Best Torrentz2 Alternatives and List of Proxy & Mirror Sites


by Mike Jones

Best Torrentz2 Alternatives and List of Proxy & Mirror Sites

Torrentz2 Blocked. Other Sites and Proxies Have Quickly Emerged

First, a word of warning about torrenting.

Torrenting is a DNS’s (Domain Name System) or search engine’s ability to unlock things such as censored websites and copyrighted or patented files. Accessing copyrighted material without permission from the original entity or publisher is considered to be a form of piracy in most countries. Unless it’s done with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which strictly protects its clients’ information from search traces, you could easily be caught and sued for a hefty fine. Also, once a DNS or search engine is discovered by authorities, it is often shut down. However, since torrenting in of itself is illegal, that means it’s unregulated, which also creates an easy loophole for other torrenting DNS’s or search engines to replace them.

It is also overall very easy to get a false sense of security when using the internet on personal devices. This is mostly because it feels more like being in a world that you’re exclusively in control of, and you can’t see the people who are working in your internet provider’s company’s trenches, or the internet security monitoring your search traffic. This is why it’s so easy to get caught up in your own frustration when you can’t download everything you want to. Sometimes the security does do more harm than good when it reads a file as harmful when it’s not. Kind of like when your Microsoft Word documents read a word as misspelt when it’s not, and auto-corrects it accordingly.

Best Torrentz2 Alternatives and List of Proxy & Mirror Sites
However, internet security exists not only to maintain the laws of the land but to keep everyone out of harm’s way. While doing tasks such as unlocking copyrighted or censored sites is not considered to be a violation, and is not maliciously intended most of the time, it still isn’t fair to the original entities or publishers who worked, or are working, so hard on that material. Or, in the case of the publishers, were personally chosen by the original entity to make their content a reality to the bigger world.So, if you have any doubts about what you’re doing, please save your money and a lot of potential grief and don’t do it.

What is Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 is’s replacement. It is not known whether was shut down due to being discovered by the authorities, but its closure was so abrupt that many of its clients were caught by surprise. However, once Torrentz2 was established, it very quickly became just as popular.

Torrentz2 is not a DNS, rather, it’s like a mega search engine for torrenting. Torrentz2 makes torrenting very easy. Instead of the client having to check every site on an individual basis, Torrentz2 does the work for the clients and makes the sites available immediately.


Torrentz2 was shortly discovered by the authorities and blocked from being able to respond to client inquiries. However, Torrentz2 does not feature a collection of databases filled with copyrighted content. They simply direct their clients to websites which post those files.

Is Torrentz2 Really All That Safe for Downloading Torrents?

Not 100%. Their service can’t make any guarantees of the quality of the torrents. Since torrenting is illegal in the first place, it’s also easy for those with truly sinister intent to hack into the files with malware or other online viruses, and then re-post them. Then, everyone who downloads those files’ data gets infected. Unfortunately, since Torrentz2 simply retrieves the data according to the keywords typed in the search, it makes it too easy for you to get hold of an infected file.

This also means that Torrentz2 is not safe for kids, as paedophiles could also easily use it to re-route their chances for access to them. Other predators such as MoMo could easily hijack them as well. So, if you’re going to use something such as Torrentz2, it’s probably best you don’t do so if you have any children under the age of 18 living with you, or unless you’re 100% sure that it’s something they wouldn’t use under any circumstances.

Again, if you have any doubts at all, please save yourself the grief and money.

Is There Any Way to Unblock Torrentz2?

Yes. The two main ways are with a VPN or with a proxy.

With a VPN, your search becomes both unreadable and untraceable to everyone. VPN’s also hide identities and real locations. They do so by swapping your actual IP address for a different one. VPN’s also come with numerous security features which protect against everything from malware to government inspection. So you, more or less, do not need to worry about getting infected or found out with a VPN.

A proxy, on the other hand, simply hides your IP address to unblock restrictions. However, unlike a VPN, it does not come with safety protections. This means that you could still get caught and have to suffer the legal consequences. In fact, almost everyone can see what you’re downloading with a proxy.

What Material Does Torrentz2 Unblock?

Anything from movies to applications. However, films seem to be the most popular thing.

Are There Any Similar Sites to Torrentz2?

Yes, several! Some are simply very similar in that they use the same methods as Torrentz2. Others are what are called mirror sites. The difference with mirror websites is that they’re basically like twins to the original. They host the same, or at least very similar, content but have different URL’s. They help to cut down on traffic and, hence, improve speed. Like is the case with Torrentz2, they act as alternatives for blocked sites or as back-ups for originals.

Be very careful with mirror sites, though! Some of them are actually planted by hackers who have malicious intent, adding malware or other viruses in them. Some try to use them to steal their “clients'” personal information or otherwise use the profit from patented or copyrighted content by claiming it as their own. All of the above of which are not only unfair to both you and the original entities but also legally constitutes outright fraud.

