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The Best Torrent Sites For NFL Games in 2022

The NFL is a great league, but sadly not all lovers of the game are able to attend live matches. Others are in locations where they cannot catch them on TV for one reason or another. That does not however mean that such fans should miss out on the intense action.

Enter torrenting. Torrenting refers to downloading games that a fan is interested in and watching them from an internet-enabled device. It works through downloading bits of the game from computers that have shared them through a process known as seeding. This is a practice that has saved game lovers (and lovers of great download content) for years.

That said, content producers do not exactly approve of torrenting websites. They are actively trying to block these sites. For this reason, one might have a hard time trying to find a good NFL torrenting site. Not after reading this site though.

Make Use of a VPN

Before even looking for an NFL torrent, a torrent VPN needs to be installed. The Virtual Private Network conceals an internet user’s identity and helps circumvent most torrenting restrictions. Once a user has a good VPN in place, they will notice a significant increase in the number of NFL torrents they are able to access. You can check out our recommendations for NFL torrent VPN services here. An example of such services is NordVPN

Best NFL Torrents

Pirate Bay
Pirate Bay leads the list of NFL Torrent sites by a mile. As a premier torrenting site, the platform is widely known and has been used by NFL lovers for years. For this reason, downloading from the site means there will always be many seeders. A larger number of seeders means that downloads will be fast so buffering should not be a problem.

However, the popularity (and hence mainstream-ness) of Pirate Bay has put it on the radar of torrent blockers. In recent times, the site has been going on and ff. With a torrent VPN, however, a user should be able to go around download hurdles when using Pirate Bay.

Extra Torrent
This site has been around for a while too and it has built quite a reputation. Although it is not as widely used as Pirate Bay, it is right to refer to it as one of the popular torrent sites. It is particularly likable because of the ‘extra’ details it provides for each torrent.

NFL lovers will be particularly pleased by the presence of a torrent strength indicator. This pointer makes it easy to choose the most viable torrents to catch games so that they can be watched in as close to real-time as possible. The little downside is that the torrents on this site are not accessible via a single click, but that is not a big bother really.

Recently, Extra reported that they were moving underground in a bid to keep torrenting alive. The message on their website encourages users who want to keep accessing their content to download and install their binary client. Not too much to ask for in exchange for a continued supply of great NFL content.

Bitsnoop opened shop in 2009 and quickly became a hit with torrent downloaders. It was, within a year, a haven for NFL lovers, attracting millions to enjoy the action from the best matches. ISPs were not pleased with this and the NFL torrent haven was soon facing block attempts.

They, however, remained strong and kept delivering great torrents to the site’s lovers. The platform’s user interface was especially likeable. By 2017, however, Bitsnoop decided to call it a day in bit torrenting.

Why are they on this list then, one may ask. This is because the site was caring enough to ensure its users were not left hanging. Attempts to look for torrents in Bitsnoop now redirects to Zooqle, whom they gave all their torrenting databases. For some reason, Bitsnoop still remains a popular means by which to access NFL torrents on Zooqle.

Zooqle does not in any way stand in BitSnoop’s shadow. It is a torrenting website that has made a name for itself and remains one of the few places to get the best NFL action. The very first look at the site will reveal that it is trying to play behind the scenes. The interface is a bit blurred, but that is little concern for a site that is understandably trying to stay away from ISPs’ radar.

Its content is, however, clearly categorized into different sections that are easy to navigate. A simple search will reveal hundreds of NFL torrents. The site appears to thrive on caution, as they expressly and prominently remind users to take advantage of VPNs, with the message that they could go to jail simply for ignoring the IP-address hiding tool.

RarBG is closing in on a decade of existence now. The torrent site never went overly mainstream, at least not in terms of general downloads. Its absence from the limelight means it has not come under the spotlight of attempted blocks like Pirate Bay and Extra.

Even without general downloads, Rar has been like a hidden gem for NFL torrents. It is like a secret that is shared among NFL lovers only. There is a healthy number of seeders on the site to ensure games download without much hassle. It does have a generous number of torrents from the big NFL games too!

Tenyard torrents
Tenyard makes it to this list simply because of their efforts to keep supplying torrents in an environment that is continuously choking. Fans are assured of getting whatever games they are looking for here but download speeds and aspect ratios cannot be assured. This is because there aren’t that many seeders on the site. The ones that are there are being gobbled by numerous users and the games are huge (up to 3GB). But at least they are there!

Torrenting is becoming especially difficult, mostly because of ISP blocking and the fact that content owners are making it much easier to access on their platforms. However, the above torrent sites are still making commendable efforts in providing NFL content. Just remember to use a VPN for everyone’s safety!

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