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Online privacy is fast becoming nonexistent. You can decide to surf the internet from the comfort of your home, and a random stranger from miles away can choose to pry into your online activities. It's not entirely dangerous; however, it can become a problem when unauthorized entities know your location.

The government, through policies, also makes online privacy difficult. For instance, in Canada, some surveillance policies infringe on online privacy. So now, you're not only at the risk of your ISP selling your information but may also be under constant scrutiny by the government.

Of course, there are several other benefits a VPN offers. For instance, you can access quality content that’s not available where you reside, access cheaper services, maintain subscriptions, among many others.

Well, if you want to know the best VPN for these feats, please read on. In this blog post, we’ll consider all the important features of BlufVPN, as well as its pros and cons. So, let's get right into it!


  • Fast and secure connection
  • Free trial and pocket-friendly prices.
  • Simplified user interface
  • Access to the best services at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Kill switch
  • You can use it on up to five different devices – iOS, Android, or Smart TV
  • Superb, fast, and reliable customer support.
  • Easy access to diverse content from different geographical locations.


  • Unfavorable torrent downloads because of the minimal availability of servers.
  • The availability of P2P sharing when using the app.
  • Recording some private information specifically for the satisfaction of the United States Government.

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BlufVPN Review

What Does BlufVPN Have to Offer You?

Different VPN providers have their unique selling points, and some are more attractive than others. However, they all have a common goal – to help you achieve anonymity on your internet escapades.

Now, you may also note that not all these VPNs can achieve that goal, which is why it’s best to choose carefully. As such, we’ll explore the services BlufVPN can offer you, and they include:

Your very own IP address 

Most VPN providers give you access to servers – they don’t offer you your personalized IP address for these services. However, with BlufVPN, you can pay a meager fee of $14.99 to retain your IP address for different servers. Some of the available servers include Canada, Germany, Italy, and the US, to name a few.

Ease of transfer of files

BlufVPN also offers an exclusive service. If you use a Mac or iOS device, you can exchange files swiftly when you’re connected to a public or private WiFi.

VPN Service The overall rating for Netflix US Netflix access Other Netflix Libraries Connection and Speed Compatibility with devices Customer Support
ExpressVPN 9.3 9.9 7.9 9.2 9.9 9.9
NordVPN 9.2 9.9 9.9 8.9 8.5 8.1
PrivateVPN 9.0 9.9 9.0 8.9 8.5 8.3
BlufVPN 9.1 9.9 9.0 8.9 8.5 8.2


What is BlufVPN?

BlufVPN has its provider company based in Estonia, and it was established in 2020, just recently. The Fourteen Eyes Alliance is an intelligence organization formed in 1943 by the Five Eyes plus nine countries, making fourteen.

It’s how governments spy on their citizens via proxy. Legally, the US can’t do it, so it delegates this duty to other countries, for instance, the UK.

Now, VPN providers located in countries that are members of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance collect intelligence on their citizens and exchange this information with each other. That’s why it’s important to consider the parent country of the VPN provider you’re choosing.

Well, Estonia isn’t a part of this allegiance, and neither is BlufVPN a log-keeping VPN provider. As such, it keeps you anonymous and can’t be mandated to provide your records.

But again, Estonia is a member of the European Union and has been since 2004. As such, it’s subject to the mandates of the EU, so it must honor the data retention policies it dictates.

However, BlufVPN appears promising. First, it’s affordable; when you purchase a bulk subscription, you can pay as little as$3.59 every month for a year or $5.99 every month for six months.

Despite the relatively low price, BlufVPN isn’t your cheapest option. But again, the price may be worth the services, considering that this VPN provider has gotten more than 100,000 downloads from the App Store. It’s also recorded 3.8 out of 5.0 stars, according to various reviews.

BlufVPN has several utility features such as a kill switch, torrenting capacities, no-log policy, multiple servers that you can connect to as many as five devices, availability on multiple operating systems, among many others. Again, so far, these basic features have been deemed viable by users.

However, at VPNsaver, we’ll briefly delve into the features that make BlufVPN user-worthy, and from there, you can decide if this is the right option for you. Let’s go!


Kill Switch 

VPN service disruptions occur, and hackers can use this as an opportunity to infect your system with malware or spy on you to collect sensitive information. However, a kill switch prevents that from happening by disconnecting your device from the internet when a disruption occurs.

Simply put, you’ll be unable to surf the internet until you can connect your device back to a BlufVPN server. This ensures that there’s no room for privacy breaches.

The downside to this feature on BlufVPN is that it doesn’t extend to iOS users. At the very best, an iOS user can only hope to avoid disruptions when they’re surfing the web.


Dark Mode

Contemporary devices offer you the opportunity to switch between day and dark mode, and BlufVPN has also capitalized on that. However, it’s even a more advanced feature because it’s automatic and works with your device’s settings. As such, if your device is set to switch to dark or day mode at a particular time, BlufVPN automates it too.

