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Uruguay is a smallĀ South American country. The population of the country is estimated to be less than four million people. Gorgeous beaches, peace, and friendly locals are some of the top reasons why many people visit the country each year. Whenever you are visiting the country and need to use the internet, you should always use a VPN to access online content and services back home. That is more of the case when you use public Wi-Fi. Using a VPN is the surest and easiest way of ensuring that all your internet activities are safe and private.

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Top Reasons to Use a VPN in Uruguay

To Access All Your Favorite Video Streaming Services

Nearly all popular video streaming services have geo-restrictions. That means that you may be unable to access some of your favorite video streaming services while in Uruguay, such as US Netflix. Your subscription to such services will be going to waste during your entire trip to the country. Using a VPN is the perfect solution to that problem. It will allow you to connect to the services via a server located in the country that the service is being offered. That means you will be able to bypass the geo-restrictions and enjoy your favorite videos.

To Improve Security

With a relaxing and peaceful environment, you are likely to find yourself whiling away for hours online while at your favorite coffee shop or hotel. Without using a VPN, there are high chances that all the data that you receive or send, which includes passwords and personal information, will be intercepted by a cybercriminal. In the wrong hands, such information can be used to steal from you. Using a VPN ensures that all your data remains safe irrespective of the internet connection that you use.

To Shop Safely

Online shopping is quite popular, and something that you are most likely going to do, irrespective of whether you live in Uruguay or just visiting. The sites from which you shop are responsible for setting up the right security protocols to protect your payment information. However, not all shopping sites do that. Some, especially those without HTTPS or lock icon on the browser, can be quite risky. Using a VPN significantly reduces the chances of your credit card and personal information getting to the wrong hands.

To Unblock Sites

You may be unable to access some websites while in Uruguay because they are blocked or censored. This challenge is mostly experienced by tourists or people on a business trip. That is because most websites put restrictions on their internet connections to ensure employees stay focused on working. Using a VPN can help you to unblock the sites and get full access.

To Get the Best Deals

The prices for car rentals, hotel rooms, and air tickets might vary based on the geographical location from which you are shopping. Using a VPN can help you get the best deal. That is because the VPN will allow you to buy via a server that is located in the geographical location that offers the best rates.

To Secure Your VOIP Calls

Making international calls via mobile carrier services is usually a bit expensive. That is why many people prefer voice-over-IP calls because they are quite cheap. However, they are generally not very safe as anyone with good IT skills can hack them. Using a VPN service can prevent such cases from happening.

Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN for Uruguay

You should choose the right VPN service to use for Uruguay, as it will determine your user experience. To ensure that you make the right choice, you need to put a variety of factors into consideration. Some of the top factors to consider are highlighted below.


Before you subscribe to a VPN service, you should check whether it supports all the protocols that you might need. The main protocols to consider include PPTTTP, L2TP IPSEC, and SSL, among others. Protocols determine the rigidness of the cybersecurity that you will enjoy. Some protocols are a lot more secure compared to others, while some provide faster speeds than others do. You should familiarize yourself with the functions of VPN protocols so that you can choose a VPN that will satisfy your needs.


Privacy is probably one of the main reasons why you are considering using a VPN service in the first place. It is, therefore, essential that you choose a VPN provider with a robust technical infrastructure. Find out whether the VPN service will stores data. If so, find out how much of the data they will keep. You can find such information from the privacy policy of the company. Compare the privacy policy of the different options at your disposal and choose the one that offers you the most privacy.


The prices for different VPN services usually vary. The features offered are what play a significant role in determining the prices. That means that the cheaper you go, the less the features you will enjoy. In as much as you have to consider the budget you have for the VPN services, you need to choose a VPN that will provide all the essentials that you need. Also, your choice should give you a high value for your money. The subscription packages are another consideration to make. Some VPN providers will price their products based on bandwidth used while other use duration of usage. Choose what works best for you.

Number of Servers

The number of servers does matter as it determines the number of geographical points from which you can access online content. In addition to the number, you should also consider the spread. The servers should be located in locations that are of interest to you. For example, a VPN server that is located in Uruguay will allow you to access all the online services that are geo-restricted to Uruguay.


