Best Torrent Sites for Anime

Best torrent sites to anime

If you’re a long-term fan of anime, then you will know quite how difficult it can be to find some of your favourite shows online. It can often take months or even years from shows being broadcast in Japan before they are picked up by international distributors and shown outside of the country. If you are reliant on subtitles in order to understand and enjoy your favourite anime, then the situation can be even worse. In many cases, the anime may simply not become available in your country at all.

For many of these animes that have seemingly been abandoned by international distributors, the only way that you can easily get hold of a copy is using torrent services. There are a large number of websites out there that specifically host torrents of animes that are not otherwise available in the western market. We’ve listed some of the most popular ones in this article and will take you through their pros and cons. Before you log on and start torrenting anime to your heart’s content though, it’s worth making sure you are aware of the steps that your ISP may have taken to prevent torrenting on their network.

Although there is far less chance of torrenting causing legal issues for you or your ISP than there would be if you were downloading the latest Hollywood movies or Netflix series, many ISPs have introduced blanket bans on the use of peer to peer protocols such as BitTorrent in an attempt to protect themselves from legal action launched by the major Hollywood studios. This means that many users who were able to torrent their favourite anime shows without issue are no longer able to do so. The good news is that if you have been caught up in this net, there is a solution out there and it is called a VPN. Before we take you through the best sites

What is a VPN and how does it help me torrent anime?

The vast majority of ISPs in Europe and North America now block or throttle the protocols that are used by BitTorrent clients. This means that they will either make it impossible for you to download anime or together or they will severely restrict the speed at which you can do it. The upshot of this is that your anime download will take days or even weeks. ISPs are able to do this because they have full visibility of the packets of data that are going to and from your computer and the protocols that generated the packets. This means that they can tell the difference between ordinary browsing, someone playing a game on a console and torrenting. They use this information to shape their traffic and essentially allow some types of content into faster lanes of the information superhighway than others.

A VPN service will help you to get around this problem by giving you a totally encrypted connection. The means that your ISP and the authorities will not be able to look at the traffic that is being sent to and from your computer and shape it according to the types of websites that you are visiting and the services you are using. All of your traffic will be encrypted and there is no risk of anybody else being able to find out what you are doing.

There is a range of VPN services available and some of them have special servers for people who are trying to use peer to peer sharing services such as BitTorrent. These servers are specifically designed for peer to peer services. This means that there is no risk of your download being throttled, as is often the case for those ISPs who still allow unrestricted use of torrenting services. Even if your ISP is not currently blocking your access to the anime torrent trackers that we mention on this page, the chances are that they will be performing some sort of traffic shaping that may be slowing down the speeds at which you can download anime. If you are unsure whether or not this is the case for your ISP, we would recommend that you find a VPN service offering a free trial in order to check.

How we have ranked the services on this page

The number of anime torrent sites out there is large and constantly growing and it would be impossible to cover all of them in one guide. For that reason, we have had to select only a few of the available websites on this list. We have prioritised sites which do not require users to register to use their service and, among those that do, we will let you know if they limit which torrents new users are able to download. If this is the case, you will generally find that you are able to download more torrents once you have shared some of the most popular content with other site users. Anime torrent websites enact policies like this to stop users from joining the site and leeching large amounts of content from other users without reinvesting their own bandwidth back into the community.

We have also taken a look at the size and quality of the selection that is offered by each anime torrent site. Some of these sites pride themselves on their ability to upload new shows soon after they have aired, you will often find that torrents of shows become available within an hour or two of the show coming off the air in Japan. Other sites have active subtitling teams who will work quickly to ensure that non-Japanese speakers are able to enjoy shows soon after they have aired. All in all, it’s worth looking out for a torrent site that has an active community which will regularly upload new shows and make it easy for you to discover new anime that you will enjoy. We’ll flag some of the most popular services that do this in our rundown.


Don’t let the name of this website put you off. The subtitles are excellent quality and the overall community is anything but horrible. HorribleSubs is aa website that specialises in subtitled anime. As well as offering a huge range of shows for download (we genuinely would challenge you to look for the most obscure anime show that you can think of, the chances are that it is on HorribleSubs), there is an excellent community that will make it easy for you to get started on the site and get everything up and running. If there is a show that you are following at the moment, then take a look at the schedule section for details on what is due to be uploaded in the coming days and weeks.


Depending on your bandwidth and how long you are willing to wait for a file to download, you can choose from a wide variety of file formats. The vast majority of anime on the HorribleSubs website is available in a wide range of resolutions from 480p to 1080p.

Access to the website can be tricky from some ISPs and countries if content companies have asked for it to be blocked. If you find that this is the case for your ISP then you should be able to get around the issue by using a VPN service that supports peer to peer file sharing.

Visit horriblesubs


Nyaa is one of the longest established and most popular anime torrent sites. Unfortunately, in some ways, it has become a victim of its own success. For instance, due to requests from copyright holders, the website is blocked by several major ISPs in North America and Europe. Fortunately, a number of major sites are now available that get around these blocks and allow customers of these ISPs to access this popular anime torrent website. If this isn’t successful for you, you always have the option of using a VPN.

