Best EZTV proxy and mirror sites


by Mike Jones

Best EZTV proxy and mirror sites

EZTV is one of the more benevolent torrent groups on the internet. It was formed in 2005 with a mission to provide an ad-free, easy to navigate site. EZTV is non-profit and focused on sharing information to all. However, since its very inception, the site has been the target of anti-piracy authorities. This has not stopped its popularity or stifled increasing online traffic.

Why Mirror Sites Are Needed

The original site proved to be popular with the general public. However, there was significant opposition from both copyright holders and governments. As a result, the main site faced various threats that would eventually lead to its downfall. As early as 2007 there attempts to confiscate the domain name. The Italian .it registry suspended the domain and EZTV was forced to move onto mirror sites.

However, threats to shut down EZTV have continued. During the 2014 Pirate Bay raid police seized equipment which forced EZTV to shut down temporarily. In order to keep the main site accessible mirrors became a necessity. In recent years there have been ISP blockades in multiple countries such as Italy, Australia and the UK. Proxies are now needed when accessing EZTV from these and several other nations.

Best EZTV proxy and mirror sites gives users access to not just EZTV but also other major torrents such as The Pirate Bay and 1337x. ISP blocks are bypassed thanks to the site script. It acts as a go-between for user browsers and the torrent website. continues the EZTV ethos of no ads to an extent. However, when users click on query sections they will be met with popups. This happens when using the search bar and clicking on-page links. However, torrent and magnet links take users to their relevant pages. In this respect, the site is very reliable.

Experienced torrent users will get the most out of Novices will likely find searching and browsing a chore due to the aforementioned popups. However, if they do not mind a couple of easy to exit ads then their experience will be fine overall. contains several scripts that provide a proxy service for browsing the EZTV catalog. It works as an intermediary for the user and EZTV site, preventing ISP blocks imposed by several countries. Due to this method, successful access can be achieved from practically any nation in the world. This should be the case even if their government actively bans EZTV. There is also minimal downtime so users can rely on it throughout the year. However, if authorities do decide to actively target this could change in the future. is similar to the previously mentioned mirror in that they both give users access to all of the EZTV torrents. However, lacks any user request modification. If the user clicks on a torrent link more than once they may be redirected to an irrelevant site. In this regard, the proxy is unreliable and frustrating.

It is common to see banner ads on as well as popups when using the search bar. These can include VPN service and gambling ads. The invasive and unpredictable nature of these makes a navigational nightmare. On the other hand, it is globally accessible. This mirror should only be used if there are no other options available. is a rarity in the world of proxies in that it does not bombard visitors with ads. Currently, it lacks any popups or banner ads. The gateway to EZTV is also seamless, with easy to find links that take users to the correct torrent or magnet page. This site is a great option for people who want to avoid intrusive ads.

The proxy responds well to user requests and hosts scripts to get past ISP blockages. All EZTV torrents are available through this mirror. Furthermore, so far there have been no successful attempts to block it anywhere in the world. is a very fast mirror with some of the shortest response times of any site on this list. It mainly serves as a backup in the event that other EZTV domains go down. All torrents from the main site should be accessed through mirror links. When clicked they provide access in practically no time at all.

The torrent and magnet links thankfully do not lead to any ads. However, other elements of the site contain hidden ones. This is especially evident when clicking on the search bar. Doing so will trigger a number of popups. There is also a banner ad, but this does not obstruct navigation. Torrent links take users to their desired destination which should be good enough for some visitors. However, the hidden nature of the ads really lets this site down. Ideally, it should only be used for its original purpose: as a backup.

The mirror for EZTV is one of the best options currently available. This is because it lacks obtrusive ads, unreliable links or potentially malicious software. The danger of downtime is minimal and there seems to be a good level of global access. However, some countries have reported short delays that have not exceeded 3 seconds. The area’s most likely to be affected by these issues are Asia and Australia. utilizes the original EZTV interface, one that contains no banner ads or unreliable links. This makes for a clean user experience as close to the main site as possible. The mirror is also commendable for following the original ethos of the EZTV group: free information for all without the need for advertising. It is easy enough to navigate through that users of all experience levels should have minimal issues.

The Usefulness of VPNs

There has been a disturbing trend in modern torrenting called “copyright trolling”. This is when people monitor the traffic of sites such as EZTV and make a note of each connected user’s IP address. They then forward this information to internet providers. The consequences for torrent users can vary in severity and will mostly depend on their internet company. Some will simply send out cease and desist letters. However, others will take more serious action such as legally targeting the user, fining them or terminating their service.

