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In as much as the history of VPNs can be traced back to one of Microsoft’s employee, Gurdeep Singh-Pall, it is a technology synonymous with ‘hacktivists’ and activists. Many people felt that their privacy rights were being violated and as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

While most VPN providers exist for commercial reasons, AirVPN is among the few started by real enthusiasts. But is that enough to assume that it is a reliable VPN? Definitely not. So, to help readers make the best purchase decision, we did this AirVPN review.

To start, let’s have a refresher of the subject - VPNs.


  • Short term plans available
  • Expert-level encryption
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Passed DNS and WebRTC leak tests
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous accounts


  • Not 100% confidential
  • Small server network

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AirVPN Review

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and why should you buy?

As the name suggests, this is a mask that secures your data by encrypting it before it is sent to the internet, and back to your client device.

VPNs employ the wide range of tunneling protocols to act as a bridge between your device and the internet resource such that all the data you send and receive is secured with the latest encryption protocols.

Here is what you can do with a VPN;

  • Unblock geo-restricted websites for example Netflix
  • Hide your IP address and data from spies
  • Browse anonymously
  • P2P downloading and Torrenting
  • Accessing home/private networks while away among others

Back to today’s topic. Is AirVPN a reliable VPN service provider?

AirVPN background

As mentioned earlier, AirVPN was the idea of a group of Italian ‘hacktivists.’ It started as a community VPN service provider in 2010, and almost a decade later, it has blossomed into a full-service premium VPN company.

AirVPN is based in Italy, which is a member of the 14-Eyes Alliance. That means you are not guaranteed 100% confidentiality though the VPN features a no-log policy. If your privacy is extremely crucial, we always recommend VPNs in jurisdictions that are not in countries with strict data retention laws.

Fortunately, AirVPN is backed up by a team of ‘hacktivists,’ and the choice of Rome is quite strategic in that the Italian government isn’t so keen on matters data protection.

While both VPN pundits and the users have praised it, there are things we really liked about it and also, several things that ought to have been improved.


  • Short term plans available
  • Expert-level encryption
  • Strict no-log policy
  • Passed DNS and WebRTC leak tests
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous accounts



  • Not 100% confidential
  • Small server network

Indeed, there is no perfect VPN. It is a matter of compromising one aspect for another, but the least the compromises the better. Now, let’s get to the finer details – what does AirVPN offer?

Getting started with AirVPN

Just like many of the VPNs in the market, AirVPN offers easy usability. This is among the versatile VPNs as it supports all devices – talk of desktops (Mac OS, Linux, & Windows), mobile devices (Android & iOS) as well as routers like DD-WRT, AsusWRT, Tomato, and pfSense just to mention a few.

This VPN uses a desktop client dubbed ‘’Eddie’’ which boasts a clean interface. You only need to download and install it – that’s all!

Regarding the setup process, it is also seamless, with pretty clear instructions for both desktop clients and mobile. The only downside is that there is no proprietary software for Apple devices so you will need to configure manually, an undertaking that can be tedious.

The next thing you will need is a plan. Unfortunately, there is no free trial account with AirVPN, but there is a cheap three-day subscription. For every account, you can set up to five connections.

How secure and confidential is AirVPN?

The most important consideration when buying a VPN is the security and privacy offered. Here, several aspects come into mind, including the jurisdiction, encryption, and log policies, among others.

Regarding the VPN tunnel, or rather, protocol, AirVPN uses OpenVPN only, and even though there are several others, this is the industry’s standard. It employs OpenVPN over SSL, OpenVPN over SSH, and OpenVPN over Tor.

AirVPN is in the Italian jurisdiction, which is a member of the 14=Eyes though Rome isn’t always vocal. The problem with members of the 5-Eye, 9-Eye or 14-Eye alliances is that VPN companies based in these countries can be forced to give data to the authorities if need be. That means it doesn’t guarantee 100% confidentiality.

But fortunately, AirVPN has a strict no-log policy. The company assures its customers that it doesn’t keep records of data like timestamps and your online activity in general. At least, everything will be wiped out before the authorities come knocking at the door.

