Is Anilinkz Down? Best Alternatives for


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Is Anilinkz Down Best Alternatives for

Are you a fan of anime shows but wondering where you can find them? Anilinkz is a robust source of these kinds of shows. If you did not know, the Anilinkz website allows you to watch anime shows free of charge. Following its inception, the site did not take long to explode into popularity as it allowed users to watch their favorite anime from anywhere in the world, without having to spend a buck. This was a win-win situation for both the site owners and users.

However, it did not take long for the site to go down the pecking order due to so many adverts, which usually interrupt the users’ watching experience. Whether this was due to poor management or greed from the owners, no one knows, but the fact remains that Anilinkz is not as good as it used to be. It is because of these drawbacks that this site has lost many users, who have felt that it no longer delivers an excellent watching experience. As of now, the site is somewhat flooded with annoying advertisements which interrupt watching experiences.


Best Alternatives to Anilinkz

Is Anilinkz Down Right Now (as of 2019)?

Well, while you may have had an issue with Anilinkz, the reality is that the site still operates reasonably well. However, as mentioned above, lack of proper care and too many advertisements could spell its total doom in the future. If you are experiencing any problems other than those mentioned with Anilinkz, then you could troubleshoot the site using the following procedure:

  • Clear your device of DNS cache
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh the site
  • Try accessing the website using a proxy service
  • Check if your internet is disconnected and reconnect it as needed
  • Restart your device to boost its performance
  • Disconnect and connect your internet to speed it up

Best Alternatives to Anilinkz

There are many better sites than Anilinkz, and we have technological development to thank for this. If you are one of those people who think that Anilinkz is not meeting their watching needs, you should be considering switching to another site. With so many anime streaming websites available, you will need to do thorough research to ensure that you don’t land on just ‘another’ Anilinkz. To save you all this trouble, however, this guide has compiled a list of some of the best alternative sites, which you can choose from. The sites have been carefully selected just to make sure that you enjoy the best anime show experience.


Looking for a site which you can sign up to easily and fast? AnimeFreak may just be your best choice. Flooded with all the most popular and latest anime shows, which can be watched in full HD without paying a dime, this site’s appearance in this list is not accidental. The site is well designed and organized, and it is neat. Its maintenance is second to none, and it runs seamlessly on smartphones, meaning that you can enjoy shows on the fly. For those who are after catching up with the latest anime, AnimeFreak is definitely worth a shot.


  • The content is neatly organized into categories and genres
  • A few adverts; not too many as to be a bother
  • Easy to sign up and navigate



This is a relatively less popular site in the market, but its management can be said to be reasonably good. It boasts multiple servers and allows you to download content directly and save it on your device for later watching. Another good thing about it is that it does not require users to register. It does not need them to provide any personal details either. All they have to do is to visit the site, choose a title, and start watching in instant mode. The website features an ‘advanced search’ function, which allows you to filter shows and easily find what you are looking for.



  • No registration required
  • Easy to navigate
  • Allows downloads to watch later

Visit Chia Anime

Anime Take

This is considered a big name in the industry. While the site may look somewhat dull, it boasts lots of good titles. There are no adverts to interrupt you, and anime TV show episodes are usually uploaded almost immediately after they are broadcast.



  • No ads
  • Contains a lot of content
  • Shows don’t take too long to be uploaded

Visit Animetake

GoGo Anime

This is another popular website where you can watch the latest anime shows from Japan free of charge, on your smartphone or computer. With tons of anime shows in several different genres, including thriller, action, magical, supernatural, comedy, and Ecchi, GoGo Anime must definitely be one of the best Anilinkz alternatives. The site perhaps boasts the most extensive database when it comes to anime content, and you will always have something interesting to watch. While you are watching a show on this site, you will be seeing suggestions of similar shows, so that by the time you are done with the show, you already know what to watch next.


  • Simple video player (has autoplay feature)
  • A to Z movie collection
  • Automatically suggests to users the best movies to watch

Visit GoGo Anime

Anime Lab

While it may only be available to New Zealanders and Australians, (as of 2019), Anime Lab is a premium site when it comes to quality. Its servers are known to be super fast, and it is rich in terms of content. Plus, users can watch content in its native resolution, something that the majority of anime sites don’t offer. In case you are not from New Zealand or Australia, you don’t have to worry, as there are many VPNs which you can use to access this site.


  • Allows users to watch shows in their native resolution
  • The site is super fast

Visit Anime lab


9Anime is a favorite site for many anime lovers. Its interface is neat and clean, while its dark theme is eye-catching. Although the site has some ads, you can effectively keep them at bay with an ad blocker. One of the most popular features of 9Anime is the video player; it contains a lot of features, including lights-off, bookmarks, and autoplay.



