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by Mike Jones

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A lot of us are just getting back to our offices after spending months working from home. And while working in the office has plenty of perks, online security is not one of them. It is definitely easier to take care of that at home, because you are the one in control. In the work environment, a lot of your online security depends on your workplace policies regarding this topic and you will find that it can be quite difficult to get the management to up their security game and invest in some privacy tools because they benefit from having access to your data and browsing history. But here’s a small list of things you can do to increase your online security.

Get a Privacy Filter

One of the most recent additions to the privacy toolkit is the privacy filter that you can place on your monitor to prevent others from seeing what’s on your screen by making your monitor appear black when looked at from an angle. We all have nosy co-workers or overbearing bosses who continuously try to read what’s on your screen. The Privacy filter takes care of that problem easily, without breaking the bank. This is a relatively cheap investment to make by yourself and it could easily save you a lot of worrying and uncomfortable feelings while at work.

Lock your screens

This should go without saying but whenever you leave your computer unattended, make sure to lock it with a strong password. While you may think that the office is a completely safe environment, that’s not always the case. There’s a lot that could go wrong in the office so staying safe is always a better option. Every time you step away from your work desk, log out from all your accounts and lock your computer screen with a password so no one can take advantage of you and your computer while you are away, even if they want to do it as a joke.

Start using incognito mode

Another step you can take towards increased online security in the office is to start using incognito mode. There is no reason why your work computer should keep all your browsing history or your passwords. Someone could hack into the system or your employer might suddenly decide to invade your privacy and check on your internet activity, which by the way, they would be able to do. So to protect yourself from that kind of intrusion of privacy, don’t save passwords on your work computer and try to stay anonymous online when working from the office.

Better position your desk

We know that not every company or every office room is going to allow for some readjustments, but if you can do it, make sure that your screen faces the wall so that no one can intrude from behind. If you don’t want to buy a privacy filter, then just turn your table to a position where the screen faces the wall. Also if possible, make sure that your screen does not reflect in the window, if your office has any. This way you will be most protected from snoopers and intruders in the office.

Read your company’s privacy policy

Last but not least, make sure you know your company’s privacy policy. Every company will have a unique privacy policy and it’s crucial that you know what the boundaries are before you sign off with them. There are many tools that companies use to keep tabs on their employees and you have to make sure that your employer is not using methods or tools that are overly invasive. Some people track the internet browsing history, others track each and every word their employees type into the computer, while others will have more lenient policies.

If you have been working at the company for a long time but are just learning about privacy issues, knowing your company’s privacy policy can help you better understand what you should and should not do on your work computer from a privacy standpoint. Maybe sharing your personal pictures or even having private conversations with people in your life is not a good idea if your company’s privacy policy is overly intrusive.

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