Best Ad Blockers in 2022 – Remove Ads & Popups


by Mike Jones

Best Ad Blockers in 2022 – Remove Ads & Popups

It’s becoming more difficult to remain anonymous and maintain your privacy online. While a VPN will provide an effective solution, this is only part of the battle. You also need to make sure that you are utilizing one of the best ad blockers available too. There are multiple options on the market for you to consider, each with different benefits and features.

Ad Blockers Explained

With an ad blocker, you can make sure that ads are not popping up when you are browsing online. Ads can pop up randomly as you search for different sites and may even start playing automatically. This can be a frustrating distraction.

Certain ad blockers are an extension of your browser while others are separate software that will function as you search online. The aim is to reduce the number of ads that appear as much as possible. While some are more effective than others, it’s quite rare to find an ad blocker that is able to block all ads all the time.

You may also find that certain software is only available on particular operating systems. For instance, an Adblocker that functions on Windows may not work on a Mac, iOS or Android. As such, you may need to use multiple adblockers to effectively protect your privacy on all different tech that you might be using.

Ad blockers work by filtering certain content to ensure that it doesn’t appear for you – specifically ads. With some software, you may also be able to create specific filters and determine the type of ads that you do or don’t want to see. This is useful for sites that recognize when you use an ad blocker and will stop you from accessing the site.

There are two main types of ads that can be blocked using an ad blocker. Communication blocker will stop communication between ad servers. This is based on the filter list used.

Ad-blocking software can also use element hiding. In this case, the ads are loaded but are hidden from view. This ensures that they don’t disrupt your experience online.

Choosing The Best Adblockers

There are various ways to determine which adblocker is going to be the right choice for you. For instance, you can think about the device that you are using. Alternatively, you can consider what social networks and sites you regularly frequent. The best ad blocker for Youtube may not be the same as onr for Facebook

Best Adblocker For Safari

Adblock Plus is a fantastic choice if you are using Safari. It allows you to browse more rapidly without having to deal with issues like tracking. You can also block everything from pop-up videos to malware and much more. Banners that appear on Facebook can also be effectively removed from view as well.

Something to be aware of when using AdBlocker Plus is that it won’t function without your assistance. You will need to provide the instructions that you want the ad blocker to work with. In this case, it’s important to explore the filter list.

The software is completely free although it is possible to make a small donation when you download the software. It works with advertisements online as well as across social media. It can even remove the message that appears which warns you that you are using an ad blocker.

Another key feature is that you can create a list of whitelisted sites. These will continue to appear with ads so if you want to support particular web pages, you can.


An alternative option for Safari, this can be useful if you are looking to make sure that you are searching for a way to navigate the browser without being able to choose which ads you view. The software is easy to operate and it can be beneficial for blocking both pop-ups as well as text ads. It can also block interstitial ads, ensuring that if you are watching videos or playing games, you can access a full ad-free experience. This does work brilliantly on a range of different web browsers but it is particularly beneficial here.


Best Adblocker For Google Chrome

AdBlocker Ultimate

This is a great and comprehensive ad blocker for users operating on Google Chrome. Something to be aware of with this option is that it doesn’t have a whitelisting option. So, you can’t choose which sites you still want to see ads for. As such, it’s a great choice if you want to avoid the darker popups that could cause real damage including ads that are connected to phishing. Don’t forget these ads can look genuine and often have downloads attached to them that load automatically and could severely damage your computer.


uBlock Origin

If you do want to make sure that you are getting options that will allow you to block the ads you want and see that ads you are interested in, then uBlock Origin is going to be the right choice for you. Since it uses very few of the resources of your computer, you don’t need to worry about this potentially causing your computer to go into a slow down while you are browsing.

You will also be able to create your own filters depending on particular lists of host files. It’s still a powerful tool and will allow you to stop malware as well as trackers.

uBlock Origin

Best Adblocker For Firefox

Incognito Adblocker

If you are exploring the best option for Firefox, then this could be the right option for you. Incognito Adblocker is still fairly fresh on the market and has just 4,000 users. However, it also has a 4.9-star review suggesting that this is impressing individuals looking for ways to remove ads and get the best experience online. There are plenty of features too and it’s genuinely a very powerful tool. So, there’s every reason to believe that this is a fantastic choice for you.

