Best VPNs For Static or dedicated IP addresses

There are lots of reasons why you may require your own static or dedicated IP address. For instance, you may need to get access to a web server that only permits access to a whitelist of IP addresses. If you are still using a dynamic IP address, which is the default setup for most ISPs, this will be a problem, and you will find that you need to add your new IP address back to the whitelist every few days. While some ISPs do allow their users to pay extra to obtain a static IP address, not all of them do. This can even be the case in areas where one ISP has a monopoly over the entire market through its ownership of the local fibre-optic cable network.

Fortunately, there is another way around this and that is to use a VPN network that offers you a static IP address. Not all VPN services are able to offer this and some that do charge extra for this service. Nevertheless, it’s worth knowing that this is an option as it could be a far easier way to get the work that you need to do done. The good news is that we’ve done the hard work and found the best VPN service providers that offer a static IP address, so you don’t need to go looking on your own. In this article, we’ll tell you the features that you should be looking for when you select your VPN service provider.

6 Best VPNs For Static or dedicated IP addresses

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What are the advantages of using a VPN?

As well as the possibility of obtaining a static IP address when this would not otherwise be possible, there are several other reasons why you may wish to consider using a VPN when you connect your home or work computer or mobile phone to the internet. Generally, these fall into two categories: security related and content related.

Let’s look at the security pluses first. All of the VPNs that we feature in this article allow you to connect to the internet via a 256-bit encrypted connection. It is the VPN server, rather than your own computer or network, that connects to the other servers that make up the internet and it will send all of the data back via a secured channel. In short, this means that your ISP, the government and anyone else who may be tracking your internet browsing habits will have no insight into the websites that you are visiting. Given the publicity, there has been over recent years about government building up vast databases of their citizens’ internet browsing activities, this is a wise precaution to take when it comes to your personal information. Even if you don’t have anything to hide, there is always the risk of your, perfectly legal, browsing history being leaked in some sort of cyberattack and causing embarrassment or other problems.

As there have also been reports of ISPs monitoring their users’ browsing activities in recent years and using this information to build up profiles of their customers which can later be sold to advertising companies, taking these types of precautions is only sensible. This is especially true if you are going to be using a static IP address which makes it much easier for websites to track your behaviour and activity across multiple visits to multiple websites. A static IP combined with the tracking scripts and cookies that many websites use these days is a total privacy nightmare.

The second reason why many users decide to start using a VPN is that it gives them access to a whole range of content and services that they would not otherwise be able to use. This is because when you connect to a VPN server that is located in a country other than the one that you are in, any website that you connect to will identify you as being located in that country as well. In short, this means that you can watch streaming video services from other countries and access content that is normally geographically restricted to people who are in certain countries. This is particularly useful if you travel regularly and want to keep up with TV or sport from home when you are away.

How we have selected the VPN on this page

There are hundreds of VPN service providers out there and if we included every single one that could conceivably offer a static IP address, it would become unreadable. For that reason, we had to introduce a strict set of criteria when it came to choosing the ones that we feature. The first thing we looked at, of course, is whether the facility to have a static IP address is available at all. This knocked out a surprisingly high number of services, including some of the biggest names in the world of VPNs. We then looked at whether or not the service provider charged an extra fee to users who wanted a dedicated and static IP and, if so, how high that fee was.

After this, we looked at a number of the other features that people consider when choosing a VPN service. These included how easy it was to set up and how many platforms, browsers and systems the software provided by the VPN company supported; how easy it was to get support and what platforms they support was available on and the overall cost of the service. We also considered whether or not it was possible to pay in a cryptocurrency for privacy reasons or in your local country in order to save on foreign exchange fees. We’ll also consider whether the service offers a free trial or money-back guarantee that allows you to evaluate the service without commitment.

For total clarity, we have not included any services that say they will ‘usually’ give you the same IP address or that they will give you the same IP address when you connect to the same server. This is because this type of reassurance is not strong enough for the majority of things that people require static IP addresses for. If you need one to log on to a particular server for instance and you are not able to reliably connect to that IP address, then you could have to spend hours talking to various IT admins every time that you require access since your IP address would be constantly changing.

With all of that in mind, read on for our selection of the best VPN services that offer a static IP address.


This service is so good that it’s often our first choice in general for the best VPN service. The fact that it offers the option of a static IP address is really the icing on the cake. The first thing you need to know is that static IP addresses are not available in every country that NordVPN has servers in. In fact, at the time of writing, they were only available in four countries: The United States, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. There is also an additional fee for the dedicated IP address service of $70 per year. The good news is that this IP address would be dedicated to you and not shared with anyone else. This means that there is no chance of your IP address being blocked due to the nefarious activities of other VPN users. It also means that you are unlikely to have any issues accessing streaming services in the host country using that IP address since it is unlikely to be blocked by the major content providers.

There’s no online facility for buying a static IP address on NordVPN, although this is something that it has in common with most of the other VPN services that we are going to cover.

Aside from the static IP facility, NordVPN has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best VPN providers out there. It has gained this reputation by offering some of the best and easiest to use software in the industry. Software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux on the desktop (although, in common with many other VPN services, the Linux app is only available for certain distribution and relies on a command-line based interface). For mobile, you have a choice between software for the iOS and Android platforms and there are also extensions for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

In pricing terms, apart from the $70 annual fee that you will have to pay for your static IP, you will also have to pay the standard $11.95 monthly fee for NordVPN. If you are going to buy the static IP address, you would be as well signing up for 12 months of service in advance, a discount of around 33% is generally available if you do this. Discounts get even higher when you commit to longer periods of service and go as high as 75% when you commit to and pay for three years of service when you first sign up. Don’t worry too much about committing to this length of service at the beginning as a 30-day money-back guarantee is available if you change your mind at any point in the first month. This doesn’t cover the static IP though so it may be worth testing other aspects of the service before you commit.

If you are happy to go with one of the smaller VPN services that is not a household name, then we would highly recommend that you check out The service has an excellent reputation for customer service and offers significantly lower prices for dedicated IP addresses, especially for users who are willing to pay upfront for long periods of service. Unlike most other services, it is possible to add and pay for your dedicated IP address through the online shopping cart without having to contact customer support. Like most other services though, does not offer dedicated IPs in all of the 32 countries that it operates servers in. Instead, dedicated IP addresses are only available in Australia, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

The biggest drawback of and the reason that it is not top of our list is that it only offers three simultaneous server connections by default. This means that you will be unable to protect your internet activity on your phone, desktop, tablet and your laptop at the same time without having to pay for multiple accounts. This is particularly problematic if you are planning to share your account across a family. It is possible to add another three simultaneous connections for $2.99 a month and users who sign up and pay for two years of service in advance benefit from five simultaneous connections. If you do have to pay the extra though, the price of a standard account creeps very close to that of NordVPN with fewer servers available, although the cost of a dedicated IP address is much lower.

A standard subscription to costs $8.88 a month. Prices get far lower if you are willing to sign up for a longer period of service in advance and pay for it all at once. They go as low as the equivalent of $2.88 a month for users who pay for two years of the service upfront. If you’re looking for peace of mind, keep in mind that the service will allow you to try it out for free for up to three days with a maximum of 1GB of data transfer. If you do select this option, you will not have access to a dedicated IP address during the trial period.

Hopefully, you now fully understand the benefits of using a dedicated IP address and a VPN when you are browsing the internet and know just how easy it is to start using one. All you have to do is sign up for your chosen site, download the software sign in and you will be well on your way to protecting all of your browsing activity.