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Chile is a fascinating South American country situated off the Pacific Ocean. The gorgeous locations and sights in the country attract many tourists throughout the year. It is also known for its high-income economy as well as high standards of living, which include vast internet connections.

One of the things which Chile boasts about is free internet. The Chilean government, however, is yet to enforce any internet censorship regulations. This is meant to ensure that all citizens have the freedom of press and speech. In addition to that, Chile has a telecommunication infrastructure that is among the most advanced in the region. All this means is that Chileans have access to good internet connections, and they enjoy complete online freedom. When visiting Chile as an ex-pat or a tourist, you should consider getting yourself a reliable VPN to ensure that you will enjoy online privacy and safety.


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Top Reasons Why You Need a VPN in Chile

To Browse the Internet Securely

Your security and privacy are always at risk whenever you are browsing online. That is more certain when you are using public Wi-Fi, which is often freely available in most hotels and coffee shops all over Chile. Using free Wi-Fi essentially means your connection is unencrypted, meaning that anyone can intercept it. There is also the possibility of suffering from a malware attack. Using a VPN is an excellent way to mitigate these risks and allow you to use any internet connection without worries.

To Prevent Cybercriminals from Snooping on Your VOIP Calls

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is a popular way for people to make international calls from Chile. That is because it is a lot cheaper compared to the traditional phone calls which are made via a telecommunication service provider. However, given the requests are made via the internet, there are chances of any IT expert snooping on your VOIP calls. Using a VPN will eliminate the chances of such a thing happening due to the enhanced encryption that it adds. Using a VPN is particularly crucial if you intend to pass confidential information over the VOIP call.

To Play Online Games Anonymously

As much as playing online games via a VPN is not so popular, it is still very advantageous. For starters, it offers you anonymity. That allows you to keep all the credentials of your account safe and secure, including your credit card information. Some games have geo-restrictions, as well. With a reliable VPN service, the restrictions will not bother you. For an excellent gaming experience, you need to choose a VPN which offers fast connection speeds.

To Take Advantage of Location-Based Price Targeting

Many businesses usually adjust their pricing for products and services based on geographical location, similar to how they target their advertisements. With the high-income economy of Chile, a majority of the prices are usually adjusted upwards. You can take advantage of a VPN service to level up the playing field. You do so by connecting to a server which is located in a region where the prices are fair. Services that require booking are usually the most affected, such as air tickets and hotel rooms.

To Bypass Restrictions

In as much as Chile enjoys freedom on the internet, there are many places where some restrictions may be imposed. Examples include schools and libraries where the internet is partially censored. Although the restrictions are meant to protect the users, they can be a bit frustrating when you have nothing but good intentions. Using a VPN service can help you to bypass all the restrictions and utilize the full internet.

To Stop Tracking

At times, various sites tend to track the activities of online users in a bid to improve targeted ads. The ads can be a bit frustrating if there are too many or uninteresting to you. Using a VPN is an effective solution to ensure that no site can track your online activities. The VPN helps you to regain control of your privacy.

To Research Without Leaving a Trace

At times you may need to research without leaving any trace. If you are working in a company, for example, you may not want to leave traces of you looking at the available job offers at a competing business. In such a case, using a VPN will help you cover your tracks. The VPN will assign you a different IP address to ensure nothing can be traced back to you.

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Top Considerations to Make When Choosing a VPN for Chile

Not every VPN available for Chile will satisfactorily cater to your needs. For that reason, you need to be quite picky when deciding which VPN to use. The vast list of options can make it quite challenging to make the right decision. To help you narrow down the available options, you should consider the factors highlighted below.


A good VPN is one which makes security a top priority. If a VPN cannot guarantee that your data will remain private at all times, then it is probably not worth your money. Encryption is quite crucial regarding security. A good VPN ensures that all data leaving your smartphone or computer passes through a secure channel to make it difficult to intercept. In the rare case that the data gets intercepted, it will be of no use to the hacker because it will be encrypted. For the best security, choose a VPN that offers 256-bit AES encryption. You should also check the protocols and choose one that offers OpenVPN.


