there is no chance of your torrenting activity being exposed to the local authorities, your ISP or anybody else. It is an essential feature if you are worried about legal risks stemming from your use of torrenting websites.

It is also worth noting that SurfShark operates a ‘no-logs’ policy. This means that it does not collect and retain any information about the website or other online services that its users visit and that there is no information about your browsing habits that could leak or be requested by the authorities.

The customer service available from SurfShark is generally excellent but there is one notable drawback. If you require support, you have a choice of getting in touch with the support team via live chat or an email contact form. This is fine if you have working access to the internet and you are able to access the VPN to protect it. Unfortunately, if you do not have access, you don’t have the option of getting in touch via telephone. Online support is the only option available.

Pricing for SurfShark is very competitive with other VPN services. The standard lead-in price is $11.95 per month. Unlike some other VPN services, you are able to pay in a range of currencies which will come in handy if your bank charges significant fees for currency conversion. Enormous savings are available if you commit to long periods of service in advance. These can be as high as 85% during certain offers which can take the effective monthly price of the service below two dollars. If you’re worried about committing for such a long period of Service before you have had a chance to try out the VPN then keep in mind that a 30-day money-back guarantee is available. If you decide that the service isn’t right for you within the first month, then just get in touch with the support team via live chat and tell them that you want to cancel. They will close down your account and refund any money that you have paid to your original payment method, even the amount that covers the service that you have used so far

In short, due to its excellent support for peer-to-peer services, great customer service, and very competitive pricing, SurfShark is a fabulous choice of VPN service if you’re looking to access Kickass torrents. There are other options out there however, all of which have their own plus and minus points. Read on to discover if they may be more suitable for your particular needs.


NordVPN is a popular and long-established VPN service that is also a great choice if you are looking to use peer-to-peer sharing services such as Kickass torrents. The selection of service available is huge which means you should never encounter any issues finding one to support your activity. It offers easy to install and use software that will make it simple for you to manage your VPN connection.

Getting started with NordVPN is easy. Once you have signed up for the service, simply download the software for your operating system, signing with the account details that you registered on the website and select the server that you would like to connect to. If you are using a peer-to-peer sharing app, we recommend that you select a server that is nearby to reduce the latency and ensure that you receive the highest possible speeds when you are using torrents. NordVPN provides specific servers that are specially designed for users of peer-to-peer services.

If you connect to one of these, you can be sure that all of the ports that you require will be open and that you will have no problems connecting to a torrent tracking server and sharing data with other users. There is a limit on the maximum number of users who can connect using your VPN account at any one time. If this is likely to be an issue for you, then you may wish to consider installing NordVPN software directly onto your router. This means that all devices connect your router Will only take up one slot in your NordVPN account. This is a slightly complex process however and we would recommend that you only try it if you are comfortable messing around with computers. It can cause permanent damage to your router if it goes wrong and is likely to void any warranty coverage that you have.

Like many other VPN services, NordVPN operates a ‘no-logs’ policy. This is great news if you are worried about your ISP or the authorities finding out your use of torrent services.

Like many other VPN services, NordVPN saves its biggest discount and best offers for users who sign up for a significant period of service in advance. If you opt to pay on a monthly basis, you will pay $11.95 for each month. You can save as much as 85% by paying for a longer amount of service in advance. Keep in mind that NordVPN does offer a money-back guarantee so you are not taking a risk by choosing this option. Therefore, if at all possible we would recommend that you sign up for the longest period of service when you can when you first use NordVPN. You will still have the flexibility to cancel if you decide it’s not right for you.

If you’re looking to use any torrent website, protecting your Internet connection and your privacy with a VPN service is an absolute no-brainer. It is becoming harder and harder to access major torrent trackers and some ISPs are now reporting all users to major Hollywood media companies. The only way to be sure that you will not get caught up in this net is to anonymize your Internet browsing activity using a VPN.
As we hope these reviews have shown you, the services are cheaper and easier to use than they have ever been before. You do not need technical knowledge to get started and connecting to VPN servers from all around the world is a simple matter of selecting your chosen server from a drop-down list and clicking connect. When you consider all of the protection that VPNs offer as well as the fact that they unblock huge parts of the Internet that would otherwise be unavailable, it makes sense why more and more people are choosing to use them every day.

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