How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1331-5059


by Mike Jones

How to Fix Netflix Error Code

Have you been trying to access content on Netflix but all you see is m7111-1331-5059 error? If you can answer this question in the affirmative, then you should read this guide from cover to cover, as it contains all the essential tips you will need to fix this dreaded error. Well, the tips provided herein are not about fixing the error; they are actually about finding a way around the site restriction instead. However, the most important thing is the result: the tips should make it possible for you to access and watch Netflix content, irrespective of your location. It should be noted that this circumvention does not amount to defrauding the site; rather, it is about allowing you to use your Netflix account even when you are on the go. As you will see shortly, fixing the error code is a relatively easy process, which comes with a number of other perks. But let’s first understand what the m7111-1331-5059 error means.

Netflix m7111-1331-5059 Error Code Explained

Decoded, the Netflix m7111-1331-5059 error code means that you are trying to access the site’s content using a proxy or an unblocker. This error usually requires you to take an action, which should involve turning off the service and trying again. To put it another way, the error code means that Netflix does not allow users who are trying to circumvent the site’s geo-restrictions to access its content. Yes, you may be using a virtual private network (VPN) for purposes of security because you are in some public place, but this will not stop Netflix from misjudging your intent. Another scenario where the site may misjudge you is when you are using a network with transparent proxying. Or you may have traveled abroad for vacation or whatever reason and still want to watch your favorite show on Netflix.

Fix Netflix Error Code M7111-1331-5059

Why Does Netflix Do That?

Netflix does not allow its users to access the site using a VPN because of one simple reason: licensing. Every piece of content that is uploaded on Netflix for watching is licensed to be consumed by specific markets. For example, the site may be granted the right to provide a certain TV show to people in the United Kingdom. Another site may be given the rights to distribute the same show in a different market. Let’s consider this example; Netflix has the rights to stream the Bing Bang Theory show in some parts of Europe but not in the United States. Hence, people in the United States are not allowed to watch the show on the site.

The Meaning of Geo-Blocking

Netflix employs a technique known as geo-blocking to ensure that the distribution restrictions explained in the previous section are enforced to the letter. Geo-blocking involves filtering a site traffic based on IP addresses to ensure that only users from certain markets access the platform. An IP address refers to a unique identifier assigned to your device when it is connected to the internet. The address is useful in sharing data between different devices connected to the internet. When Netflix receives a request from your computer, the site will mark the request with your device IP address (source IP address). Based on the source IP address, Netflix will decide whether or not to grant the request. Like postal addresses, IP addresses correlate with physical locations. By cross-examining the IP addresses of its users, Netflix will definitely block your access if the site realizes that you are not in one of its unrestricted locations.

How VPNs Work and Help with Geo-Blocking

The original purpose of VPNs was to provide users with an extra layer of privacy and security. However, with the so-called geo-restrictions having become so rampant nowadays, many people are now using VPNs to access sites, which are restricted in their countries. VPNs create a virtual tunnel between the user’s device and a remote VPN server. The computer will be able to send encrypted information through the tunnel, making it possible for the user to access restricted sites while, at the same time, remaining anonymous. When the VPN server receives the encrypted information from your computer, it decrypts it before releasing it to the internet.

When it comes to bypassing Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059, it is no different. When your data arrives at the VPN server that you are using, the server will decrypt and assign it a new source IP address (the IP address of the VPN server) before sending it out. As the data leaves the server to Netflix, the site will know that you are accessing it from the VPN server’s location. So, connecting to a VPN server located outside the United States is all you need to do to fix the Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059, right? Not really. One big disadvantage here is that Netflix already knows that there are users who are trying to access the site from foreign locations, using VPNs. As a result, the site has been designed to often block any connections originating from IP addresses famed to be used by VPN service providers. This decision of Netflix is informed by the fact that the site does not have a defined way to distinguish between people who are using VPN services legitimately and those who are ‘abusing’ the services i.e., using VPNs to illegally access content that is restricted in their location.

How to Fix Netflix Error code m7111-1331-5059

So, if you are one of those internet users who are experiencing Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059, here is a workaround to outwit Netflix.

