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by Mike Jones

Best Alternatives to BitTorrent for Mac (1)

A year hardly ends before new macOS software for downloading torrents come on to the market. This means that there are actually numerous alternatives to BitTorrent for Mac. However, to identify the best among the pack, you have to consider such factors as the ease of use and the features it may offer.

Torrent clients primarily aid in quickly downloading large files and sharing them over the internet. In this regard, each Mac BitTorrent has something unique to offer. Overall, an excellent BitTorrent app should be reliable, easy to use and download files at incredible speeds. Since large files take considerable time to download, choose a torrent client which is not obtrusive, allowing you to continue working as it quietly downloads the data in the background.

What are Torrents?

The small files which you can download and open in a torrent client are referred to as torrents. The torrent client then uses BitTorrent to download large files, which in turn enables users to share these files through a peer-to-peer network. This ensures that people share parts of the file, without necessarily downloading it from a central location.

Once you download a small file, you can connect to other computers with the same file and conveniently download parts of it from other people. The sharing continues until you have the full file, which you can still continue sharing (seeding). Therefore, one user must first seed the whole file before others can share it. You must have a torrent client before downloading a torrent. A torrent client recognizes the file, logs on to the shared network and starts tracing other users sharing the file. Immediately it discovers the file, it starts downloading it.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Both Torrents and BitTorrent technology are legal, but their usability is the subject of contention. Most people use them to access files from sites such as The Pirate Bay, which offers TV shows and movies which are subject to copyright laws. Music and film companies are strict on copyright infringement laws and have often sued individuals who violate them.

Best alternatives to BitTorrent for Mac

Safety When Torrenting

Your safety and online privacy are critical, particularly when downloading torrents. This is due to copyright laws on web content which might land you in jail or attract hefty penalties. Therefore, you must mask your identity while downloading torrents. Install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in your device to keep you anonymous. A VPN not only hides your public IP address but also offers a secure tunnel to the internet.

VPN encrypts your traffic in the same manner as to how HTTPS/SSL is encrypted on popular websites. The encryption is set to default, such that it automatically locks out any unwanted intruders on the network, especially on public Wi-Fi connections/guest house. Still, other computers on the network can get malware and other infections which intercept data that other users are transmitting and take advantage of any exploits. To avoid all these troubles, always surf the web on a VPN-enabled connection. There are numerous VPNs on the market, check out reviews to choose that which suits your needs.

Magnet Links

BitTorrent can also use a magnet to download large files. Once you install your default torrent app in your device, click on a magnet link in a website you’re surfing, and the file will automatically start downloading. With magnet links, every file has its own unique hash code. Magnet links are compatible with all modern BitTorrent apps.

The following are some of the best BitTorrent clients for Mac alternatives.


Vuze is a popular BitTorrent client for Mac OSX in the market today. It boasts a wide range of features making it a suitable Mac alternative. Besides the OSX integration, which supports every aspect that BitTorrent for Mac does, it also enables other features including downloading torrents on premium for premium subscribers.


Vuze can search for highly seeded content, and premium users can stream magnet links. Vuze client plugs directly into Quicktime or VLC, giving users a seamless and reliable experience. It also has powerful features such as swarm discoveries, remote controlling the UI, and an extensive library of plugins that make Vuze the best alternative BitTorrent for Mac.

For premium subscribers, Vuze has plenty of other exciting features. In addition to making it a complete solution for your Mac torrenting, it has inbuilt anti-virus protection and offers DVD burner software for integrated DVD authoring. The stream while downloading feature allows users to stream an incomplete movie or documentary as it’s still downloading.

Therefore, don’t hesitate; shift from the standard BitTorrent client for Mac and embrace Vuze. It offers numerous resources while using minimum resources to load up magnet files fast, efficiently and reliably. Once you make the big switch to Vuze, you’ll have no reason to go back to the standard BitTorrent for Mac.


Ad-free and open source, qBittorrent is one of the best bit torrent alternatives for Mac. Besides, it offers all the best features which you desire in any great torrent client. With qBittorrent, there’s no room to compromise functionality. The app operates on a no-ads policy, giving users a better experience when streaming. The blocked out paywall, and other premium features shouldn’t bother you.


One thing that makes qBittorrent stand out from the rest is its beautiful, user-friendly interface with a low resource footprint while still retaining its amazing features. If you’re a seasoned downloader, you’ll be happy to note that it supports RSS and that it has an inbuilt video player. It has a built-in search that recalls every bit torrent client for top-ranked torrent search engines, making it easy to access files using this client.

On top of the mentioned features, there’s a web interface which helps you to remotely log into the app and manage your torrent files from wherever you are. Perhaps the only feature missing in this app is the scheduler, though you may not need it after all.

