How to Get an Australian IP Address

There are times when some people feel obliged to appear to be located in Australia even though they are not. But how can you seem to be in Australia when you are actually in another country? By obtaining an Australian IP address. Before delving into the technicalities of masking or changing your IP address, it is worth noting that anytime you access the internet, your internet service provider assigns the device you are using a unique IP address.

After reading your IP address, search engines and websites can quickly establish your location, which can be somewhat limiting in some instances. For instance, it can be moderately impossible to access some Australian websites from a different country. A virtual private network (VPN) could help you reroute traffic through servers in an intermediary location. This will help you overcome geo-restrictions set on several websites. Therefore, if you want to appear as though you are located in Australia, sign up with a VPN provider with a server in that country.

There are many VPN companies with Australian servers. This means that getting an Australian IP address while in a different country is easy. This guide seeks to help you understand why you should consider having an Australian IP address while in a different country, and what it takes.

Why You Need an Australian IP Address

Australia, like other progressive nations, offers affordable and quality access to the internet. Access to the internet can be considered a fundamental human right. In light of this fact, the Australian government generally allows its citizens the right to access a vast range of online content, provided it is classified as legal.

It is worth noting that torrenting copyrighted material is considered illegal in Australia. Even though this rule is rarely enforced, it is best to remain prudent by covering your tracks using VPN software. That said, here are some reasons why you might need an Australian IP address.

To Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Some Australian websites are subjected to geo-restrictions. This means that someone in a different country, including Australian citizens living abroad, might have trouble accessing such websites. In light of this, the best remedy is to get an Australian IP address, and you will be able to access any Australian website. A VPN will help you acquire an Australian IP address, therefore allowing you to trick the website you are trying to access.

To Buy at Lower Prices

Whenever you are shopping online, most websites can pick up your IP address, thereby determining your whereabouts. It is worth noting that product prices tend to vary depending on your location. If you are in Australia, for instance, you might find yourself paying less than someone buying the product from another country would pay. An Australian IP address will help you avoid additional costs charged on shoppers situated in another location.

Manage Business

Suppose you are an online marketer who would want to confine his or her business pursuits to Australia. You need an Australian IP address. This ‘new’ IP address will help you access local websites and services with ease. On the contrary, not having an Australian IP address could mean having to put everything on hold until you get back, which is not practical anyway.

How to Get an Australian IP Address

It has been highlighted in the previous sections that one way of getting an Australian IP address is by using a VPN service. However, it is also possible to change it using a proxy. Proxies operate on browser applications, and they help you mask your IP address by rerouting your traffic through a different exit point. Mostly, proxies could help you mask your IP address, but they are not encrypted. This makes them unreliable as far as hiding your IP address is concerned.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable option to get an IP address, VPNs are your best bet. VPNs will not only help you avoid geo-blocks, but they will also keep you safe from those prying eyes, which are often scouring the internet. It is worth noting that VPNs are not all created equal, so some VPN providers will tend to outshine others when it comes to service delivery.

Choosing the Best VPN

Now that you are aware that VPNs are the way to go as far as acquiring an Australian IP address is concerned, your primary interest should be to choose the best VPN provider. Here are several features which you should always have at the back of your mind when looking for a VPN. The same criteria were also be used to come up with some recommendations below, as well.


Besides offering you a new Australian IP address, a good VPN should provide you with the highest levels of security. A VPN with the AES 256-bit encryption protocol, for instance, offers you the highest levels of security as far as protecting your personal and financial details is concerned. Other important security features worth looking at are a DNS leak protection and the kill switch feature.

Privacy and Logging

For many, privacy is a fundamental reason to use a VPN. If this is important to you as well, you need to ensure that the provider you are considering does not keep logs. A zero-log service means that the VPN provider will always have your tracks covered.


The speed offered by a VPN can make or break your experience. If the connection is slow, you will be likely to curse it every time you are using it. As such, always ensure you evaluate all speed metrics involved in VPN connections beforehand. You need to look at three main things when examining the speeds offered by a VPN; upload speeds, download speeds, and the ping time.

Client Features

It is worth noting that some VPNs are only used on certain devices or operating systems. VPNs which can be used on multiple platforms, for instance, could have some cross-platform limitations. For instance, it common to find an Android version of the VPN, which has fewer features than what the Windows client offers. Thus, always make sure that the VPN offers all the features you need for the device you will be using.

Based on the criteria highlighted, several VPN providers stand out. Here is a list of VPN providers worth considering:

Getting an Australian IP Address

It is a known fact that the best way to get an Australian IP address is by using a paid VPN service. Regardless of where you are located, a VPN simplifies the whole process of acquiring an Australian IP address a great deal. The process of getting an Australian IP address, however, can be simplified as follows.

The first thing that you need to do is to select a VPN with servers in Australia. The VPNs listed above measure up well as far as the availability of servers in Australia is concerned.

Then, you need to get a subscription with your VPN provider of choice. An active subscription provides you will full access to a range of features and services offered by your VPN provider.

As soon as you have subscribed, the next step should be to download the custom software which is compatible with the device you are using. After a successful installation, all you need is to sign up using your credentials and enjoy it.

Finally, all you need to do is to connect to a server in Australia. Most VPNs will automatically connect you to the fastest server, but you can always do it manually. As a tip, connect to a server which is closest to your current location.

After you are connected to a server in Australia, all that remains is to start enjoying unrestricted access to websites in Australia.

Final Thoughts

At this point, everything about VPN technologies might seem complicated, and this might put you off, especially when you are not very conversant with computers and things to do with the internet. This should not be the case, considering that VPN apps are straightforward to use, just like those apps on your smartphone. You do not have to understand those intricate details about how a VPN works. All you need to know is that they will help you access the websites you enjoy in Australia, which are usually inaccessible from another country.

A VPN helps you access geo-restricted content, avoid restrictive government censorship, and provides high-security levels with encrypted connections. Getting an Australian IP address has never been easier with a virtual private network. All you need is a few clicks to connect to a server in Australia. Australians and anyone living outside the country can change their IP address using a VPN.

There you have it. A complete guide to having a worthwhile experience using VPNs. Using the insights shared here, and the VPN recommendations, you are good to go. However, the most important thing you can do as far as using a VPN is concerned is to do due diligence on your part before signing up with any service provider.