But again, this feature doesn’t extend to iOS devices, just Androids.


Favorites List 

Suppose you have a couple of servers you connect to because their locations provide unrestricted access to your favorite content. BlufVPN has a feature that lets you add those servers to a favorites list. As such, you can visit that section and select the server you want to connect to instead of browsing through the server list every single time.


No Data Restrictions 

When you’re using a free VPN service like Windscribe, you’ll be restricted to an amount of browsing data monthly. It could be 10 or 2 gigabytes, depending on your preference. However, BlufVPN gives you unrestricted access to the internet. This feature isn’t just for the paid subscription; you can also enjoy unlimited data during your free trial or 30-day money-back guarantee.


Automatic Connection

You can tweak your BlufVPN settings to automatically connect you to a server when you connect to the internet. That way, you won’t have to go to the app to turn it on every time. Thankfully, this service provider offers you unlimited speed, so you’ll hardly know the difference between a VPN-enabled connection and one without.


Automatic Server Connection

Suppose you don’t already have a favorites list for your servers. BlufVPN automatically connects you to the best server in your immediate surrounding, thereby optimizing your browsing experience. But again, BlufVPN already offers you the fastest available internet connection.


Number of Devices 

With any of the BlufVPN subscription options, you can connect your account to as many as five different devices – whether iOS, Android, or otherwise.


Accommodative Software

Finally, BlufVPN has flexible software. You can install the app on your Android, iOS, Windows device, MacBook, or tablet. However, that’s just about it.

In this regard, one of the downsides is that you cannot share your VPN service with anyone who’s connected to your WiFi, much unlike other VPN services that allow this feature. You also can’t install BlufVPN on a router.


BlufVPN Servers

BlufVPN has more than 500 servers in more than 60 countries, offering you diverse options. However, many VPN providers offer, even more, some as many as 14,000. As such, if you’re looking for a broader number of servers, then you may want to consider other options.

But again, it goes beyond having many servers – the real question is whether those servers will serve you well. For this reason, having a small number of servers compared to other VPN providers may be an advantage for BlufVPN. Provided they all give you access to the best services.

Now, while these servers are limited, they can unlock several streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, among many others.

You can access servers in Africa, India, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific,  Europe, and America. As such, BlufVPN can take you to almost everywhere you want to go. The US has the highest number of servers, with 13 different local locations.


BlufVPN Speed 

Many VPN providers boast of speedy connections when you embark on your internet escapades. However, just a few delivers on that. You see, when you connect to a VPN, it’s very common that it slows down your internet speed. After all, you’re taking away your IP address from the watchful eyes of your internet service provider, which means you won’t enjoy your typical internet speed. That’s why the VPN you choose must be able to deliver on fast internet speed.

Now, does BlufVPN fall into the category of VPN providers that fail to deliver a fast speed? Well, let’s find out together. Here’s an analysis of BlufVPN’s internet speed when you turn it on:

First, we visited Speedtest, an online speed checker. You can also do this, simply turn on your BlufVPN to see how fast your connection is during your internet activities.

Next, we tested the speed of servers in the US and the UK. The download speed for the US was 15 Mbps, and the UK was 4.5 Mbps. Now, for uploads, we had 0.8 Mbps for the US and 0.65 Mbps for the UK.


Safety and Privacy When You Connect to BlufVPN 

The essence of connecting to a VPN service is to maximize your safety on the internet. You see, when you connect to the internet unprotected, just about anyone with access to the right skills and tools can track your activities, location, and browsing history.

However, the main villain in this story may be the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. It comprises the Five Eyes Alliance and other countries like Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Italy, to name a few. These countries have an agreement to exchange the private invitation of their member countries among each other.

The data privacy breach is more intricate than you think, and Edward Snowden proved it. However, you can protect your privacy by using a VPN.

But again, it’s not just any VPN. It has to be a VPN that works. So now, regarding privacy protection, you must ask these questions before choosing a VPN:

  • Is your chosen provider subject to the dictates of a country with restrictive privacy laws?
  • Does it have a zero log policy?
  • Can it be mandated to provide your private data and internet records?
  • Does it have a functional kill switch?

If your VPN is renowned for answering all these questions in the negative, then you’re in the clear.

So, let’s analyze it concerning BlufVPN.

For one, this VPN service provider is based in a country that’s a member of the European Union but not a member of the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. The former organization has controlled laws regarding data privacy, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which was ratified in May 2015.

However, this policy simply guides recording private data. That’s why BlufVPN has to record certain aspects of consumer data. But again, it has a no-log policy, which means these records are anonymous and kept to honor protocol. As such, your privacy and security in this regard are maximized.

Another aspect, which we’ll discuss separately, is the no-log policy. It helps you stay anonymous, which is the primary essence of any VPN. The kill switch also ensures your privacy by cutting you off the internet when any disruption occurs between your device and BlufVPN’s encryption.

