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Swedish based company Amagicom AB are the owners and creators of Mullvad VPN. Amagicom are a cybersecurity company that is well-known in Nordic countries for their reliability and dedication to their work. Mullvad translates into English as 'mole' - a pertinent name for a company that takes a hard stance on security and privacy.

This review will be looking at the VPN's capabilities as well as the ethos of Amagicom and the services that they provide for their users.


  • Solid pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Works in China


  • No ad block
  • Bad with most streaming services

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Mullvad Review


The first thing any potential customer is going to look for is the price of a product or service. Mullvad takes a complete no-nonsense approach to their pricing model, offering their VPN for a simple €5 per month, no special multi-month discounts, just one fixed price. Although there’s no guarantee the company won’t have to raise prices in the future in order to pay for increased server upkeep, the company has been rated by many users as reliable with their pricing and they aren’t known for arbitrarily raising their prices just because they can.

Free trials are a great way to find out if a product or service is right for you and are now somewhat of an industry staple. Mullvad VPN offers prospective customers a 3 hour trial, completely unrestricted, with no obligation to buy.

Payment can be made in the standard ways, PayPal, credit and debit card, Bankgiro, and Swish are the standard electronic methods available to you, but if you’re looking for some additional privacy, the company will accept payments made to them in cash by post, something that you aren’t going to find many other companies offering in 2019. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the product, the company offers a 30-day refund.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency then there is another option for you as the company is able to offer users who pay in Bitcoin a 10% discount due to the lower fees and lesser amounts of administration offered through the currency. Given how rare it is for services to be offered in any cryptocurrency, this could be great for anyone who likes their digital currencies.


Mullvad is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The software is based on OpenVPN and so accepts a number of ready-made config files that can be found on any reliable VPN forum.
The interface is simple and offers no unnecessary features that clutter the experience. The program has just two tabs, one for status and the other for settings, and really that’s all you need. Status, as the name suggests, will give you information that you may be interested in, such as your IP address, as well as the connect and disconnect buttons. You can also see the server that you’re connected to if that’s something you’re interested in, but if not, then just make sure you choose the country that’s right for you and hit the connect button.
The settings can appear a little tricky at first for beginners to VPN services, but it really isn’t as complicated as it may seem at first. Firstly, you can see your account number and there’s a button that takes you straight to the company website to manage your account, and the rest of the screen gives you access to servers in different countries you can connect to. Their website contains full documentation for anyone who is new to VPNs or wants to delve deeper into just what the service has to offer.
The company is set to launch a new version of their program in the not-too-distant future so be sure to check their blog every now and then for updates if for whatever reason you’re really interested in a flash interface.


If you want to use a VPN for streaming or torrenting then speed is going to be a major priority of yours. Internet speeds can be a tricky thing as they are based off so many differing factors. No matter how great the VPN service is, it can’t speed up a slow connection so the fastest you’re ever going to get, with very few exceptions, is the connection speed that you get without the use of a VPN. Connections are also slower when they have to travel longer distances, so if you choose a VPN server that’s on the other side of the world from you then you can expect your average speed to drop by as much as half. This isn’t the fault of Mullvad. Rather, it is simply how the internet works, unfortunately.
Average user reviews from Europe show that they can obtain approximately 75% of their internet speed when they connect to servers in the USA, even obtaining speeds of over 60 Mbps.


Privacy has become an important topic of late and is one of the major reasons why many users choose to use a VPN whilst browsing the internet. Many EU Internet Service Providers are required by law to log any and all internet traffic that passes through their servers, regardless of how sensitive it is. Here’s where VPNs can have an advantage as they aren’t technically ISPs or telecommunications companies and so aren’t mandated by law to log data. This doesn’t mean that some of them don’t, so if you’re looking for complete privacy then it’s important that you read the terms the VPN provider puts on their website. Mullvad VPN state that they don’t log any traffic that passes through their servers, so even if they were requested to hand over any data by law enforcement agencies, they simply wouldn’t have any data to hand over


Although security and privacy often go hand in hand, we’ve decided to give it a separate section since VPN security is worth talking about in some depth. Sometimes security on the internet is simply obtained through obscurity, there are so many connections hitting a particular server at once that it can make it difficult to pinpoint a particular connection. This may be fine for a regular user, but if you’re particularly interested in your internet security then you’ll find Mullvad’s program top of the line. The program uses AES-256-GCM with RSA-4096 handshake, alongside HMAC SHA-1 hash authentication. In simpler terms, it would be nearly impossible to hack your connection and see any part of it, this doesn’t mean that it’s theoretically impossible, just that it’s incredibly unlikely.


Unfortunately, support is one area where Mullvad doesn’t quite match up to some of its larger competitors. The company doesn’t offer either a live chat through their website or phone support, but they do have an email ticketing service, although as expected with this kind of service it isn’t exactly the speediest. The best news though is that their service is so straightforward that it’s unlikely that you’d even have to contact them in the first place, but if you do have any issues then be prepared for a bit of a wait.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of VPN providers in the market today. Internet security and privacy has been a hot topic around the world, even making front-page headlines in a number of countries when particularly large breaches come to light. As of yet, no major ISP has ever had their data stolen, but some security experts predict that it’s only a matter of time until that does happen, so if that’s a worry of yours, then a VPN that doesn’t log your internet traffic may be a service worth investing in.
One of the major reasons for people to look into VPN services is to get around geo-locked content, which is content that is only available in certain countries, usually due to antiquated copyright laws written ages before the internet could even have been conceived of.

Unfortunately, content providers have a responsibility to ensure that their content remains geo-locked, so buying Mullvad, or any other VPN service, to attempt to access the US version of Netflix is a no go. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any services out there that can’t get around region locks, but Netflix and others are very good at detecting VPN traffic and will tend to block VPN servers almost immediately after they are discovered.

One area where VPNs really shine is when using unsecured or public Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi is becoming more and more commonplace, but as well everything that you can’t see, it’s always worth being slightly wary. Anything that’s public is public, and that includes all the data that your device sends over a Wi-Fi signal. Anything from Facebook messages to bank login credentials can be plucked out of the air by individuals who mean to do you harm. Even if nobody wants your bank details, do you really want your web history to be handled by a small coffee shop whose owners don’t know much about internet security and privacy? If the answer is no, then make sure you grab yourself a VPN service before you connect to any unknown server, and if you are looking for a VPN then make sure you look into Mullvad VPN.

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