How to Get a Taiwanese IP Address

Taiwan is a global powerhouse when it comes to the production of consumer electronics. You might have come across the label ‘Made in Taiwan’ on a consumer product several times. Locals automatically have a Taiwanese IP address. However, for someone working abroad who would love accessing IP-sensitive websites in Taiwan from a different country, they should be looking at the possibilities of masking their address and acquiring a Taiwanese IP address.

You might have probably come across news about the tension between Taiwan and China, two countries who are often at loggerheads with each other over their roles in each other’s history. One of the main differences is that Taiwan tends to distance itself from China’s stance towards censorship. As a result, unlike people on the Chinese Mainland, Taiwanese online users enjoy pretty much faster internet connections with minimal restrictions, if any.

If you want to enjoy a behind-the-scenes view of Taiwan or access some websites from abroad, the best way to go about this is to get a Taiwanese IP address. If you are wondering how this is done, or whether it is even possible, here is some good news for you. It is possible! And this article seeks to walk you through the entire process.

On a side note, it is noteworthy to highlight that getting a Taiwanese IP address requires that you use a VPN application. VPNs play a deeper role besides just masking your IP address; they also offer online privacy and anonymity.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, also known as a virtual private network, is software which is designed to spoof your geographical location by rerouting your internet traffic. This way, it connects you to a foreign network from a region of your choice, thus giving you a new IP address. This switch is essential, especially if you need to access geo-restricted websites from a given area irrespective of your location. It that case, you only need to connect to a server from Taiwan and let your Taiwanese IP address do the rest.

How to Get a Taiwanese IP Address

As it has been highlighted above, the easiest way to get a Taiwanese IP address from abroad is by using VPN software. But what does it take to get a Taiwanese IP address? This process is straightforward, as it entails three main steps which include:

1. Choose a VPN Service
When you start looking for a VPN, you will realize that a bunch of options are at your disposal. This variety might somehow complicate the process of selecting your VPN. However, your best bet should be to narrow your search on some of the leading VPNs in the market. Some notable options to go for include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost, among others.

2. Subscribe
After choosing a VPN, the next step should be to sign-up with a VPN subscription. An active subscription makes it possible to download the VPN and activate its features. Most VPN service providers offer a couple of plans. So make sure you choose a plan which matches your needs.

3. Connect to a Taiwanese Server
Upon subscription, the only thing that remains is to connect to a Taiwanese server. This is designed to make sure that a Taiwanese IP address replaces with your local one. As a result, you will be able to unlock all geo-restricted websites, and at the same time, secure your online connection.

Choosing a VPN Service

It is a known fact that VPN providers are not cut from the same cloth. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you do your homework before settling for a particular VPN. Ideally, your choice of VPN should not compromise your online privacy and security. This means that you should avoid using free VPNs, and instead, go for a premium option. Here are some features to consider when choosing a VPN.

Privacy and Security

Online security and privacy should be of particular interest to any VPN user. In light of this fact, your best bet should be a VPN provider which uses the best privacy features. A VPN service with the AES 256-bit encryption feature, for instance, guarantees complete anonymity. Other added security tools such as DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch are equally essential as far as your privacy is concerned.

Server Network

Of particular interest to a web user who would want to access Taiwan websites from abroad is the availability of Taiwanese servers. Your VPN of choice should have at least one server in Taiwan, and of course, a number of them in other jurisdictions. This means that you can switch to your preferred server and access the content you want.

Fast Speeds

Most people would not waste their time on websites which take ‘forever’ to load. The same applies to VPN servers. Make sure that the VPN service has a reputation of offering decent speeds, enough for streaming live events in full HD. The good thing about most premium VPN providers is that their Taiwanese server speeds are remarkable.

Unblocking Capabilities

Another important feature, though often overlooked, is a VPN’s record when it comes to bypassing tough geo-blocks on sites such as Netflix. As such, your VPN of choice should be able to help you access anything you want in Taiwan and beyond.

Ease of Use

Undoubtedly, a good VPN service should be easy to access and use. The ease of use can be evaluated by looking at the quality of the VPN’s website and the calibre of their customer service.

General VPN Benefits

What do VPNs have to offer? Considering that you have to dedicate some time towards getting the best VPN, you also need to have an idea of what you stand to gain from this task. Here is an outline of some rewards which come with premium VPNs.

  • Privacy protection: Using a VPN ensures that your traffic is encrypted, which means that no one or anything can monitor your traffic.
  • Enhanced online security: VPN protects you from malware, viruses, or hackers, which is imperative, especially when you are using public WiFi networks.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions: Pretty obvious though, VPNs help you bypass government censorship and other geo-blocks.
  • Safe torrenting: Using a VPN secures your identity when accessing and downloading content from torrent websites.

Taiwan-Specific Benefits

Besides the general benefits enjoyed by all VPN users, some tend to be quite specific. If you are a Taiwanese expatriate living abroad, for instance, these benefits can be somewhat unique. As with most jurisdictions, you also stand to enjoy the benefits enjoyed by local web users. Here is an outline of several specific rewards which come with having a Taiwanese IP address.

Watch Videos from Taiwan

Having a Taiwanese IP address allows you to enjoy Taiwanese streaming services such as TTV. Also, a local IP address allows you to access content which would otherwise be exclusive to locals in Taiwan, such as movies, sports, and local news. You do not have to be a Taiwanese national to access local content; all you need is the right VPN.

Access Taiwanese Accounts

If you want to access your bank accounts or any financial services while abroad, you might find yourself barred from accessing them. Geo-restrictions on your financial transactions are a security measure set up to protect your identity. This can also be limiting while away for a vacation or a business trip. But a VPN can solve this concern with a few clicks.

Bypass Censorship Blocks

Even though the Taiwanese internet is not subject to severe censorship blocks, the government does limit access to some social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype from abroad. With a VPN, you only need to acquire a Taiwanese IP address, and you are good to go.

Access Local Deals

You will be able to enjoy discounted deals on flight tickets, shopping, or hotel bookings which are exclusive to locals. Thus, if you are hesitant to pay for a premium VPN service, these savings should convince you to do otherwise.

Final Thoughts

The fact that you have moved abroad does not mean that you should let geo-blocks bar you from accessing anything or talking to anyone. Taiwanese expats, for instance, only need to subscribe to a reputable VPN service and acquire a Taiwanese IP address, which will help them surf through the internet as they would enjoy when in Taiwan.

It is worth noting that Taiwan is unlike most Asian countries, which have restricted internet services. Taiwan measures up well when it comes to accessing online content and media freedom; there aren’t strict censorship blocks in Taiwan. Notwithstanding, VPN services are not meant to be exclusively used by expats living abroad; locals too can use them to enhance their online security.

Looking at the range of topics covered in this guide, it is designed to ease the process of getting a Taiwanese IP address. With the right VPN, you will browse as though you are in Taiwan, and most importantly, tap into the benefits which come with browsing using a Taiwanese IP address.