How To Watch Hotstar Outside India Help

Hotstar is an incredibly popular Indian streaming TV and media service. It offers a huge selection of programmes and live sports from India and beyond, including live coverage of English Premier League games and films and TV shows from huge American media organisations such as HNO and 20th Century Fox. Despite being owned by the American Walt Disney Company, Hotstar is only available to users who are located in India. This means that Indians who travel outside the country, people of Indian descent who live outside the country and others who just happen to have an interest in Indian media. If you are one of these people and you would like access to the Hotstar service, the easiest way to get it is by using a VPN service. There are many other advantages to using a VPN to protect your internet connection which we will run through later on in this article. If you’ve used a VPN in the past and found it tricky to setup and use, then the good news is that things have become a lot simpler in the last few years and using a VPN on your computer is now just as simple as installing and setting up almost any other program.

What are the advantages of using a VPN

A VPN protects your connection to the internet in two key ways. The first is by hiding your location. This means that it’s not possible for any internet site that you use to identify where you are logging on from as they will detect the location of the VPN server that you are using instead. As well as offering a little bit of personal protection, this also has the advantage of allowing you to use streaming media services and other websites, such as Starhub, which are normally only available to people in one particular region. This includes free streaming services offered by broadcasters in other countries such as the BBC iPlayer and Hulu and other services that offer different catalogues to users who live in different countries such as Netflix.

Then other big advantage of funnelling all of your internet traffic through a VPN connection is he added security features that are available. All of the services that we cover on this page offer 256-bit, military grade encryption to protect their users’ personal information. If you have concerns about governments or ISPs tracking your browsing history, this is a great protection against any snooping that may be occurring. If you’re worried about the chance of your records being leaked or simply don’t like the idea of anyone collecting a massive database of all the websites you have visited and your general internet browsing activity, then using a VPN service is a must.

How we have ranked the VPN services on this page

The main criteria that we have used when deciding whether or not to recommend a VPN service on this page is how easy it is to access Hotstar and other Indian streaming services via the app. We have looked in particular at the mobile apps which are available to make it easy to use the VPN service on the go, and whether or not it is simple and straightforward to install the VPN onto your router so that devices such as Smart TVs can also make use of its protection. As part of our review of the setup process, we have also considered the level of support offered by the VPN company and how easy it is to access this support.

Then, we have looked at other factors such as the number of servers that the VPN offers around the world. This is important if you want to make use of your new VPN service to watch content from streaming services which are not based in India. Next, we have considered security. All of the services that are mentioned on this page offer encrypted connections and a ‘no logs’ policy at the very least but some of them go above and beyond by offering other security features and when they do, we have mentioned this in our review.

Finally, around all of these factors, we have considered the price of the service. We haven’t just looked at the monthly cost of a subscription but also whether there are any special offers that could save you money if you prepay for a significant subscription in advance.

You can be sure that all of the VPN services that we mention on this page score highly in all of these categories. There is a lot of competition among VPN providers and they are under a lot of pressure to constantly improve their service and offer more and more features to keep consumers happy. This is great news for anyone who wants to use a VPN service but can make it tricky to pick out the best VPN for a specific purpose, such as watching Hotstar when you are outside India. Our reviews are here to help you cut through all of the confusion.


This is one of the longest established and most fully featured VPN services out there. It has slick software and is easy for even the newest of users to setup. The only big downside is that the cost of the service can be higher than some of the other VPN companies that are out there. This could be well worth it though if you are able to make use of all of its features.

When it comes to streaming Hotstar, ExpressVPN is a great choice. The company has a large number of servers located in India that are ready to help funnel your connection towards the streaming service. The large number of servers and the IP scrambling technology that is used by ExpressVPN is a key benefit as it makes it much harder for Hotstar to block the company’s customers from accessing its streaming platform. Hotstar has been known to take this action in the past against some VPN services that have fewer servers and less robust protections for their customers but ExpressVPN is in an excellent position to avoid this type of crackdown. Connection speeds are also fairly good. 20mbps tends to be the sort of speed which is achievable using ExpressVPN (assuming that your own internet connection is up to the task) and this is more than sufficient for streaming SD and HD video content on Hotstar.

The service is easy to setup and offers software applications for all of the major platforms that you would expect. On the desktop, this means that there are simple to use programs available for Windows, macOS and Linux and on mobile, this means support for Android and iOS, the two mobile operating systems that dominate the global market between them. These apps allow you to select the server that you would like to connect to and easily switch between different servers in the event that you experience any connection issues or would like to switch your connection to a different country. They are lightweight and run in the background to make it easy to manage the service.

If you’re willing to do something that is a little bit more complex, you also have the option of installing ExpressVPN directly onto your router. Make sure that you understand the process before you start as it can cause damage to your router if you get it wrong but full instructions are available on the ExpressVPN website.

With ExpressVPN, you are limited to a total of three simultaneous connections. This should be fine for most individual users but could pose a problem if you are wanting to hare the account between your entire family. There are other VPN services out there which offer a larger number of connections and you may wish to consider using one of them if the number of connections is an important decision-making factor for you.