  • Choose any one service from five VPNs reviewed in the next section of this guide and sign up with it
  • Download and install the VPN software (ensure the client is compatible with your device’s operating system)
  • Open the installed VPN and select a server located where you want to access the site from (e.g. Japan, Canada, USA, etc.).
  • Clear your browser of cookies so that Netflix does not detect that you are using a VPN
  • Enjoy the site’s geo-restricted content – you should be able to access it

If you cannot access the content yet, you don’t have to despair as you can as well try another server to get the job done. All you need to do is to go back to the bullet point No.3 above and select a different server located in the same country as your first selection. You could just repeat the procedure until you find a server that will unblock the content.

The Best VPNs for Fixing Netflix Error Code m7111-1331-5059

Not every VPN can be effective in unblocking Netflix content. As explained earlier on in this guide, Netflix works actively to block VPN users from accessing its content. Thus, the best VPN services are those that can work just as actively to circumvent the efforts of Netflix. Working actively here means that the VPNs are either employing stealth techniques, or they are switching their public IP address regularly to ensure they remain as effective as possible. The following are the best five VPNs that have proved to be effective in fixing Netflix error Code m7111-1331-5059


Known to be one of the fastest services, ExpressVPN is an obvious inclusion on this list, considering the fact that speed is an essential factor when it comes to a media-intensive site such as Netflix. This VPN will offer you a consistent speed irrespective of the server you have chosen, and what is even more interesting is how the provider achieves this without compromising security. And it is not just effective with Netflix alone -those who have used ExpressVPN for other similar sites will tell you the same thing. So, what features makes this service so effective?

First of all, ExpressVPN employs 256-bit AES, a resilient encryption technology, to secure user data. The service also uses what is known as a SHA-512 algorithm to protect its 4096-bit DHE-RSA keys, ensuring high security and privacy levels. As an added layer of privacy, only minimal individual data is retained by ExpressVPN thanks to the fact that the provider is based in the British Virgin Islands, a territory where user data retention is forbidden.

Featuring a “network lock” (an equivalent of a kill switch used by other VPNs), the service ensures that your privacy is still under lock and key in the event of a connection failure. This is a rare occurrence though, considering the reliability level of this provider.

Yes, ExpressVPN does not hold the No.1 spot when it comes to the number of servers, but its quality and speed makes up for anything that this service does not have. It is user-friendly and can be used to unblock a wide range of premium websites, besides Netflix. Encountering any issues with the service? There is an ever-vigilant customer support, which you can contact 24/7, and as you will notice, no problem is too big for them to solve. With a live chat also available, a solution for your issue could only be a few seconds away.


  • Unblocks most of the premium streaming sites, such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer
  • It is a no-logs policy site
  • Employs AES-256 encryption for user data protection
  • Offers live chat support service for quick solutions


This VPN is based in the United Kingdom and has 900, or thereabouts, servers across the globe, spread in well over 190 countries. With such a vast market, this service is a great choice for not just fixing Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059, but also for accessing many other geo-restricted websites around the globe. When using HideMyAss to stream content, you will be amazed by how fast this VPN is – it is actually one of the fastest services in the market. You will also be able to enjoy live chat support 24/7 when using this service.

Allowing you to connect to up to five devices using a single account, HideMyAss is a perfect choice not only for individual use but for family use as well. Although the provider does not protect you against domain name service (DNS) leaks, it features a kill switch and 26-bit AES encryption to make up for this. You can install HideMyAss on an Android, Mac, Windows, or iOS device, and you could also configure Linux manually. What a flexible service!


  • Super-fast connection speeds
  • Has servers spread in many countries
  • Has 24/7 live chat support


PrivateVPN is another excellent service. With this provider, users can safely find a way around the Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059 and stream content safely and fast, without having to worry about their privacy, data security, or any other VPN-related issue. This provider also allows users to check their emails and social media accounts from anywhere in the world, while remaining anonymous. The ease of use and speed are perhaps the two most important advantages of using PrivateVPN, and it can be installed on a laptop, smartphone, and desktop, as well as Fire TV. Its interface is lightweight, making a great option for VPN users who don’t like a complicated interface.

PrivateVPN operates in more than 56 countries across the world, and it comprises of at least 100 servers distributed in these countries. While this may be a small number compared to what other providers out there have, there is no doubt that this VPN does an excellent job when it comes to unblocking Netflix and myriads of other geo-restricted sites. It comes with a domain name service protection, automatic kills switch, and 256-bit AES encryption, which keep your data and connection secure. On top of these features, the service has no-logs policy and can be connected to up to six devices simultaneously.


