Best 1337x proxy to get 1337x unblocked


by Mike Jones

Best 1337x proxy to get 1337x unblocked

First; a Warning on the Importance of VPN Usage
Before we begin, I just wanted to take this time out to let you know that sharing without the use of a VPN is not recommended, as your browsing activity is visible and can be seen by government officials, and law enforcement personnel, who could bring charges against you. Your ISP provider may also punish your bandwidth.

You may not be aware of this, but just recently, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against torrent users in California, with intent to prosecute those who share files on peer to peer networks.

Using a VPN does more than just hide your IP address; it helps protect you from Malware, advertisers, and other spying eyes. Thus, there are many good VPN programs which you can use. Be wise and always use a VPN, especially when visiting torrent sites.

What are Torrents?

Torrents are bits and pieces of files found in seeds uploaded by users. When a user uploads a file, someone looking for that file can download it. However, it doesn’t download as normal files do; rather, it collects different parts from various users who are also seeding the same file.

The biggest downside to downloading torrents is the speed. Some files tend to download very slow, as opposed to others which may download much faster, as some seeders are running at lightning-fast speeds when others use extremely slow speeds.

A torrent file can consist of every possible file, there is available, such as movies, music, games, utilities, software, documents, photos, anime, TV series, even adult features, and more.

While law enforcement has been trying to ban peer to peer file sharing for years, torrent fans still find ways of gaining access to shared files online.

What are Torrent Sites and How Do You Use Them to Download Files?

There are numerous torrent sites available for users to share files. However, because government officials are cracking down on sharing magnet links, they have to try and hide, and will sometimes have to change domains or their name. For this reason, some of the older torrent sites hold a lot of respect, as they were able to stay alive during such crucial times.

People have been sharing files for many years through torrent sites, and it has become quite popular. How it works is, you visit a particular site and type what you are looking for in the search box, then click search. The results will display in the results panel almost immediately, and sometimes seems to be never-ending, as more and more results will be shown as the search is updated, and new users sign-on.

You choose from the search results which file you wish to download, as most file results also come with descriptions of the file contained. There may be a limit set by default of the number of files which can be downloaded at once, but you can change these settings in the preferences or options tab. The reason why it’s better to only download a certain number of files at once is that the more you download, the longer it will take to complete, as more downloads slow down speed rates.

What is 1337x?

1337x is one of the top torrent sites on the entire internet today, where you can download everything from movies to music, and from software programs to games. The site boasts a community of 250k users and millions of torrents.

Thus, there’s more to this peer-to-peer service than just sharing magnet links and files.

This BitTorrent file-sharing protocol also includes a chat room where you can go and mingle with others who have the same interests, a radio which you can listen to while taking care of all your download needs, and a forum where you can post requests or other important things you want to share with others on the site. Also, the site has a U torrent plugin and a browser, so that you can search for the latest torrents in house, fast and easy, right from the program.

Best 1337x proxy

Although it was founded way back in 2007, 1337x didn’t actually reach popularity until 2016 when Kick-Ass Torrents closed. That same year in October, the site underwent reconstruction, and the new design incorporated new functionality to the list of already impressive features.

Let’s rewind a year back when Feelgood Entertainment decided to take action against 1337x and per this request, the site was banned from Google, and therefore, was blocked from Google search results since then.

To dodge the block, the site was moved from an older .pl to a .to domain and has been known as an alternative to the infamous Pirate Bay.

Brief History of 1337x

Let’s just go over a brief history of 1337x, before we begin, to bring some of you up to speed.

For those of you who don’t already know, 1337 is actually pronounced ‘leet’ taken from a very old cyberpunk/hacker terminology which means an ‘elite’ power user; someone who has mastered the art of cloaking their computer activity using PCs in numerous ways, to avoid being detected, while gaining access to everything and anything they wish. They are also given the “1337 haxor” title.

When the 1337x torrent site was first founded in 2007, the internet wasn’t the same as it is today; instead it was garnered with a myriad of popular torrent destinations for file sharing, and 1337x was one of them.

In the abstract, 1337x was gaining popularity over the years in the internet community, but the site reached its highest peak in 2016 when it catapulted to the limelight, bringing its daily visitors up to an all-time high.

However, with the site being blocked by ISPs and Google, how can anyone be able to access 1337x to once again take advantage of downloading and swapping torrents? That’s easy, with a proxy server like the following.