Visit qBittorrent


Known for its numerous plugins for extendibility, Deluge is another open-source BitTorrent for Mac alternative which will offer you a fantastic experience. The feature-rich but straightforward interface is open-source and facilitates free downloads. It’s free of adware without the need for a premium subscription.

This torrent client is light, and users have the choice of enabling the plugins which they want to use. It’s thus easy to tune resources while utilizing minimum RAM and CPU cycles. This feature makes Deluge more lightweight than the standard BitTorrent for Mac. Therefore, if you’re looking for a low resource, lightweight alternative, Deluge comes in handy. It executes its background tasks silently without interfering with the power of your MacBook.

Deluge beats the BitTorrent client in the sense that it gives users the flexibility to choose features specifically targeted to their BitTorrent needs. You can thus run Deluge without necessarily opening features that you don’t need when streaming or torrenting. In the event of a technical hitch or some information you do not understand, they have dedicated customer support who respond promptly. So, don’t worry about a specific plugin not working.

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This app is an excellent place to start since it possesses all the tools required for downloading torrents. BitTorrent does not impose any limits on the number of files that users may download, or the data size. The bandwidth booster ensures that background activities continue uninterrupted without excessive consumption of the systems resources.


Users have the option of creating a free account and logging onto the BitTorrent remote site, enabling them to monitor and control downloads on the web. This means that you can leave your computer running in your private study room at home, and follow the progress of the downloads at work or at an eatery in downtown.

As a way to pay for the app, BitTorrent does include ads. However, if you find them inconveniencing or disruptive, you can get rid of them by subscribing to the Pro tier at $19.95 per month. Premium subscription comes with other added benefits such as previews of files before or during downloading, anti-virus software, an HD media player and file conversion.

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Multiple reviews suggest that Transmission is the most Mac-like. This is attributed to its Apple-like simplicity and a gorgeous interface. It’s critical to note that these are just mere similarities; it’s not a product of Apple, and Apple certainly won’t allow it in its App Store. Transmission is not only a light BitTorrent; it has a wide range of excellent features. Designed to be as minimalist as possible, users require minimal configuration to have it running.


Files are displayed in a single upload bar, and information is presented in a separate small window. Although the earlier version of this app was hacked and infected with malware, the operator moved with speed and replaced it. Subsequent versions are highly secure and remove any offending software as soon as it’s detected. Transmission is ideal for those who rarely download torrents and are only interested in a torrent client.

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A favorite among most users due to its combination of a robust feature set and a lightweight UI, uTorrent is still an app worth your consideration. It almost lost credibility when it started making Yahoo as the default search engine, plus bundling in some unnecessary extensions. Its latest version doesn’t have any of that. All you need to do is to read the installation guidelines cautiously. Uncheck any boxes which suggest offers and other bonuses. Once you unclick them, you’re left with a lightweight app that’s easy to use. Although it has some ads, there’s nothing else disruptive to complain about.

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WebTorrent Desktop

One notable advantage of WebTorrent Desktop is the ability to stream movies and other media files before they’re fully downloaded. WebTorrent is among the first BitTorrent clients that run in the browser, whereas the WebTorrent Desktop version facilitates torrent streaming to Mac, Linux and Windows. This feature allows users to listen to music, audiobooks, or watch TV and movies as the download continues in the background.


WebTorrent Desktop requires an abundance of seeds to help the client prioritize the right torrent fragments. This means that the beginning of audio files or videos downloads first before the rest of the content. This type of configuration ensures that only well-seeded torrents are viable.



Tixati is a highly customizable client and boasts multiple options. It’s a free, open-source and ad-free client whose notable features include magnet URLs, prioritized downloading, event scheduling, IP filtering and UDP tracker. Although its interface may not be as fancy as other torrent clients, it possesses tools and features which give you a detailed insight into files, trackers, pieces and bandwidth charting and peers. Tixati is popular due to its “Channels” where peers chat and share files with one another.



Tribler is among the best torrent clients which facilitate downloading of torrents from a website. It’s a free-to-use client and offers an ad-free experience, and is also open source. It features an in-built search engine with numerous advance security settings, such as hidden seeding, onion routing and encryption. Unlike other BitTorrent alternatives, Tribler isn’t about whistles and bells. Its primary focus is to offer users’ security features to aid them in downloading torrents quickly. The Tor-like network for anonymity impacts on downloading speeds. Therefore, expect lags and buffering on some occasions. This software is still in the trial phase, and you’re highly advised to install a VPN on your device before accessing it.



Frostwire is widely used due to its simplicity and ease of use. Offering an ads-free experience and a user-friendly interface, it’s the torrent client of choice. Some of the basic features which make it a great choice include bandwidth management, multiple simultaneous downloads, integrated media player, a facility to import music files from iTunes and a built-in search engine. Besides macOS, Frostwire also runs on other platforms such as Windows, Android and Linux. If you’re only after an express downloading experience without the need for advanced features, then Frostwire comes in handy.

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