When tested, you’ll find that if you run this through Firefox all the most annoying and intrusive ads are blocked. Unfortunately, it won’t stop an auto-play ad on a site like Forbes. However, this is quite rare and is still able to block other ads on the page from loading completely.

The good news is that the ad blocker is free and it doesn’t require you to commit to a signup service. It also has some really fantastic user ratings. The best feature of this ad blocker that makes it stand out from the rest is certainly that you can go Incognito. So, you don’t have to worry about your privacy when you’re searching online. There’s also an inspector tool which is fantastic. You will be able to explore the different codes while you are browsing online. You switch between different tools and options easily while currently browsing and it does offer a whitelisting option too. So, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a page that is equipped to block an ad blocker.

Adblocker Genesis Plus

This is quite similar to both the uBlock Origin as well as AdBlock Plus. However, the key differences to be aware of is that with this option you don’t have to worry about not getting the right level of privacy that you want. That’s due to the fact that a person who is behind this blocker has removed the tracking code of the original software. So, you get all the features of UBlock Origin and AdBlock plus without any of the disadvantages. That’s definitely enough to earn it a spot on our list. It’s popular too and has more than 100,000 users worldwide. While it won’t block all ads on every page automatically, you can typically remove most ads with the ‘block element.’ As such, this is a great all-around option and one that you should definitely consider utilizing in your arsenal.

Adblocker Genesis Plus

Best Adblocker For Opera

Opera is a special case to be aware of. With this option, you actually have a web browser that is fully equipped with a built-in adblocker. As such, you don’t have to worry about installing an extension or playing with ad on. This can ensure a far more user-friendly experience. All you need to do is download the Opera Browser you will immediately have the support you need. You can choose to switch the ad blocker on or off depending on your current usage. As such, you will have the option to leave your favourite sites unblocked when you are browsing which is a big bonus.

You can also gain a key advantage because Opera will block the ads immediately when you load the pages. According to Opera, this means that page loads are going to be 90% faster because you don’t need to worry about the additional information being loaded from the ads themselves. You can also gain information on the number of ads being blocked. Other key features include the ability to disable cookies used for tracking as well as a free VPN and battery saving capabilities.

Opera isn’t quite as well known as other similar browsers like Firefox and Chrome. However, it does have it’s fair share of supporters and the ad-blocking feature is definitely one of the key reasons for this. As such you should definitely consider trying it for yourself. It’s particularly beneficial for people who don’t want to alter the settings in a plug in to optimize their experience online. Instead, you can just turn on the ad block feature and run with it.

Best Adblocker For Youtube

It’s true to say that Youtube can be an annoying place for ads. If you are using Youtube then you might have to watch a short ad before you can view a video. You might also notice that there are ads on the homepage of the video network. As well as this, you could potentially run into ads halfway through videos as well. The reason for this is that content providers can actually choose how many ads appear on their videos. So, they can utilize this tool to boost their revenue and many do. As such, it’s definitely worth exploring the best adblocker if you are a frequent user of this particular site. So, what are some of your options?


This is probably the best option for YouTube and it’s not hard to understand why. This thing to be aware of about Youtube is that you do need a powerful tool to block ads because it’s actually quite difficult to block them on this particular network. AdBlock does the trick and will stop both pop-ups as well as, crucially the autoplay ads that plague the Youtube viewing experience. So, you can definitely make sure that you will be able to enjoy Youtube more if you take this option.


Most adblockers will have trouble getting rid of those annoying auto-play ads but with AdBlock, it’s just not an issue. However, this is just one of the reasons why AdBlock has become such as a powerful and popular tool for users. The other big benefit is that it does provide complete customization options. That means that you don’t have to worry about a lack of control when it’s turned on. So, there are preset filters and the option to block individual ads that might show up. You can also still whitelist which is a great option, though not typically recommended for Youtube. It is quite ad-heavy however you might be interested in supporting your favourite content creator and that’s where this option comes in handy.