Finally, BlufVPN uses a military-grade encryption algorithm of AES-250-GCM and a DH key of 4096-bit. This makes access to your IP address impossible, coupled with the shared IP addresses of other BlufVPN users.


Torrenting with BlufVPN 

Torrenting is another reason you need a VPN. Essentially, it entails sharing files among other internet users and is one of the common ways to share files via peer-to-peer.

To get started, you need to connect to a BitTorrent network. Again, to do this, you need a VPN that has many servers. As such, BlufVPN may be weak in this aspect – it offers you about 500 servers.

We aren’t saying torrenting will be impossible with this service provider, but it may not be as straightforward or productive as it would be when you use a VPN with more servers.


No Log Policy 

Now, many VPN providers in 2022 claim to have a no-log policy. However, it goes beyond claims – in reality, is this policy functional?

But first, let’s delve into what a zero-log policy is. It’s a VPN feature that ensures that each time you connect to the internet, there are no records of your history, IP address, or presence whatsoever. Your internet service provider can’t access it; the government can’t; only the provider company.

BlufVPN claims to have a no-log policy, but it isn’t absolute. Again, it’s mandated by the EU to collect some of your data, but they don’t extend past the following:

  • Personal traffic data.
  • Your IP address.
  • Your email address.
  • Some personal data regarding social media activities.
  • Finally, some data from your device.

So, ensure you’re okay with the bits of information BlufVPN collects on its clients before you create an account with them.


BlufVPN Encryption

Have you ever wondered how a VPN keeps your privacy protected? Of course, we all know the why, so let’s talk about the how now. It is through encryption, and it occurs when every action you engage in is sent through a tunnel inaccessible by just anyone. So you need a decryption key.

It’s an AES-256 GCM encryption, which is military-grade level, that makes this feat possible. It’s so reinforced that if anyone tries to break into the system, they have at least a billion different guesses, and hitting the right one would take massive luck. However, before that happens, BlufVPN would have been alerted and taken action to terminate the threat.

The system also uses a 4096-bit DH key, which is unrivaled reinforcement for the AES-256 GCM algorithm.


Compatible Devices

BlufVPN is pretty accommodative of different gadgets, letting you connect as many as five of them to your single account.

It works wonderfully for Android, macOS, iPhone and iPad, and Windows devices. There have been attempts at including browser extensions, and we’re hoping for results soon.

However, if you have any device not included above, it doesn’t exclude you from ensuring impenetrable security in your home. For example, you can simply connect your router to BlufVPN – there are provisions for that. It can even be a permanent connection, which you can find in your settings on the BlufVPN app.

This option is preferable because each time you connect to the internet, you don’t need to start turning on your VPN for each of your devices. Instead, the orientation is permanent.


What’s Streaming Like with BlufVPN?

Entertainment is an essential part of life, and we all have preferences. Some like sports, while a large percentage of the population enjoys movies and music. However, irrespective of what you love, you can’t deny that you haven’t been a victim of geo-blocking at least once.

Well, it happens when content owners, governments, website owners, social media owners, and people in charge of the content we enjoy restrict them to a particular location. It could be for several reasons, such as to maximize profit, honor copyright laws, honor government censorships, among many others.

Whatever the case is, it’s a painful phenomenon, and sports lovers can particularly attest to this. For instance, movie lovers, too – did you know that the US Netflix library has the highest number of movies in the world? But if you’re not living in the US, you can’t unlock this library.

But again, it’s because you’ve never tried BlufVPN. So, when you create your account, use it to visit your favorite streaming hubs and watch wonders unfold.

So, would VPNsaver say BlufVPN is excellent for streaming? Absolutely! There are just enough servers to access the best content worldwide, and this minimal number of servers offers you the best quality and speed.


Our Verdict

At VPNsaver, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review the best VPN providers in the United States. We conclude that BlufVPN is reliable, easily accessible, and secure, despite its cons. As such, we recommend it and propound that it is an excellent option for anonymous internet activities.

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Head of content

Here at VPNGorilla we strive on caring about privacy both ours and others. We find out the most essential information, visions and insights on VPNs, and as aftermath comes our reviews. Our ambition is to bring out the most essential news and reviews regarding, which VPN services to use. To find the perfect VPN service for your needs, read our news and reviews on VPN services.
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Frequently asked questions about BlufVPN

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that protects you during your internet escapades. Typically, your IP address is vulnerable, which means anyone can access your location, internet footprints, and personal information.

VPNs aren’t illegal in the US and most other countries of the world. However, using them for illegal purposes is highly frowned upon.

You can use your credit card, debit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

You have several options when you want to purchase your desired BlufVPN subscription plan. Bulk payments are available, and the higher you go, the less you pay.

Monthly, you’ll pay $9.99. When you’re buying a longer plan, say a year, you’ll pay $3.94 monthly. For three years, you’ll pay $3.49 monthly upfront.

You can use cryptocurrency if you want to achieve an anonymous payment.

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