Luckily a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) can protect users by ensuring they remain anonymous. They reroute traffic of users via a third party, making them untraceable. It is important to choose a VPN provider that has a proven track record of reliability and security. Practically all expert torrent users will utilize VPNs whilst online.

One myth about VPNs is that they will slow down internet speeds. The reality is that they operate at the same speed as the user’s connection. Sometimes they can even increase the speed of downloads by by-passing throttling software. An ideal VPN will keep the user anonymous and be able to offer services globally. It is best to do some research on the different VPN providers in order to find the one that is best for an individual’s needs.

Other Protection Methods

A quick search will show people which specific EZTV torrents are the most popular. Generally speaking, the ones that are used by large numbers of people will be safest. It is also worth checking the comments to see user feedback. Peers will warn if the torrent contains malware. Conversely, their positive comments will confirm the reliability of the torrent.

For an added layer of protection, the user can download up to date antivirus software. A good program will be able to scan torrent files as they download, inform the user if they are dangerous and take appropriate actions. There are plenty of free antivirus programs available.

In the torrenting community, there are several file types that could pose a serious threat by spreading viruses and other malicious software. Ideally, users should avoid the very worst file types entirely. This includes executable files that end in .exe and .bat.

MKV and AVI files tend to be trustworthy whereas WMV and WMA should usually be avoided. Files ending in .wmv and .wma will often send users to sites that contain coercive paywalls or malware. ACE, RAR and TAR files also should be avoided as the majority of them are fake. The RAR format, in particular, has been used to conceal Trojan viruses.

Expert EZTV users utilize virtual machines (also known as sandboxes) to quarantine files. When a potentially dangerous torrent file is downloaded a VM stops any harmful viruses from spreading. Once it has been scanned and deemed to be clean the file is then transported onto the actual computer.

Joining a private torrenting community will help users know which sites to avoid. However, a lot of them are difficult to get into. The best ones are invite-only and have a “one member in, one member out” system. They are very sought after due to the useful advice they give. If a user is lucky enough to get in they will be able to seek out the safest EZTV torrents much easier.

Signs of A Dangerous Mirror

For now, the previously listed EZTV mirrors are relatively safe. However, users may end up visiting unsafe mirrors as they search for other torrent links. Therefore, it is useful to understand the warning signs of dangerous mirrors.

Troll uploaders who want to spread malicious software will sometimes use multiple accounts to create the illusion of many seeders and peers. They may even utilize software that falsifies this number into the tens of thousands. Users can avoid this trap by looking at the comments. If there are many peers but very few comments this is a big red flag.

Several torrent sites employ trusted teams to verify files. Unfortunately, the number of verified torrents found online are very few. Despite this, they are almost guaranteed to be safe. Some of the most potentially dangerous files are of recent movies. Malicious uploaders will label viruses as these movie titles in order to entice a large number of users to download them. One useful tactic is to research the release date of the movie. If it is not even out yet this suggests the file is untrustworthy.

There are numerous scams to beware of. Files that contain messages such as “password instructions”, “codec instructions” or “important read me first” are not to be trusted. The message will likely redirect users to a shady site. If the torrent contains an additional EXE file then it should never be downloaded.

Software to Avoid

Thanks to years of trial and error torrent experts have been able to narrow down some of the worst software that has been abused to spread malware, illegitimate codecs and keyloggers. The torrent clients to steer clear of include:

  • Bitroll
  • BitLord
  • TorrentQ
  • BitThief
  • Torrent101
  • Get-Torrent


Additional Ways to Get the Best Torrenting Experience

In order to avoid the frustration of a dodgy download,​ the user could look up the details of a particular torrent. The tracker name should be clearly visible. Researching this tracker will give a good indication of whether they are legitimate. When copying and pasting the tracker name into a search engine there should be results that relate to numerous other torrents. If not then they are probably fake.

Occasionally issues can be avoided by opening torrented files in reliable media players. This can include WMP, VLC and WinAmp. Many widely used and trusted movie/music players are available free of charge. When torrent files do not work in these it is a good indication of being fake.


The best EZTV and proxy mirror site will be dependent on the needs and experience of the individual user. The two most important factors will be how easy the interface is to navigate through and the sites overall safety.

The user will need to recognise the warning signs of malicious software and not download any unusual looking files. With the information provided in this article members of the torrenting community will be more aware of which sites to trust, as well as the warning signs to look out for.

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