When you first download and install AdBlock, the default feature is going to be having the ‘Acceptable Ads’ option on. This will allow certain safe and non-intrusive ads to appear. However, it’s easy to turn this off in the settings.

It’s a fast option to install and will ensure that you are quickly able to gain the support that you need. Another big benefit is that this option is available on a wide variety of different browsers and devices. So, regardless of what system you are using, you’ll be able to block those ads with ease.

Best AdBlock For Facebook

Facebook is a hugely popular network and the level of active users can regularly top two billion every month which is a massive number. Unfortunately, it’s become a hotbed for ad use and it’s not hard to understand why.

After all, when a site is this popular, it makes sense that companies are going to want to take a chance and try and profit from it. Unfortunately, many people have complained that this has seriously impacted the experience of using Facebook. That’s why many people have turned to an Adblock as a potential solution. It’s a smart choice and one that will certainly pay off because with the right ad blocker you can stop ads from appearing in Facebook completely. So, what is the best option here?


Ghostery is a highly popular choice for a variety of browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. The big benefit of this ad is that as well as blocking advertisements from appearing it also blocks social media trackers. Now, it’s true to say that there are actually quite a few different ad blockers that are capable of this possibility. So, the big difference to be aware of here is that Ghostry actually has a massive database. This is what sets it apart from other similar options available.


Another big advantage is that Ghostery is immediately going to link you to privacy policies on different pages or areas that you might be viewing online. This makes things far easier and ensures that you don’t have to worry about being troubled by ads that you aren’t interested in viewing because you can simply opt-out of the process.

A lot of people will typically use Facebook through their mobile device. Ghostery shines here too and this is largely due to the new Ghostery Privacy Browser that does have mobile support. As well as being available on both IOS and Android, you will find that regardless of the tech you use, you’ll still get all the features that you want from this option.


stopped is going to be another popular choice for those who are looking for a great AdBlocker for Facebook. The big benefit of this choice is that does provide complete protection on all websites and apps. That’s useful because you could be accessing Facebook through the app. A lot of ad blockers don’t work with apps and will only operate when you utilise a browser. So, you’ll be pleased to find that StopAd is completely different in this sense. Instead, you will be able to make sure that you can block ads regardless of what software or tool that you are using. So, it’s the perfect choice for people who want to block ads all the time.


The good news is that with this option, you’re not going to need to spend time playing around with different settings. Instead, you will be able to make sure that as soon as you load the software, it does the trick. That includes blocking everything from video pop-ups to ads in videos and auto-play commercials. As you might have guessed, these can all be issues when you are using Facebook.

Another significant benefit of this tool is that it does come with a long list of options for security and protection. The advantage of this is that a lot of children and teens use Facebook. So, if you’re looking to make this as safe as possible for them, you can do so by utilizing this software. Some of the issues that you can protect against including crypto mining and crypto jacking. Both can cause issues when you are using Facebook.

Best Adblock For iPhones

If you are looking for the best Adblock options for iPhones, then there are a number of key options to choose from.


This is one of the most popular choices for iPhone users. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that it’s incredibly simple to use. So, once it’s loaded, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in a massive list of different features. The second and more important consideration to keep in mind is that this tool is actually massive customizable. So, you can choose how you want to use it when you want to use it, which is great. With fifty different filters to play with, you will be able to determine exactly what you want to see when you use the app.


You might find that the filter that you want isn’t available and you’re covered here too. With this option, you can actually create filters that you require and you can do this in just a few clicks. Another big benefit is that trackers which are used to push personalised ads in our direction are also blocked. So, if you don’t want to see deals based on the sites that you have been browsing then you’re in luck because you can avoid these completely. You also don’t have to worry about social media widgets either. Handily, these can be blocked out by using the same tool.

While there is a paid option for this particular software, you won’t need it. The free to use possibility is more than powerful enough. If you do choose to pay the small price for the pro possibility then what you get is parental controls, more privacy and full DNS support. It doesn’t actually increase the number of ads that you’ll be able to block but rather the level of control that you have.

A big benefit of using this on iOS systems is that the developers claim it will improve battery life. This is due to the fact that the reduced level of ads means that there’s less pressure on the phone software. While results are almost definitely going to vary here, you could be looking at a difference of up to 400% when you are using Safari which we think you’ll agree, is massive.