  • Tons of anime series and shows
  • Advanced video player
  • Has multiple alternative servers
  • Quick filter for easy content search

Visit 9Anime

Anime Planet

Just as its name suggests, Anime Planet is a place for anime die-hards. It is a highly ranked site, which is accessible by all visitors, irrespective of their location. Here, you can watch all Japanese anime shows free of charge. For every show listed here, you will also find source material, Manga reviews, and other essential information.



  • Contains fewer ads
  • Free to watch
  • Home to 45000-plus videos

Visit Anime Planet

GoGo Animes Tv

Upon visiting this site, you may think that it is a GoGo Anime replica or clone. Sure, the two sites are indeed very similar. GoGo Animes Tv is a reasonably impressive site loaded with neatly arranged anime titles. Once you land on the homepage, you will be able to see dozens of ongoing shows, and you will be able to access your favorite show at the click of a mouse. There are also dozens of anime movies on this site, besides anime Tv shows.


  • Has both anime Tv shows and anime movies
  • The site is neat and easy to navigate
  • Has very few ads

Visit Go Go Anime TV

Kiss Anime

This is a legendary site full of virtually every Japanese anime show. With its Real-Debrid server support, the site allows you to download content at a super-fast speed, without experiencing any issues. Kiss Anime also keeps a record of the content you have watched so that you don’t experience a feeling of déjà vu. There is also a large anime community that you can interact with here, even as you share and discover new shows to watch. If you want to watch the latest anime shows, Kiss Anime is the go-to website.

kiss anime


  • Has 900-plus series and shows
  • Regularly updated
  • English dubbed and subbed

Visit Kiss Anime

Anime Simple

The name of this site alone says everything about it. Anime Simple makes your anime watching as simple as it sounds. You will not need to go through a tedious survey or registration process to access its content; some sites will require you to go through these. Just open the site in your browser, select the show that you want to watch, choose the resolution, and enjoy watching. Based on the user’s watching behavior, Anime Simple will recommend relevant shows for them so that they always know what to watch next.

 Anime Simple


  • Does not require registration
  • Suggests shows for the user
  • It is easy to use

Visit Anime Simple

Will You Need a VPN to Watch Anime?

The answer is yes and no. It all depends on the site where you want to watch the content. While there are anime streaming sites which are accessible to every user irrespective of their location (e.g. Anime Planet), some anime sites are geo-restricted. A perfect example of the latter is Anime Lab, which is available only in Australia and New Zealand. Unless you are visiting this site from these countries, you will not be able to access their content. However, with the so-called virtual private network, you can break through any geographical barriers and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on geo-restricted anime websites without any problem.

While some anime streaming sites may be available in your country, you may not be able to access all of their shows. For the shows which you can’t access, you will need a VPN to watch them. The service basically works by masking your actual IP address with an IP address of a different location. So, when you are visiting a site using a VPN, your own IP address will not be detected by the website. Instead, the VPN server’s IP is what will be recognized.

A VPN Can Do More

Unlocking geographically restricted content is just but one of the many benefits of using VPN services. First of all, a VPN allows you to enjoy safety and privacy. Once you are connected to the service, your data will be fully encrypted, which means it will be transmitted in an unreadable format. This encryption prevents any attackers from accessing or monitoring your online traffic.

Streaming anime content which is not available in your country is illegal, and if you are caught, legal action may be taken against you. With a reliable VPN, you will be able to hide your streaming behavior, cushioning yourself against the hefty fines and long sentences associated with this kind of crime.

It is worth noting that the best VPNs for anime streaming sites feature integrated adware and malware blockers. Remember, anime streaming sites need to pay bills, and their owners must make money out of them. That is why you will see many ads on these sites. Now, while not every ad is a bad one, some ads come with malware, which can bring your system to its knees. Besides, too many ads can be annoying when it comes to watching content. A good VPN will notify you of any suspicious ads, preventing you from accidentally downloading malicious content.

Need a VPN for an anime streaming site? There are hundreds of them online, but here is a list of the best five that you could choose from.

  • Ivacy
  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • FastestVPN
  • ExpressVPN: Unblocks even the UK’s Netflix, which is one of the top anime streaming sites which everyone would want to visit.

Final Thoughts

Still using Anilinkz? We are not telling you to quit the site, but if you are experiencing problems with it, ones which you cannot troubleshoot, why not try any of the alternatives discussed in this guide? Featuring fewer ads, faster speeds, and other benefits, these sites are definitely better than Anilinkz, and you will not regret watching their content. If any of them is not available in your country, you can use any of the listed VPNs in this guide. Of course, other VPNs are not mentioned but which can be useful as well. Just make sure they are reliable and effective.

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