Similar Sites to Torrentz2

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is currently number one in the torrent field. It has many forms of media, from movies to games immediately available. It also has all kinds of software available. However, films and television shows seem to be the most popular streaming paths. Do be aware that it is banned in 28 countries, including the UK and Ireland. However, it is reputed to be the safest torrent site out there.Visit The Pirare Bay2. 1337x
1337x torrent
1337x is most well known for the fact that it doesn’t have any wait time for downloading on its user interface. Its downloads are limited to movies, television, music, and games.

Visit 1337x

YTS is known for its attractive layout. This makes it probably one of the most straightforward torrent sites to use. It also includes software downloads. The interface is very intuitive, so there’s not much to worry about as far as the authorities navigating it is concerned. Everything on it is very well sorted and monitored. This also makes it more child-friendly than most. However, as a precaution, never leave your children unsupervised with a torrent site!

4. LimeTorrents
limetorrents torrents site
LimeTorrents is known for being the top gaming torrent site. Even though it’s banned in some countries, it has its own VPN, which makes it very easy to access. However, that’s far from its only perk. Aside from YTS, it is probably the most friendly site for children because it hosts a lot of family content. However, the same precaution still applies!

5. Dirty Torrents
As its name suggests, it is one of the most unfriendly sites for children. Aside from being able to unlock media blocks, as usual, it also hosts a lot of X-rated content. It is reportedly one of the most sought-after alternatives.

rutracker is the music alternative to Torrentz2. It is an indexing site which has one of the largest databases globally. Google actually gets a lot of its information from them. It is prevalent in Russia as well, and so is also under constant surveillance by the Russian authorities.

7. Soundpark
sound park
Soundpark simply features the latest of everything from news to music albums. It is similar to in that it’s the most well known for its music torrents. It requires clients to have a personal account sign up to access their full range of stuff.

8. Bitport
bitport torrent site
Bitport is currently one of the safest alternatives on the market. It has its own cloud storage facility, which allows clients to save their torrents for later. As a result, Bitport clients don’t need to download individual files every time they want to access it. Bitport also makes direct downloading and streaming possible thanks to client cloud accounts.

9. GazelleGames
As its name suggests, GazelleGames is a game torrenting site. It primarily downloads from Usenet and has DDL (Data Description Language) streaming. It is a closed group, which means that clients can’t share it with just anyone, and are asked not to invite people they don’t know to the site. They also post the usual safety precautions about not sharing account or tracking information. One major disadvantage is that it limits the number of people who can sign up to use it.

10. TorrentFunk
Like Rutracker, TorrentFunk is primarily a music alternative. One thing which makes it different from the others is its own offer of user reviews and status indication. However, like Dirty Torrents, it is not child-friendly as it’s home page tends to contain adult images.

Mirror Sites to Torrentz2


Like its name directly suggests, this is a proxy site. It is at the top of the list because it’s one of the few which provides very heavy privacy protection, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and website access across the globe. The SSL encryption makes anonymous browsing possible. It also bypasses most government and firewall filters.


Proxfree very efficiently unblocks censored and copyrighted material. Simultaneously, it acts as an intermediary between the client and the original site. The client proxy IP is still revealed to the original site, while its SSL keeps the client search anonymous.


This is another top proxy site. It allows clients to access the same content as on Torrentz2. It acts as a VPN and allows the clients to browse censored and copyrighted material anonymously. Its top performance is made possible through controlled servers such as SOCKS and OpenVPN. It doesn’t save IP addresses and is easily arranged. It is currently limited to SmartTV’s, smartphones, Windows and Mac.


This makes it possible for clients to access files which are banned by the government or their workspace. Once it unblocks restricted sites, it actually presents their mirror images instead. It is SSL encrypted, which makes anonymous browsing possible and downloads at ultrafast speed. It is also mobile-friendly.


This is ideal for clients who want to access restricted or censored sites across the globe. It contains a 128 bit SSL to allow for bypassing social media, Dailymotion and YouTube restrictions as well.


This is most well known for downloading access to blocked or censored media and adult content in a matter of seconds.


This supports multiple devices and allows for unlimited browsing of approximately 400 television channels restricted content in 39 countries. As a result, this may not be the best one for kids.


While its name is amusing, Hide My Ass is a limited proxy. Currently, it is only available in the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. Only premium clients can opt for IP addresses in other locations. It’s an on-the-go proxy which doesn’t require any extensive downloads or other software.


Unblock All has a rather harsh appearance with its odd black, white and green appearance. However, it helps clients to bypass proxy, and access everything from the blocked Torrentz2 site itself to unlimited media streaming.


Hidester helps clients gain access to not only Torrentz2 but also other blocked sites. It is very safe as it protects against malicious scripts or virus outlets. It also gives clients the option of masking with the US or European IP addresses while browsing.

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