Best Ad Blocker For Android

Free Adblocker Browser

This is going to be useful if you don’t mind using an entirely different browser when you are utilizing your Android device. Be aware this isn’t going to benefit you if you are completely committed to something like Google Chrome. The big benefit is that when you use this browser you’re not going to see anything coming through at all. However, the software is graphically quite different and will take a while to get used to. Particularly, if you’re used to one of the many other software options available.

Free Adblocker Browser

Another key advantage is that it’s going to get rid of pop-ups too, making it a highly attractive choice if you can’t stand when popups begin to spoil your fun online. That means that you can avoid video ads like the ones that you would probably see when using Youtube or banner ads that are quite common on Facebook. The software is also going to stop sites from tracking you. The benefit here is that they are not going to have the information that they need to custom build ads for you. As such, you should have a clean and clear browsing experience.

So, whether you are looking to block a particularly nasty cookie or an annoying auto-play ad, this option is certainly going to be the best choice. While there is in-app purchase, these are easy to avoid. If you choose to use them, you’ll just unlock a few other features that might come in handy when you are looking for the best experience online.

APPBrain Ad Detector

This choice is mainly used for blocking pop-up ads. However, the key difference is how it does this. Rather than identifying different ads on a page, it can actually search for them. Instead of just covering the page as it appears, this software is going to search for ads that could be harmful to your system or that might be looking to steal your data. These types of ads are becoming more common these days, so any steps that you can take to avoid them are certainly going to be worth considering.

APPBrain Ad Detector

With AppBrain, you will be able to lockout push notifications and ads that are being used to spam you. This app is completely transparent and you might be wondering what tools developers are using to block your ads. Well, with this option, that is a possibility and you can easily explore behind the scenes of the software. This can be reassuring for some individuals and guarantee that you get the peace of mind you need that everything is happening above board.

Another key benefit of this ad blocker is that it’s incredibly easy to use. So, you won’t have to worry about getting lost in an array of complex features that are difficult to understand. There is even a tab which is specifically for ‘concerns.’ This is going to allow you to note whether there is anything harmful lurking in the background of a site that you need to be aware of. It’s a great choice if you want to explore how sites are using your data as well. You will be able to explore which companies advertisements are connected to. This can be an important consideration for people exploring the web these days and the answers can be quite interesting.

Another key benefit is that this software is free to download and can be accessed through the Google Play store. As such, you won’t have to worry about it costing you a fortune.

Honourable Mentions

There are a variety of other ad blockers that you could consider using that we haven’t yet included in this list. While these do provide fantastic features and capabilities, they don’t have any standout features to make them a recommended choice for different networks, browsers or devices.

Super Ad Blocker

You can use this option to block all the different forms of advertising. This includes modern options that are commonly found online including rich media, pop-ups, slide in and malware. So, you could choose this option if you are looking for the best ways to keep your system safe as well as ad-free. All you need to do to get started is download Super Ad Blocker and the software will take care of the rest.

Like other options that we have mentioned on this list, the ad blocker will ensure that you are able to remove tracking cookies too. As such, you don’t have to worry about issues with marketers who are keen to view your activities online and use it to their advantage. A key benefit is that this option is that you will be able to view the number of ads that have been blocked using statistics. You will also be able to make sure that you are aware of the different ads that have been blocked as well. It’s also regularly updated which means that theoretically, you should always be able to block out the latest ad possibilities.

Block This

If you are looking to explore another ad block for android, then you might want to consider Block This. it’s a free option and provides the option for blocking all types of ads including audio and video. Audio is particularly useful if you’re tired of your browser randomly talking with seemingly no source of the audio. It also claims to be able to save about 35% on your mobile data, so it’s useful if you’re on the go too. The blocker is highly effective at helping you dodge issues with malware and you don’t have to worry about issues with being tracked online either.

Block This

Another key benefit is that you should see significant improvements in both battery life and browsing speeds. This is another reason why it could be the right choice for you. It will help if you’re worried about getting snowed under with different ads.

We hope you find this information when searching for the best ad blockers that could benefit you.

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