Here’s How to Unblock 1337x

With VPN
If 1337x is blocked in your country, you can use a VPN to change your IP address to another country. To do this, download and enable a VPN extension service to your browser.

This service is the ideal proxy for accessing the 1337x file sharing source. It is easy to use, fast, very reliable, and very useful in accessing 1337x through a proxy.

After first downloading and installing the program, launch it and wait a few minutes to fully load and connect. Once the page is cached in your browser, the performance will be snappy and will never go offline. All of the site images should load without any problems, and you will be ready to start searching for some great torrents to download.

You will find the entire magnet links listed in the standard order as always, and you can navigate the categories in just a few clicks. To see more information about the program, visit the torrent details page.

Also, this proxy was recently updated and has a cleaner user interface than the other previous version. One thing that’s nice about this proxy is it has way fewer ads running in the background, and I haven’t seen any pop-ups while there. Therefore, with all the great perks, you will enjoy using this proxy to access 1337x.

The downside of this proxy is the selection of TV series was lacking the older sessions, but you will have no problem obtaining the newer seasons. Therefore if you are seeking the first seasons of the Walking Dead, you will need to try another service.

Other than that the site works great and I highly recommend you consider using it to access 1337x.

This is another great proxy to use to get into 1337x, and it works very well. It loads faster, and there are many files to download and share.

You are going to love the page load speeds on this one as they are responsive and lightning-fast, so you are not kept waiting around too long.

Furthermore, they have a large selection of files and more coming in every 15 minutes according to my calculations while visiting the site. I was surprised at just how many new movies and seasons were being scraped. Hence, this proxy had more updates than I have ever seen in a program like this before, and this is why I included it in with the best programs to unblock 1337x.

This is another 1337x torrent proxy that’s very useful, reliable, fast, and full of magnet links! It is a fully functional proxy with all the bells and whistles of 1337x, and it has rapid response times as well.

For several days I tested this program and didn’t find any strange phishing ads, downtimes, or annoying pop-ups. Therefore, it seems like it’s pretty safe to use; however, that doesn’t guarantee your safety as things can always change in the future. You should always stay vigilant, especially when dealing with torrents, you really never know what or who could be lurking, in case your VPN doesn’t hold up.

Another thing which I found very appealing about this site is that it has an abundance of magnet links for you to scour through, on your torrent downloading venture.

This one is vital to add to your torrenting download list as it is a high-quality mirror site which gives you access to 1337x magnets.

It has all the features and goodies you would expect from a 1337x torrent proxy, including metadata and search predictions for newly released movies.

There are no bothersome pop-ups to worry about that will slow you down, and the page loads are high-speed.

There was one con that I noticed about the site. It had some sort of formatting issue that made it impossible to read the comments in the reviews section. But other than that everything was good to go, and the overall experience was a breeze. Therefore, I strongly recommend checking out this proxy site for downloading and sharing of your torrent files.

Some 1337x Alternatives

YTS is the best 1337x alternative as it has grown to be a top torrent site, mainly for obtaining movies, and it also has tremendous speed, small sizes, awesome Rip quality, and both old and new entertainment. If you can’t access YTS from your country, you can always use your proxy to change your IP to one that it supports.

The Pirate Bay
Also referred to as TPB, The Pirate Bay is the most popular website for torrents of all time as well as one of the oldest and is a great 1337x alternative.

TPB was launched in September 2003 and is still accessible in many countries. You will be able to find almost anything you want on the Pirate Bay torrent website, including videos, movies, apps, scripts, software, and much more.

ExtraTorrent has also been around for a long while. It offers a variety of the latest movies, and it updates in rapid intervals so that you can enjoy a wider selection of entertainment files.

Choose from thousands of torrent files to download, such as music, movies, software programs, anime, games, TV seasons, pictures, books, documents, utilities, and much more.

No torrent list is complete without adding LimeTorrents, as it is known for sharing numerous verified torrents and is a great alternative to 1337x.

One thing you will notice right away is its user interface, as it is highly appealing and lists all the popular categories on the first page. You won’t find any bad torrents here, only the best torrents of the highest quality.

Bottom Line
Try the proxies listed above to gain entry to 1337x and enjoy downloading and sharing torrents again with others. Or, you can also use the 1337x alternatives that I have provided for you to use as well. But, always remember to use a VPN, so you are not caught, since you could be prosecuted and fined for sharing files over the internet if you are not careful.

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