How to Watch WWE Network Outside US with a VPN

With the advancement in technology, it’s now possible to catch all the WWE Network action without necessarily being in the USA. Use a VPN to connect to a server in the USA and unblock the WWE Network content.

The first step is to sign up with the WWE Network, which is accessible in most countries. Registration requires you to provide your name, phone number, address and the mode of payment, usually credit/debit card or PayPal. There’s a monthly subscription fee of $10.99. Choose and sign up with a credible VPN provider such as ExpressVPN. Download and install the selected VPN on your device, then open the VPN app and connect to a country that has open access of WWE Network such as the USA. Remember to clear your browser’s cache and cookies so that the WWE Network forgets both your IP address and location. Now go to the network and select the content you want to stream.

Choosing an Appropriate VPN for the WWE Network

A wide range of factors come into play when choosing a VPN. An ideal VPN for WWE Network should have an extensive network of servers in numerous countries capable of unblocking WWE Network. Choose a VPN with unlimited bandwidth and super-fast speeds to avoid interruptions when streaming. Furthermore, a great VPN should have a no-logs policy to ensure your privacy is completely masked and should have strong security encryption alongside a kill switch. The allowance to connect multiple devices and live customer support via emails or chats is also critical.

Recommended VPNs for Watching WWE Network outside the US:

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Boasting over 3,000 servers spread out in 94 countries across the globe, ExpressVPN is not only excellent for WWE Network but also other services such as HBO Go or Netflix. It offers high speeds, unlimited bandwidth and fantastic unblocking ability. This app allows for a simultaneous connection of up to five devices. Featuring different apps and browser extensions, ExpressVPN allows a wide range of devices. Generally, it’s quick and easy to use. Besides a 24/7 email and live and chat support, this app offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN has an outstanding security feature. Data is secured using the military-style 256-bit AES encryption, while IPv6 and DNS leaks and a kill switch prevent data leakage. The split tunnelling ability gives you the option to limit the number of apps that use VPN on your device. Based on the British Virgin Island, which is not bound by the 5 Eyes and 14 Eyes jurisdiction, ExpressVPN operates on a strict no-logs policy. The app is compatible with numerous platforms including Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and routers.


With 5,000 servers across 60 countries, NordVPN has the largest server network than any other VPN. Most of the servers are in the USA (1,700), the UK and Australia and can all unblock WWE Network in restricted countries. NordVPN is famous for its ability to offers specialty servers such as Double VPN or P2P sharing, which provide enhanced security. Although it offers 24/7 support via emails and chats, the browser and apps extensions are user-friendly, making it easy to connect to the server. NordVPN allows a concurrent connection of up to six connections and operates on a strict no-logs policy.

Headquartered in Panama, this app provides military-style 256-bit encryption equipped with DNS and IPv6 protection. There’s also a kill switch that blocks malware and other disruptive ads. NordVPN app operates on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android TV. However, for routers, manual setup is required. The app offers both Firefox and Chrome browser extensions.


This VPN app has more than 4,800 servers in 61 countries, and it’s regularly upgrading, making it one of the fastest-growing VPNs on the market. In addition to unblocking the WWE Network, it can also unblock BBC iPlayer and Netflix US. Reliable, high-speed servers make it an excellent choice for streaming WWE Network content. The absence of throttling allows users to experience uninterrupted streaming of videos.

CyberGhost allows a simultaneous connection of up to seven devices. The app is particularly friendly to beginners as you can make a connection to a server through a single click. The log-logs policy, as well as the 256-bit AES encryption, ensures that you stream the WWE Network content anonymously. Aside from an automatic kill switch, DNS and IPv6 cut your internet connection if the VPN disconnects thus prevent your data from leakage.

This app can run on a wide range of platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Android TV and Amazon Fire Stick/Fire TV. Whereas routers require manual installation, CyberGhost offers browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome.


This US-based VPN has about 1,300 servers spread across the globe, with US alone hosting hundreds of them in 19 cities including New York and Los Angeles. Such extensive connectivity makes it easy to unblock WWE Network content outside of the USA. Known for its ability to connect as many as ten devices simultaneously, it also stands out due to its excellent speeds for streaming, torrenting and browsing.

Servers with IPVanish display the ping and current load of each. Therefore, you have the choice to save or bookmark your favorite servers for easy access in the future. The app prioritizes the best available cities and servers, making it easier to load when starting. The standby support unit handles any issues promptly with a 256-bit AES encryption masking your privacy. Other crucial security features include a strict no-logs policy, an automatic kill switch, and a DNS and IPv6 leak protection. IPVanish runs on platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Mac and Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick.


PrivateVPN has fast servers that ensure you stream the WWE Network without experiencing any lag or buffering. This operator has about 100 servers located in 60 countries across the globe. With PrivateVPN, you can easily unblock any service such as WWE Network, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The PrivateVPN developers directly handle any end-user hitches that may arise. Users can also be accorded help and installation issues remotely.

This app supports the simultaneous connection of up to six devices. The simple design of mobile and desktop apps makes them very user-friendly. The 256-bit AES encryption offers you the much-needed anonymity, while the DNS and IPv6 leak and a kill switch protect you from any data leakages. Another advantage of this app is that you can subscribe semi-anonymously with a throwaway email. It runs on platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. For Linux and other compatible routers, the configuration is manual.


SurfShark is ideal for unblocking WWE Network content, besides other services like Hulu, HBO Go and Netflix. One major advantage of this app is that it has no limit on the number of maximum devices connected simultaneously. The servers offer amazing speeds, enabling you to stream without encountering any buffering or lags.

The app has unique features such as ad blockers and privacy-customized multi-hop servers, with browser extensions making it easy for beginners to navigate and connect the app. The 256-bit AES encryption provides security, while the DNS, IPv6 and a kill switch shields you from any data leaks. The strict no-logs policy leaves no trail for your browsing history. SurfShark operates on an array of platforms including Windows, Android, Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick and Mac.