The Best VPN for Asia

Ever asked yourself about the best VPN for Asia? Or maybe you want to access content which is only available in Asian countries, and you do not know which is the best VPN for Asia. Most Asian countries, including India and China, limit what their netizens can access. Simply put, internet freedom is highly restricted in Asia, especially when you compare the continent to other regions. Ironically, Asia is the world’s largest internet market above Europe and North America. India, for example, has more than 460 million internet users, yet it even plays second fiddle to mainland China. So how does a VPN come in?

A virtual private network will help you access Asian content even when you are not within the region. Also, you can access foreign blocked sites if you are currently in Asia. A VPN is simply defined as a network which hides your identity and gives you access to censored sites. Before you know the fundamentals of using a VPN and finding the best VPN in the market, you must know accessing censored sites, and streaming videos may not be necessarily a crime. However, you should know that downloading copyrighted material can land you in serious troubl


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Reasons for Connecting to an Asian VPN

Viewing or streaming content only available in Asia can be a problem for people who are elsewhere at the time. Here are reasons why you should connect to a VPN.


vpn for asia

Prevent Government Surveillance

Some countries in Asia, including China, Singapore, Pakistan, and North Korea, monitor what their citizens do online. This means that the government has access to your private data. Installing a VPN can help protect your data and privacy from the government’s hawk eyes.

Protection Against Hackers

Hacking and snooping are not uncommon in Asia, with many people complaining of their data being corrupted or accessed by unwanted persons. In fact, there might be no region which matches Asia when it comes to malware attacks. Some hackers even go to the extent of exploring your devices to get your passwords and steal from your online payment accounts. But installing a VPN can give you the protection you need from such attacks.


Whether it is the largest, such as Saudi Arabia, or the smallest, Bahrain, countries in the Middle East and even in Southern and Northern Asia censor their websites to protect their national interests. This means that you would find it difficult to access websites from Asian countries unless you have a VPN.

Internet Providers and the US Government

It is no news when the government of the USA asks for users’ data from internet service providers (ISP) and online companies. And this is even worse for people from the Middle East and Asian countries, who the government wants to track. Marketing agencies can also approach internet providers to buy private browsing data. Be sure to install an Asian VPN to protect yourself from ISPs.

Bypass Geo-restrictions to Watch Asian Programming

VPNs are not only used to protect you from the government, ISPs, and hackers. Maybe your main purpose for using the best VPN for Asia is to access different types of Asian programming safely and securely regardless of where you are. A VPN can help you watch all kinds of TV, movies, and sports no matter where you are.

Asian Web Content

Are you experiencing difficulty accessing web content which is only available in Asia? Connect to an Asian VPN server to locate yourself where exactly you want to be, to help you access any type of content.

How a VPN Protects You

A VPN generally works by providing security and privacy between your devices and third parties.

Fortifies Your Network:
At a time when cybercrime is at its peak, a VPN works by preventing hackers and other unwanted persons from breaking into your connection to steal or corrupt your data.

Masks Your IP Address:
A VPN provides an anonymous IP address, which separates you from what you do online.

Provides High-End Security:
The internet helps you browse for knowledge and information, shop for goods and services, and communicate with family, friends, and colleagues.

Generally, a VPN gives you access to content and provides internet privacy by:

  • Unblocking Netflix
  • Streaming media and music
  • Unblocking games
  • Concealing identity
  • Prevent tracking

A virtual private network also helps change an IP address and provide online security through:

  • Anonymous IP address
  • VPN encryption
  • Wi-Fi security

Best VPN Asia

Here are several of the best VPNs for Asia.

1. IPVanish

IPVanish has VPN servers in more than 10 Asian countries and about 70 individual servers spread across the region. With a presence in South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, China, and India, IPVanish is the ultimate virtual private network you so much require. IPVanish also covers Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, and has more than three servers in Turkey. Having close to 70 worldwide servers means that you can access blocked content from different parts of the world. For example, you can connect to Netflix USA even if your current location is Asia.`

This VPN is based in the United States, and it is widely known that companies in the US are subject to NSA and copyright laws, which may demand that the organizations hand over customer information. But IPVanish is well prepared to give no information, considering that they do not keep any user or activity logs to provide you with the protection you want.

One advantage of IPVanish over other VPNs is that you can connect up to five devices to the virtual network. And the VPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and macOS. Plus, you can connect the VPN to your network routers. Choose from one or three-month plans, or three-year plans, depending on what you want to spend. With a seven-day refund period, you can have your money back if you think that the network is not your thing.