The security features offered by ExpressVPN are also second-to-none. As well as the advanced encryption and protection of your data that we mentioned in our introduction, ExpressVPN’s software also offers a feature called a kill switch, that will be of particular interest to any users who want to ensure that all of the data that is sent to and from their computers and other devices is fully protected by their VPN. This facility is known as a kill switch. It works by constantly monitoring the connection between your system and the VPN server and automatically shutting off your access to the internet if the connection is ever interrupted. This means that there is no risk of any info being sent without the protection of the VPN, a situation which could theoretically allow it to be intercepted by a nefarious actor. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to further protect your information by paying for ExpressVPN using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

ExpressVPN is probably the most expensive of the VPN services that we cover on this page, although it has more than enough features to justify the price that is being asked for. A monthly subscription to the service costs $12.95. This can be reduced by up to 35% if you take on a long subscription and pay for it upfront. However, this is not as big a discount as some other VPN companies offer.

Overall, if you are looking for a VPN service that is easy to setup and use, has a reliable support service and offers a huge range of servers and don’t mind paying a little more for quality, then ExpressVPN could be exactly the service that you are looking for.


IPVanish is a relative newcomer to the world of VPNs, at least compared to some of its rivals. This hasn’t stopped it from evolving into a fierce competitor which offers all of the features that you would expect from a reliable VPN service. Pricing is fairly competitive too and there is an online support system available to help out with any problems that may be encountered when using the service.

IPVanish is stronger than most competitors in one key area, it allows its users to maintain up to 10 simultaneous connections to one of its servers. This means that there should be no issues in haring your IPVanish account with everyone in your family and allowing them to use it to watch Hotstar or any other service. This makes the monthly subscription price look very attractive when you consider all of the people who will be able to make use of the service.

The upload and download speeds available on IPVanish vary from one server to another but are always high enough to allow for the streaming of content from Hotstar and other streaming services in either HD or SD. You also have the option of installing the IPVanish software directly onto your router. This can be a great choice if you decide that you want to use IPVanish worth a device like a SmartTV which does not allow you to directly install software onto it. It’s also helpful if you want to make sure that all of the internet traffic coming to and from your network is fully protected.

Security features of IPVanish are strong and you won’t need to worry about any problems that could impact the security of your data. As well as offering high-grade encryption, the company also operates a no-logs policy. This means that even in the highly unlikely event that a government was able to obtain a court order that compelled IPVanish to hand over information about the browsing activities of its customers, the company would be unable to as it simply does not record this type of data. You also have the option of paying for the service using Bitcoin. This could be useful if you are worried about the risk of leaving a paper trail which shows that you have paid for a VPN service using your bank account or credit card.

Pricing for IPVanish is competitive. While the lead-in price is similar to many other VPN services at $12.95 per month, there are discounts available for those who commit to longer periods of service. Unlike some competitors, which require you to sign up for and pay for three years of service in order to get the best price, IPVanish offers a competitive 45% discount to customers who commit to one year of service when they first sign up.


NordVPN is another big player in the world of VPN services that offers a huge number of servers and a high-quality service. With thousands of servers located in over 80 countries around the world, including India, it is an excellent choice for any user who wants to be able to stream media from other countries quickly and easily.

Setting up NordVPN on almost any system is a very straightforward process. There are apps available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android which make it easy to. manage your connection and your NordVPN account. You also have the option ion installing NordVPN’s software onto your router if you’d like all of your connections to be protected by its VPNs or you want to use the service with a device that does not support the installation of software which allows you to manage a VPN connection. Make sure that you understand what you are doing before you start messing around with the software on your router though. By flashing it and installing the software offered by NordVPN, you risk causing damage to your router. You will also risk voiding the warranty so make sure that you read the instructions carefully and that you are sure your router is compatible. If all of this sounds like a step too far for you, then NordVPN also sells routers which have its special software preinstalled.

Security is also a strong feature of the NordVPN service. Not only does it offer strong encryption of all connections which ensure that none of its users data can be intercepted by outside actors, but it also offers a kill switch option that ensures no data is sent in the unlikely event of one of its servers suffering from a technical glitch. Furthermore, the service’s users also have the option of IP address scrambling if they want to be sure that none of their browsing activity can be linked together by the websites they visit or by other services that they use.

Pricing for NordVPN on a month to month basis is slightly cheaper than some of the other services out there at only $11.95 per month. However, if you are looking for the biggest available discounts, then you will want to consider committing to a longer subscription in advance. This is because NordVPN offers significant discounts, sometimes as much as 75%, to customers who prepay for several years of the service in advance. If you are able to commit to three years of service in advance, you will receive the highest available discount. If this sounds a little daunting and you’ve never used the service before, then you have the protection of the company’s 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if you decide NordVPN isn’t for you at any point during your first 30 days of using the service, all that you have to do is let the support team know via the 24 hours a day live chat option and that will refund all of the subscription fee back to your credit card, even the portion that covers the service that you have already used.

Hopefully, you’ve found a service above that will be perfect for your planned use of Hotstar. Once you have got used to all of the advantages that are available when you browse the internet using a VPN service, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. Using Hotstar and watching some of the best TV content from India and around the world in the comfort of your own home or on your mobile device when you are out and about is truly only the beginning. A VPN will allow you to discover new films, TV shows and parts of the internet that would otherwise have been completely off limits to you.