When it comes to encryption, AirVPN is just the best. You can be sure of the ‘hacktivists’ choice when it comes to how data is handled. AirVPN employs a 256-bit encryption and high-level encryption 4096 bit RSA keys, making it a secure VPN.

Where are AirVPN servers?

You can tell a reliable and trustworthy VPN from the network that backs it. The more the servers, in many different locations, the better the VPN.

Unfortunately, AirVPN doesn’t have a strong network base, but the few servers, in the few locations, still work quite efficiently.

At the time of writing, AirVPN boasts over 242 high-performance, and P2P-friendly servers in 22 countries and the numbers keep rising. Some of the countries that host these servers include the US, the UK, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sweden, Singapore, and Germany, among others.

Speed and leak tests

You will agree with me that no VPN doesn’t drop connection speeds. In the same token, some have leaks. The big question is, is AirVPN among them? Let’s find out.

When it comes to speeds, we are glad there is no maximum speed limit cap with this VPN. As for speed loss, we noticed the EU servers were the best though they also exhibited a significant decline compared to their US counterparts.

For most of the EU servers, the speeds were 33.5% slower for download and 42% for upload. But the pings average was impressive at 38ms.

The US servers were slowest, registering a 71.3% drop in download speed and 77% for upload. Pings remained relatively high at 127ms.

While speed loss is normal with VPNs, there is much room for improvement with AirVPN. At least, the loss should be 30% and below.

Lastly, we are glad AirVPN passed all the leak tests. It has been thoroughly tested for DNS and WebRTC leaks, and none were detected. Also, no, viruses were found during the rigorous tests.

AirVPN plans and pricing

Now, let’s look at the plans offered by AirVPN and most importantly, the pricing. We don’t recommend the cheap VPNs, but that is not to say that there are no reliable cheap VPN providers.
AirVPN might look expensive, especially from the fact that there is no free trial. But considering the top-notch security, it offers excellent value for money.

It is available just as one Premium plan offering the same features. The only consideration you need to make is the length of the subscription you wish to buy. Just like most VPN subscriptions, AirVPN is cheaper when you purchase a longer plan and becomes expensive when you go for the short-term plans.

Below are the plans and subscription rates.

  • 3-days – $2
  • 1-month – $7
  • 3-months – $15
  • 6-months – 29 €(4.83 €/m)
  • 12-months – 49 €(4.08 €/m)
  • 24-months – 79 €(3.29 €/m)
  • 72-months – 99 €(2.75 €/m)

AirVPN offers a wide selection of payment platforms, including PayPal, credit cards, and even crypto (Bitcoin).

Streaming and Torrenting

VPNs are also synonymous with streaming and Torrenting, but not all of them will support seamless downloading and unblocking the geo-restricted streaming websites.

As far as the infrastructure is concerned, AirVPN can support Torrenting and P2P downloads without any restrictions. It also unblocks Netflix but most of the time; it is a matter of trial and error considering the small server base. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Kodi or unblock BBC iPlayer.

Customer support

There is a saying that goes, ‘’Customer is king,’’ but most VPN providers don’t seem to understand this. One of the culprits is AirVPN. Despite having a formidable technical team, their support is not up to the mark.

The company lacks a live chat platform which is the standard for accessibility when it comes to customer service. The main channel for personalized help is via an online ticketing system which has a not so impressive turnaround time – up to 48 hours in some cases.

Before you decide to wait for the customer support feedback, you can peruse the FAQ section and also the AirVPN forum to find out if other users have experienced the same problem you are facing.

Is AirVPN a worthy purchase?

There you have it folks; the AirVPN review. This is among the most secure VPNs we have tested. The fact that it is backed up by ‘hacktivists’ makes it among the most genuine VPN services around.

While many think of it as quite an expensive VPN service, its expert-level security and privacy features make it a worthy bargain. Indeed, it is ‘’ the air to breathe the real internet,’’ as the company boasts.

Yes, it doesn’t offer a free trial plan but again, where can you find such a short VPN plan? AirVPN may be a mean VPN company, but it’s the type you can rely on if you want robust security and straightforward usability.

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