Pros of IPVanish:

  • Affordable
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • High-end security features
  • Supports or unblocks in HD speeds
  • Approximately 70 servers across Asia


  • Limited payment options; no Bitcoin
  • Manual configuration required for individual servers in China
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2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is simply one of the best VPNs for Asia and in the world, in general. With server locations in almost 95 countries, including Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand, you can access content from different places at the best possible speeds. Other server locations in Asia include Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Even if the country you live in or are accessing content from does not have a server, the current server locations are enough to cover the whole Asian region.

No need to worry if you want a location in China, given that ExpressVPN has servers in Macau and Hong Kong. The same servers work for individuals who are based in the People’s Republic, who may want to access foreign content, including TV programs and social sites, such as Facebook. It is dumbfounding how the strictest Great Firewall of China cannot detect ExpressVPN. The website is blocked in mainland China, but you can use a second web address to access whatever you want.

The connection is relatively simple compared to other VPNs, in that with just a few clicks, you can use the service whether you are a beginner or an expert. ExpressVPN software supports a range of devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. The network might be more expensive than other VPNs, but the service you get matches the price. Furthermore, they offer a one-month money-back guarantee if the service fails to meet your expectations. There is a live chat option where you can reach out to customer support anytime. A vast server network (1000 superfast servers) unblocks all significant sites and streams in HD.


Pros of ExpressVPN:

  • Operations in more than 90 countries with 1000+ servers
  • Unrivaled security and privacy
  • 24/7 live chat
  • HD quality streaming

Cons of ExpressVPN:

  • More expensive than other VPN services

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3. NordVPN

NordVPN has a spot among the most trustworthy and reputable VPNs to have ever been made. With server locations in more than 60 countries and 5100+ servers, NordVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and boasts of an arsenal of features to provide an automatic kill switch, as well as protect you against DNS leaks, malware, and ads.

In Asia, NordVPN might have a presence in more countries than IPVanish and ExpressVPN. The good news, though, is that it has twice as many servers and is relatively cheap compared to ExpressVPN. NordVPN has approximately 500 servers in Asia and has server locations in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The network works in China, and you can access Netflix USA, Canada, UK, and France. You can also access restricted content if you are in India.

Connect up to six devices simultaneously when you use this NordVPN. And one feature which makes this VPN stand out from the competition is that it supports major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. The network has specialized servers to support peer-to-peer networks. A double-hop connection includes double encryption and can through different VPN servers at one time. The VPN has a browser extension that works perfectly with Chrome and Firefox.

The site offers excellent customer service through a myriad of channels, including a 24/7 live chat option, email, Facebook, and Twitter, and you can find the answers you need by interacting with the ‘community.’ NordVPN offers a handful of different subscriptions, and you can even try it for free. Furthermore, you can test the VPN to check if it matches your expectations. You have up to one month to request a refund if you do not like the network. The biggest drawback of this network is that you can choose server locations but specific servers.


Pros of NordVPN:

  • Impressive unblocking capabilities
  • Streams in HD speeds
  • Excellent customer service (24/7 live chat)
  • Over 500 servers in Asia


  • Inability to choose specific servers

4. StrongVPN

Of all the best VPN Asia services mentioned in this article, StrongVPN has the most limited number of servers. To be more specific, the VPN has server locations in Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. The VPN also has servers in Hong Kong, and this can help you access restricted content in China and neighboring areas. Despite having the least amount of servers, StrongVPN gives you access to most locations across the wider Asian region. Furthermore, it works just like other VPNs in this roundup.

This might not be your go-to VPN, but this article would not be complete if the low-budget VPN was not mentioned. But one good reason for choosing this VPN over the others is that it is incredibly cheap. The software costs $5 and a few cents per month. Note that StrongVPN is a subsidiary of the reputable StackPath LLC, which is also the parent company of IPVanish. The company does not keep any records or log web traffic and data from its clients.

StrongVPN is synonymous with simplicity. When you first open the VPN, you see a map which asks you to choose your preferred location. Then, the VPN chooses the closest server with the best speeds. Alternatively, you may click the Best Available Location to see the network’s location listings. Although the locations are limited, the servers are strong enough to give accessibility to different places in Asia.

With a colorful and friendly user-interface, StrongVPN is easy to navigate and comes with constant speeds to satisfy most users. It works perfectly on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. The VPN does not go overboard in providing feature choices. However, still, you have access to the most essential features of a virtual private network. However, you may have to bypass this choice if you want something that supports P2P sharing, unblocks Netflix, and has a broader selection of countries.