  • Offers both money-back guarantee and free trial
  • It is user friendly
  • Fast speeds
  • Unblocks Netflix and many other streaming platforms, including BBC iPlayer
  • Allows up to six connections with a single account
  • Great 24/7 support, which includes live chat


With over a decade of service provision, NordVPN is one of the oldest suppliers in the market, and it has stood the test of time. Boasting an impressive 5000-plus fleet of servers, this provider is one of the giants enjoying the largest server networks. With this number of servers shared among 50 countries, this supplier offers users with so many options, which make it somewhat rare for users to experience geo-restrictions. With NordVPN, you can consistently circumvent the Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059 and stream content as much as you want. And the ability of this VPN does not end there as it can also unblock many other sites, such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc. You will also be guaranteed almost a 100% up-time when using this VPN. Despite there having been complaints about speed in the past, those days are long gone now since the provider made huge steps to put the issues to rest.

NordVPN uses 256-bit encryption on OpenVPN to prevent any attacks on user data. Other security features that come with this service include shared IP addresses and a skill switch. Based in Panama, a jurisdiction that prohibits the retention of user information, this VPN is one of the best when it comes to privacy, which is actually one of its strongest points.


  • Boasts more than 5,000+ servers across the world
  • Money back guarantee of 30 days
  • Unblocks premium streaming sites, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu effectively
  • Features a Double VPN option for high-level data encryption
  • Uses domain name service leak protection and 256-bit encryption


This is one of the most popular providers and one of the most effective when it comes to dealing with Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059. It makes a cut to appear on this list because it delivers what is expected of it and works great. In terms of server network, CyberGhost has at least 8000 servers, and it operates in at least 30 different countries. Among the servers, 150 of them are located in the United States, which makes the service one of the best options when it comes to unblocking the majority of the American geo-restricted platforms, including Netflix. Sure, in terms of how many countries CyberGhost operates in, the number is not very encouraging, but the service has lots of other strengths that cannot be taken for granted.

To begin with, the provider uses the popular OpenVPN protocol with 2048-bit keys and 256-bit AES encryption as its default security features. CyberGhost uses what is known as perfect secrecy to ensure ultimate security. The service is able to generate a unique random key for every single session. This makes it almost impossible for the connection to be intercepted. With its strict no-logs policy, this VPN cannot afford to keep your details, not even your email address. When purchasing this service, it is a re-seller who will process your transaction – not CyberGhost. The only detail that the provider knows about its subscribers is the username. But with most users preferring to use pseudonyms as usernames, you could rightly argue that the service provider knows nothing as far as users’ personal information is concerned.

There is one thing with CyberGhost which cannot go unmentioned – its internet kill switch. This is a special feature, which comes in handy when a VPN connection happens to go down. The switch works by disconnecting your network automatically to ensure the site you are trying to stream does not realize that you were trying to gain access using a VPN. In terms of device compatibility, the VPN apps are available for Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS.


  • Compatible with a wide range of operating systems
  • Supports up to seven connections using a single user account
  • Very fast speeds, which make it perfect for content streaming
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Effective in unblocking Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many other major streaming platforms.

Can You Use a Free VPN to Access Netflix?

Since Netflix has put in place strong anti-VPN measures, it is unfortunate that most free VPNs don’t unblock not just Netflix but also other major streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and BBC iPlay. Thus, only some of the best VPNs in the market can be trusted to fix the Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059. Remember, free VPN providers have very few servers, meaning that most of them have blacklisted Netflix. Yes, you may get lucky and unblock the site using a free VPN, but you may not enjoy the perks enjoyed with paid VPNs. A free VPN, like any free service, attracts a high number of users. With an embarrassment of users trying to use the same service, chances are that free VPNs are overloaded, resulting in poor performance.

Free VPNs are also highly advised against because their level of security is wanting. It is important to use a service with top-notch security features, such as domain name service leak protection, a 256-bit AES encryption, and a kill switch. These features, which make it possible to surf the internet without endangering your data security, are so rare with free VPNs. And don’t forget that some free VPNs are in the business of auctioning your data to the highest bidder. It is for these shortcomings that free VPNs are not equal to the task, as far as bypassing Netflix error code m7111-1331-5059 is concerned.

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