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Hoxx VPN offers a virtual private network which reportedly has 674 servers, spread across 32 different countries. That's quite an expansive network. In fact, based upon the numbers, customers should expect the service to live up to its promises, including 100 percent privacy, security, and safety. By routing your internet access through one of its servers, Hoxx claims that it grants anonymity by masking users' public IP address. Let's see if Hoxx lives up to the hype.


  • Pricing is competitive
  • Customer support is good
  • Network access is good


  • The privacy policy is concerning
  • Technical glitches cause data leaks
  • Security is not quite up to snuff

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Hoxx VPN Review


In 2014, Hoxx VPN launched their product, promising to unblock websites restricted by location, encrypt internet connections, and hide clients’ IP addresses. According to the company’s website, more than 1 million customers have taken advantage of the low-cost services to protect information or private data at home and on public networks.

The parent company, VPN1 LLC owns and operates Hoxx VPN’s network of 674 servers in 32 countries from offices in the United States.


This service offers the same type of VPN protections, as most other providers on the market.

Hides IP Address

Like most VPNs, Hoxx VPN offers a connection to its network, giving users different IP address. All your internet traffic routes through the company’s network, masking your real IP address, given by your internet service provider.

Unblocking Geo-restricted Content

Some companies block access to online content, keeping people who live in certain regions from seeing it. By choosing a VPN’s server, located in the same country, you may bypass the block. However, content providers are hip to this trick. Some streaming platforms automatically block users, if the network detects you’re using a VPN. Hoxx VPN says their network can unblock geo-restricted content.

However, users report experiencing problems accessing Netflix, a geo-restricted platform when using the service. Netflix and other streaming content services are starting to block access to users who use VPNs. Several networks, including Hoxx VPN are having trouble with unblocking content on some of these content platforms

Simultaneous Connections

With 674 servers, the Hoxx VPN network is expansive enough to live up to its unlimited connections promise. Users can connect to more than one connection at the same time. Premium accounts have unlimited server access. This feature is beneficial for customers, because most people use more than one device while accessing the internet. For instance, internet surfers often access the web through their laptop and mobile phone at the same time. Several VPN networks offer three simultaneous connections. The fact that Hoxx VPN offers unlimited connections is a definite plus.

Pros and Cons

Hoxx VPNs cons are vast, offering users a low-cost service with lots of issues to consider before signing up. The privacy policy is concerning. Technical glitches cause data leaks. Security is not quite up to snuff. However, the pricing, customer service, and network access are competitive.


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If you’re looking for complete privacy and anonymity, Hoxx VPN isn’t the highest-ranking VPN to use. The service is upfront about its logging policy. It logs your web activity and reports illegal activity. Since most internet users pay for a virtual private network to avoid tracking, the Hoxx VPN policy is problematic. The company is automatically tracking user access times, IP address, page views (even the pages you viewed before signing up for Hoxx), and browser information.

In addition, its location is troubling. Located in the U.S., Hoxx VPN is subject to certain data retention regulations for companies located in developed nations which are participating in the Five Eyes alliance. This intelligence alliance includes five countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They agree to collect and share private information about citizens living in these countries.

According to the website, the VPN may share your private data and information with third parties. So, if the government asks for your info, they’re going to get it, and share it with other countries. Or, if Hoxx VPN flags illegal activity, they’ll turn you in. As they should, but they’re also tracking perfectly innocent, law-abiding citizens.

The policy also doesn’t guarantee user information is safe while using the Hoxx VPN network. So, at least they’re honest and upfront. You definitely know what to expect when you sign up, activity tracking and no safety guarantee.

IP Leaks

Lots of VPN providers have problems with IP leaks. Hoxx VPN is one of them. Web RTC enhances browser communication in real-time. It’s a cool service, which sometimes conflicts with VPNs, unmasking the original IP address. In addition, more than 70 percent of Chrome extensions experience DNS leaks. When your server experiences a technical error, bypassing the VPN, the resulting DNS leak exposes your IP address to whichever internet service provider you are using. In other words, if your VPN leaks, you might as well not have one.

Hoxx VPN users often experience both Web RTC and DNS leaks. This is especially problematic, because the service doesn’t offer a kill switch. Kill switches will stop your data, if the VPN disconnects. Without one, your information and data keeps flowing, exposing your IP address and internet activity.


Top-tier VPN services use impenetrable, military-grade encryption which is super-secure. In contrast, Hoxx VPN uses 4096-bit RCA encryption. At one time, this was the best method for protecting online data and information. Now, it’s just an outdated security choice which hackers can easily access with simple hardware, like a microphone. To make matters worse, Hoxx uses a proxy called Shadowsocks with limited capabilities, not a real VPN protocol for its desktop and Android mobile app.

Failure to use the most up-to-date encryption and the best protocols means Hoxx VPN is not the most secure service on the market. On the plus side, reviewers saw no evidence showing viruses or malware when using the service.


It’s important to note that there is a difference between the free and paid service. Speeds are lacking at times, slowing down internet access between 70 to 90 percent or more, depending on the server and location. Slow speeds are challenging, leading to disconnects and rendering. With so many servers, customers will expect faster access for uploads and downloads. That’s not always the case with Hoxx VPN’s service, but it can offer some decent, competitive speeds in certain locations. They’re definitely not the slowest VPN on the market, but there are faster services to consider.

Slow speeds affect performance. After paying for a service, you certainly don’t want to experience disconnects and issues accessing your online content. Hoxx performs better than some, but you’ve got to test the servers, until you find one which works best for your needs.


Pricing is affordable with Hoxx VPN plans starting at $2 per month, but if you’re experiencing slow speeds, DNS leaks, and privacy concerns, is it worth it?

Free accounts have even less security and encryption, if you can imagine it.
Premium accounts offer more features, including better customer service.

Hoxx VPN has multiple payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is an option, if you’d like to use an anonymous payment method.

Customer Service

Hoxx VPN doesn’t provide support for gaming apps or smart TVs. It’s primarily a mobile app and desktop computer application, limiting customers who may want to use the service in other ways.

They do offer support for using the VPN on multiple platforms, including Firefox, Chrome, iOS, Mac, Opera, and Android. Basic accounts click the support button on the bottom of the web page to submit questions through a contact form. You’ll receive a response hours later. So, although they provide 24/7 support, it’s not in real-time. Automated responses are quick. A response from an actual human at Hoxx VPN could take more than 24 hours.

There’s no torrenting, though. You can’t compile bits of large files from multiple locations. If you’ve got massive files to BitTorrent, forget it. The policy is Hoxx VPN’s way of cracking down on illegal copyright infringement. However, there are other legal, legitimate reasons to download and share large files. This virtual private network is not having it, though.

Hoxx VPN is honest and transparent about the services it offers. The company proudly displays its business address on the website and offers customers a way to contact them to answer questions and resolve issues, mainly through email. However, the business collaborates with the government and law enforcement, sharing private information upon request or if they deem it necessary.

Lack of privacy is one of several reasons Hoxx VPN is not a high-ranking VPN service. Other reasons include DNS leaks, outdated encryption, logging policies, no torrenting, and protocols. Still, it’s a decent service for the price, offering 674 servers in 32 countries.

Unfortunately, the main reason people use a VPN is for privacy. Based upon its own privacy policy and Frequently Asked Questions page, Hoxx VPN can’t guarantee privacy or security when customers are using its server network. If these are the main features that you’re looking for in a VPN network, you may want to look elsewhere. Security is not this VPN’s strongest feature.

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