Pros of StrongVPN:

  • Relatively cheap
  • Available in Hong Kong
  • Great user-interface


  • Difficulty accessing Netflix
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5. Other Best VPNs for Asia

The list of the best VPNs for Asia is not exhaustive. Here are other networks you should consider using:

These VPN services are fast enough to support HD videos, operate in different locations across Asia, have secure encryption and privacy policies, and keep no logs to protect you against surveillance and harm.

How to Choose a Good VPN Service

The above sections give you details about the best VPN services in Asia. However, the market has exploded. It has hundreds of similar services, with many providers capitalizing on the ever-increasing cybercrime and surveillance associated with large populations, such as in Asia and the USA. This means that it may be hard to tell which service is the best, considering that every provider will use fancy words to lure customers. There have also been cases of fake VPNs popping up now and then. With that said, how do you evaluate a VPN to know that it is right for you?

  • Compatibility

There is no need to buy the best VPN for Asia yet if you do not use it. It is unlikely that you own all types of devices. Check the OS of your devices and see if the VPN supports it. One golden tip when shopping for the best VPN for Asia is to go for one that supports multiple or all devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux. Most obviously, you find that every website will state the types of devices their network supports. Consider trying the VPN for free to see if it works on your devices and if it meets your expectations, before forking out any money.

  • Figure Out Your Need for a VPN

Just the way you do your shopping, in that you do not just choose the first item you see, you need first to ascertain what you need a VPN for. Do you want to use it for streaming services, playing games, for your family, or a router? This will give you details of the bandwidth, speed, number, and type of servers, and reliability your VPN has or will support. Write down a list of the features you want and those you can do without before deciding which VPN to connect to.

  • VPN Features and Qualities

As mentioned in the above (immediate) section, you might have different reasons for getting a VPN. Choose a service which comes with different qualities in one package, say a large or unlimited bandwidth, OpenVPN and/or PPTP protocols, as well as SSL and kill switch encryption. Avoid VPNs which retain logs and have no secure encryption. A good VPN is one that many people can use simultaneously. In essence, your primary purpose of connecting a VPN is to conceal your identity and access restricted content, so you want a service that meets these priorities.

  • Price and Payment Plans

No one wants to give you free VPN services for an extended period. So be sure to consider how much it will cost you to use the VPN service. You do not have to judge a VPN by its price, you may have to apply the rules of demand here where users associate high prices with better quality. But most importantly, choose an amount and plan that matches your pockets. Avoid going for a service that you will abandon any time soon. Another important tip when it comes to pricing and payment is that you should choose services that accept gift cards and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, to remain anonymous and protect your personal information.

  • User-Friendliness

Navigate the site to assess the ease of use. The best VPN service for Asia should be simple to use and share. Let other people who will be using the site evaluate it and determine if they can connect to it without much help. No need to buy something you would not use.

  • Customer Service

Connecting to the best VPN in Asia may come with different complications. There are days the app will not work, or you may find it challenging connecting to specific servers. So, look for a VPN service with excellent customer care to air out your problems and receive immediate feedback. A site with 24/7 live chat, email, and a contact form is the best.

Using Asian Mobile VPN

Not long ago, mobile phone users were advised to use cellular connections rather than public Wi-Fi to protect their data and privacy. This is because hackers could break through shared networks. However, times have changed, and even cellular service is no longer a guarantee of data protection. Your cellphone may be protected by secure encryption, but still, your network bands can be jammed for malicious activities. One good example is the femtocell, whose 3G and LTE bands can be accessed to explore users’ information. And this is why you should also consider installing NordVPN, IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and other reputable VPN services on your mobile devices.

Best VPN for Asia at a Glance

Computer, cellphone, and software providers do everything they can to ensure that their devices are safe and secure. However, they do not provide everything you need. For example, a password only limits a person from accessing your device. And an anti-virus works by counteracting malware and viruses, but still, this is not enough to protect you. Plus, an anti-virus will not guarantee you access to censored sites. The best VPN Asian software may be overlooked, but it lets you use Wi-Fi and the web without interruption. You may not need an Asian VPN every time, but it is a fundamental app that you should have at your disposal. Asian countries, such as China, India, and Pakistan, are stringent when it comes to accessing their sites. China is even a step ahead, given that its citizens cannot access sites such as Netflix and Facebook. To stay anonymous, prevent cybercrime and attacks, and access restricted sites, consider using the VPNs featured in this roundup (The Best VPN for Asia). They include IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. Whether you are in Asia and you want access to foreign media or sites, or maybe you are outside Asia and want to access content only available to the Asian region, these VPN services will serve you right. The VPN software programs have varying features to be used for different purposes. Additionally, you can use the VPN services on your desktops or mobile devices.

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