Once you have managed to access the website, you will find it has a simple to use and easy to understand interface. The website has had good and bad spells in the past but now seems to have settled down and it now offers a consistent and reliable service to its users. When you open the website, you will see a large list of the available torrents and several criteria by which you can filter them. These include the size of the file, its release date and the number of seeders and leechers for each torrent. This final stat is particularly important as it will give you an insight into how quickly the file is likely to download for you. To get an idea, divide the number of seeders by the number of leechers. The higher the result is, the more likely you are to be able to download the file quickly. Unlike some of the other torrent sites we have reviewed, there is no need to create an account in order to start using this website. On the other hand, it is always seen as good etiquette to seed files once you have finished downloading them so don’t take this as an excuse to download without sharing. As with all community-based sites, you will generally get on better if you respect the community and play by the rules.

Visit Nyaa

This is an excellent and easy to use website which should be right at the top of our list if it weren’t for one particular problem. That problem is that it is not currently possible for new users to gain access to the website. This is a consequence of the crackdown that many ISPs have launched on file-sharing websites in recent years. In an attempt to protect themselves and their users from action, the website has closedown its registration service at the time of writing. Recent reports have suggested that the website will soon be moving to an invite-based system and that it is currently recruiting the interviewers who will run that system. This means that even if you don’t have access at the moment, it is worth bookmarking the website and checking back semi-regularly to see if there is a way for you to gain access.

If you do finally manage to gain access you will discover a well-curated site that is among the first to upload new anime episodes after they have been broadcast. The community spirit is very strong as is often the case for registration-based websites and users generally tend to continue seeding files long after they have finished downloading them.

The site also clearly flags which of its downloads come with subtitles and in which language those subtitles are. This is very important if you do not speak Japanese as not all torrent websites do this reliably. This feature means that you do not run the risk of spending hours downloading an anime, only to discover that you are unable to understand it.

In short, those who already have access to are in the lucky position of being able to enjoy one of the very best anime torrent websites in the world. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until a new registration or invite system is opened and new users are able to join.

Anime Tosho

If you’re struggling to gain access to HorribleSubs then you will find that many of the torrents that are available on that site are mirrored here. The interface can feel a little bit overwhelming the first time that you use the site but after you have explored a little, you will find that it’s generally quite easy to locate the shows that you’re looking for. The best place to look is in the recently introduced series section which lists all of the shows that are available on the website by series rather than individual episodes. Registration is not required in order to use the site. Generally, there are no restrictions from ISPs or legal authorities. This means that it is an excellent choice if this is the first time that you have torrented anime and you are looking for a site that is easy to get started with. There are also a number of legal torrents on the website which are great if you are looking to check how restrictive your ISP is when it comes to using torrent clients.

Anime Tosho

This is another website that you may struggle to access if you are based in certain countries. For instance, all major UK ISPs currently block this website following a court order obtained by major media companies. You will need to use a VPN or another type of proxy if you use an ISP that has taken this type of action. Once you do get access to the website, you will find a high-quality torrent tracker that is regularly updated with the latest anime series.


This tracker does not exclusively offer anime torrents, which is one of the reasons that it has come under such pressure from major content producers. The wider focus also means that it does not have the community environment or listing of new series that you will find on other websites. However, it does overcome these problems somewhat by offering a great range of anime torrents. These are regularly updated and Limetorrents is a great website to check when you are looking to download the latest series. If some of the specialised trackers strike you as a little quiet, then this is a great place to come to check whether you want to download a new series.

Project GXS

This is a torrent website for the anime connoisseurs out there. Most of the websites we have looked at so far specialise in shows that have been recorded from television broadcasts, generally in Japan. Taking this approach means that they are able to offer new episodes to their audience very quickly, often within hours of the broadcast taking place. The disadvantage is that these downloads come with all the on-screen graphics and scrolling messages that are common on Japanese television. While downloads generally offer HD picture quality, they often suffer from significant compression artefacts that are a natural consequence of the encoding and upload process.

Project GXS
Project GXS takes a different approach and has a specific library of shows have been ripped from Blu-ray releases. As these disks are generally not released outside Japan and are therefore not compatible with North American or European Blu-ray players, the is generally the only way for Western anime fans to enjoy the highest possible anime picture quality. Some of the Blu-ray releases are even uploaded in an uncompressed format. This will make any downloads significantly bigger than compressed formats such as H.264 but it does mean that you will be watching your chosen anime as the creator intended. You will also enjoy benefits such as full surround sound which are sometimes ripped out during the encoding process in an attempt to make downloads more efficient.

This is one of the smaller torrent tracking websites that we have covered on this website and that does mean that downloads can sometimes take a little longer than on some of the other trackers due to lack of seeders. If quality is your main priority however, we are sure that you will agree it is worth the wait. Subtitles are available for most major downloads although, since some of the files are simply rips of the original Blu-ray disc, you may need to use a specialised media player such as VLC in order to watch them.

Hopefully, you’ve now discovered just how many options are when it comes to downloading your favourite anime shows via torrents. While several ISPs and governments have taken action in recent years to make downloading torrents more difficult, there are still several sites operating and working constantly to upload and catalogue the very best anime shows. If you have had trouble accessing any of these websites in the past, then don’t forget that you have the option of using a VPN to bypass any restrictions have been put in place by your ISP or anybody else. Even if you have been put off in the past by the difficulty of setting one up, we would recommend that you take another look as VPN software has become much easier to use in recent years. Once you have set up and installed your chosen VPN service, you will be mere minutes away from accessing all of the websites we have mentioned in this article. This means that you’ll be able to kick back and watch the same anime series that are currently airing in Japan without having to deal with poor quality dubs or situations where anime series disappear halfway through a run. Both of these will be familiar problems to Western anime fans and switching to torrents is the only way to reliably overcome them.