How to Watch Showtime Shows and Movies Outside USA


by Mike Jones

How to Watch Showtime Shows and Movies Outside USA

How to Watch Showtime Shows and Movies Outside the US

Showtime is well known for producing some of the best TV and movies in the world. Viewers in the United States can watch many of these shows and movies any time that they want, using the Showtime website or a subscription to a streaming video service such as Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, this option is not available to users outside the United States, even those who would happily pay for access to the service. This is because Showtime has chosen to only offer its streaming service to users in the United States. Until recently most users in other countries who wanted to have access to the service had to look elsewhere. Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem that comes in the shape of a VPN.

A VPN works by directing all of your internet traffic through a server which can be located in another country. As far as the website that you are trying to connect to is concerned, your computer is located in the same country as that server. This means that sites such as, the streaming platform offered by Showtime, which usually blocks users who are not located in the country that they are aiming their service at, won’t realise where you are. Connecting to one of these services used to be complicated and required a fair amount of knowledge about how computer networks function. Nowadays, though, it is just a matter of downloading the software from your chosen VPN provider and connecting to one of their services by selecting it from a menu.

What Are the Other Advantages of Using a VPN

As well as gaining access to all of your favourite Showtime programs, there are lots of other reasons why you might want to consider using a VPN. The first is that all of the streaming services from the United States, and beyond you will have access to immediately. As well as Showtime, you will be able to watch shows from ABC, CBS and Hulu. If you’re a fan of British shows, then you’ll have access to the BBC iPlayer and All 4 from the UK. The same goes for loads of other countries around the world; you will be truly spoilt for choice.

Routing all of your internet traffic through a VPN is also an excellent choice from a security point of view. It means that nobody can tell which sites you are browsing when you are online. All of the VPN providers that we recommend here operate strict ‘no-logs’ policies. This means that they do not keep any information about the websites that their customers visit or even the servers that they connect to. The significant advantage is that nobody else can snoop on this information. This means that there is no chance of the government hoovering up information about what you do when you are browsing the internet. It will also protect you from the risk of your ISP building up a profile of you based on the websites that you visit, and selling this information on to advertisers, something that has been known to happen in recent years.

How Have We Chosen the Best VPNs for Showtime?

When we were considering which VPNs to recommend to customers who want to use Showtime, we decided that the most important criteria was how easy it was to use the service. For that reason, we have only included services which offer easy to install and use apps for mobile and desktop operating systems. We have given extra credit to VPN services which offer browser extensions that make it easy for users to install them at work or school, and enjoy the best shows from Showtime.

Apart from that, we have considered the monthly cost of the service. Plus, the number of servers which it offers, (all of the services here have servers in the US, but some of them also operate in other countries), and how excellent the support service is. Read on to discover who topped our list.


This company tops our list for several reasons. Firstly, it is one of the most accessible services to set up and start using. All that you have to do is sign up for an account on their website and download the software for your computer or phone. On mobile, there are well-reviewed and regularly updated apps for iPhone and Android. On the desktop, you have the choice between apps for Windows, macOS and Linux and browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Watching a Showtime programme via NordVPN is a simple matter of selecting a US server from the drop-down list once you have installed the app or extension, started the connection and logged onto the site as usual. If you do decide to use the Showtime website for this, you will have to buy a subscription. You also have the choice of seeing your favourite Showtime shows by subscribing via Amazon Prime or Hulu. There’s also a 24/7 available support service.

From a pricing point of view, NordVPN is also competitive. Standard pricing is $11.95 per month, and significant discounts are available for customers who commit to and pay for long periods of service in advance. These can be as high as 75% for users who commit to three years of service when they sign up. Don’t worry too much about the length of service, as a money-back guarantee is available throughout the first 30 days. Simply get in touch with the customer service team via live chat and let them know that you don’t want to continue with the service. They’ll then refund any money you have paid.


This is another excellent choice for users who want a simple way to watch their favourite shows from the US. Again, all you have to do is sign up for an account on the website and download their software in order to get connected and start watching. One of the significant advantages of this service compared to some others is that it does not apply a limit to the number of devices which you can connect at once from the same account. This means that it is much easier to share your account among family members.

SurfShark also offers one of the most significant discounts to users who commit to a long period of service in advance. If you agree to pay for 24 months of the service when you first sign up, then you will be able to save as much as 80% depending on the offer which is running when you first use the service. There is also a money-back guarantee available if you change your mind about SurfShark, or decide that it isn’t right for you within your first 30 days of using it.

Now that you know just how easy it is to access your favourite Showtime programs from the US, there’s every reason to sign up for a VPN service and start streaming. As well as Showtime, you’ll have access to a plethora of great programs from around the world through your VPN connection, and some of the best security features which are available to any internet users. Now is the time to start streaming.

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