Speed is another essential factor that can help you determine the quality of a VPN. A VPN may offer high security, but it will not be a good option if it does not have fast connection speeds. In current times, everyone is looking for ways to speed up their internet connections. Using a VPN which significantly does the opposite will not make sense. A slow VPN connection will result in video streaming buffering and downloads taking too much time to complete. However, it is essential to note that all VPNs may slow down your connection due to the process of encryption and decryption. Choose a VPN that has the least effect on your internet connection speed.

Number of Servers

The number of servers which a VPN provider has does matter, as it indicates the various geographical locations from which you can connect. The more servers, the higher the chances of finding a fast option. It also means that the probability of server overloads are minimal. In addition to the number of servers, consider the spread as well. Make sure that there are servers in the regions or countries in which you need to access geo-restricted content.


People who love torrenting usually look for a high level of security to protect themselves from malicious individuals and copyright holders. A VPN usually caters to such needs, but not all VPNs are optimized for torrenting. If you intend to download via torrents, you should consider choosing a VPN which is optimized for P2P downloading.

Top VPNs for Chile

As mentioned earlier, many VPNs can work well for Chile. However, some are a lot better, based on the number and quality of features that they offer. A few of the ones which stand out are highlighted below.

Express VPN

Express VPN has been in the industry for many years, continuously improving its services throughout. In 2018, it was ranked the best VPN service provider, not only in Chile but in the world. Express VPN has more than 2000 servers spread in more than 94 countries. This means that the VPN provides global server coverage.

Another thing which makes it an excellent choice for Chile is that it has a strict no-logs policy. Users can opt for anonymity right from the signup process. Regarding connection speeds, Express VPN is known to offer some of the fastest connections in the industry.

If you enjoy streaming videos, you will be happy to know that all the servers are optimized for streaming. The encryptions are military-grade, guaranteeing you excellent security and privacy. The latest VPN protocols are also used. Express VPN offers MediaStreamer, which is a free smart DNS service.

In case you run into any problems using the VPN, or you have concerns, you can get in touch with the five-star customer service, which is available 24/7 via chat. The 30-day money-back guarantee offered, allows you to try out the VPN before you commit your money to it.




Bullet VPN

Another top VPN provider for Chile is Bullet VPN. It makes it to the list of the best mainly due to its fast connection speeds. It is one of the fastest commercial VPNs around the world. The server count for Bullet VPN is not so impressive, but they make up for it with the server spread. The servers are strategically in the most convenient locations which offer users the most content. All the servers are optimized for P2P sharing, which means that they are great for torrent downloading.

Bullet VPN does have a strict no-logs policy as well, ensuring its users enjoy top privacy and security. The VPN uses five different protocols, which include the popular OpenVPN protocol. The encryptions used are military-grade. You can access live customer care via email or chat, 24/7. In case you are unsatisfied with the services, you can get your money back within the first 30 days of subscription.



NordVPN is a top option because of the many features which it offers. The provider has more than 5000 servers spread across more than 60 countries. The impressive number of servers gives users global coverage, meaning that they have more access to geo-restricted content. The zero-logs policy of Nord VPN is a good indication of how serious they are about providing privacy. They also offer a feature called Double VPN, which, as the name suggests, offers double VPN encryptions.

All of Nord VPN’s servers are optimized for P2P sharing and offer impressive speeds for both upload and download. It also offers split tunneling and SmartPlay, which is a smart DNS feature. You can also contact customer service 24/7 via live chat. Nord VPN has a 30-day refund policy.




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CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is another VPN which has been in the industry for quite some time now. It has more than 3700 servers spread in Chile and about 60 other countries, ensuring that you stay connected to any geo-restricted content. The servers are optimized for streaming and P2P sharing. CyberGhost VPN uses advanced encryption and several tunneling protocols that ensure your online activities remain safe from spying eyes. It allows simultaneous connections for a maximum of seven devices. It is also known for affordable pricing, especially for long-term subscriptions. They also offer a 45-day money-back guarantee, in case you are dissatisfied with some of their services. For Android and iOS apps, you can enjoy a free trial before making any payment.

Final Thoughts

You should make sure always to use a VPN whenever you go online while in Chile, irrespective of the internet connection which you are using. It is the best way to ensure that your browsing is private and secure while giving you unlimited access to online content. Make sure you choose a VPN that is reliable, effective, and affordable to you, to enjoy the best online experiences. If you are unfamiliar with VPNs, ensure that you consider user-friendliness as well. A VPN that has been optimized for Chile will also probably be a good choice.

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