Trustworthiness is another critical factor to consider, especially if you intend to use the service for a long time. That is because the VPN ideally replaces your internet service provider and can access all of the activities you do online. Without trust, you will not be able to use the internet as you please. Choosing a VPN service that has no logging policy might work best for your interests.


The VPN provider that you choose should guarantee high reliability regarding downtimes and server speed. Faster server speeds mean that you can stream without buffering and download content within a shorter time.

The Top VPNs for Uruguay

Many VPN providers have servers located in Uruguay and provide exceptional services. That means that choosing the VPN service can be a bit challenging, given the many options that you have to consider. However, some VPNs stand out among the competition and can be rated among the top VPNs for Uruguay. Those top VPNs for Uruguay are highlighted below.


NordVPN has been ranked among the top VPN services not only in Uruguay but also in the world. The high rankings are because of the many features that the VPN offers regarding guaranteeing security to its customers. Examples of privacy and security-oriented features of NordVPN include obfuscated servers, CyberSec, and Double VPN features.

The jurisdiction of NordVPN does not have any data retention regulations, which works well to the credibility of the VPN. It has a zero-logging policy that a majority of clients usually look for. NordVPN provider also has a vast network of servers, which are located in different countries across the world. At the moment, the number of servers is more than 5200 and continues to grow with time.

The servers are spread over 59 different countries and are also known to offer incredible speeds irrespective of the location from which you connect to them.

On top of all the amazing features that NordVPN offers, their prices are also quite affordable. The plan options include one month, one year, two year, and three-year plans. The three-year plan is the cheapest, allowing you to save more than 70% compared to the one-month plan.

Top Features Offered by NordVPN

It Supports a Variety of Devices
NordVPN works in all the major platforms for both computers and smartphones. For computers, you can install it on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. For smartphone devices, it is available on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. One account allows you to connect up to six devices, including routers. That offers more flexibility for you as a user.

One of the things that make NordVPN so popular is how easy it is to use it. Installation and setup are straight forward, irrespective of the platform that you are using. The theme is also quite attractive, which plays a part in enhancing user experience.

Wide Range of VPN Protocols
NordVPN offers nearly all the VPN protocols available. Your choices include OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec. That means that you get to enjoy the security level that you desire.


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Express VPN

Express VPN has had quite a good reputation over the years, probably the reason why it is a favorite among people looking for a VPN for Uruguay. The Express VPN Company, which is based in the Virgin Islands, has a lot more features to offer than many other VPN providers in the market, which is what makes it stand out. It has a network of more than 3000 servers, spread across 94 countries and 160 cities. A good number of the servers are located in the US and Europe.

Top Features of Express VPN

Works on All Major Platforms
Express VPN can work on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. There are also apps designed for mobile devices, which can be installed on Android and iOS. You can also install it on routers to allow you to use the VPN on any other device that may not be supported.

It Offers a Variety of Tools
Express VPN comes with a variety of tools, which make it a lot more useful and productive. For example, there is a tool that you can use to check your IP address after connecting to your server choice. Other tools include a DNS leak checker, password generator, and WebRTC leak test.

Express VPN is also known to be user-friendly. That is particularly the case when it comes to setting everything up. You do not need any experience or expertise to be able to use Express VPN effectively.


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VyprVPN does not particularly appear among the top VPNs in the world, but it does qualify for a spot among the top VPNs for Uruguay. The VPN service providers outline quite clearly what their services can and cannot do. It offers impressive performance regarding the speed of the servers.

Top Features of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is very popular when it comes to VPNs for Uruguay, mostly because of the features that it offers. Among the reasons why people love using this VPN include, reliability and fast speeds of connection, especially for the Uruguay servers. Regarding the price, Vypr VPN is also among the most affordable options. The plans are categorized in one month, quarterly, and annual plans.

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Final Thoughts

Access to local internet in Uruguay is provided by ANTEL, a telecom organization that is owned by the state. The organization starves off the fledgling businesses that can offer better services at better prices. A good thing, however, is that using a VPN in the country is legal. You can purchase a VPN of your choice and make use of it to bypass any of the restrictions and limitations that the government may have set.

Making the right choice of VPN is crucial, as it will determine the value for money that you will get. In addition to that, it determines how private your online activities will be and the various other VPN features that you can enjoy. There are many other options available, but you should always go for the ones that have been optimized for Uruguay if you wish to get the best VPN experience for Uruguay.

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